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Malice the Dark God
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Mon 15 Oct 2018
at 15:54
Welcome to the Grim Dark Future
I am Malice the Dark God, and there is only Chaos.  In this collection,  I will discuss many individuals and the roles they played in the Death of the Universe.  Their is only Chaos until only Death Remains.

Please provide a character introduction as well as a some background about your character and what interests you and your character.  So I can work you into this tale. This is for everyone to have fun and hopefully enjoy themselves and role playing with others.

You can play any character you want,  just make sure you work hard to build their background and there story. You don't all have to be space marines or even loyalist,  I will work you into the tapestry of fate regardless of your fancy.

All we ask if you join the tapestry and you are interacting with others then try to respond promptly(48 hours or less). If no response comes then as is the nature of chaos something will happen.  You might have a sudden mental break and your second personality take over,  or the might be an expression... you never know with these thing's.

Sincerely, your ever benevolent Dark god.
Nilos Nex
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 Executioner of Barbarus
Mon 15 Oct 2018
at 16:37
Welcome to the Grim Dark Future

I am Nilos Nex, and I was proud son of the Deathworld Barbarus, before it's destruction towards the end of the Horus heresy. I took up the name of Nex as a reminder of my new role as the avenger of the Death of my world by delivering a fate worse than death to the Imperium of Man. How many lives does it take to equate to the loss of an entire world.... I have my work cut out...

The dark god Nurgle has blessed both his mind and body.  He is without the weaknesses and reservations that plague most of mankind.  He strides slow but purposefully through most battlefields without fear. His armor though menacing and strong is not the only thing that makes him hard to kill. Underneath his rusting and cracking ceramite his flesh blisters,  swells and decays without end. This is the blessing Nurgle Bestows to the followers of Mortarion and his 14th legion.  The flesh is already dead and dying, but that makes it infinitely harder to kill what is already dead. The dark energies of the warp keep his soul tied to his body and continues to give him strength and power in this mortal realm where otherwise his body would be nothing but an inanimate husk decaying rapidly in the wind. Even as he shrugs off normally fatal wounds his body responds not by collapse but with rebirth,  it of his wounds come giggling and cooing Nurglings which lap at his open wounds closing them and then proceeding to cause mischief in his wake.

He weilds a massive Executioner's chain axe. And his back sprouts bone shafts which connect to the diseased hive within. Swarms of plague ridden insects reside there waiting for a chance to attack and infect those who come nearby.

1. Consuming Imperial worlds in war and death.
2. Conspiring with the other forces and the dark gods to achieve my goals.
3. Capturing and converting a imperial world into a new Barbarus.