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Mon 15 Oct 2018
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Posting and Communicating
Here is some guidelines for posting.
1.Please allow for distinguishing between what your character does, says, and thinks.
2. Try not to say or describe what happens to other characters based on your decisionsor how they respond to you. Ideally if you want to get into an altercation describe your intent and if it is an action that might cause harm or impact the other character go ahead and use commands to roll a D100 and if the other player forgoes a reaction or accepts your intent then they will respond with the desired outcome,  if they are opposed they will state their reactive intent and roll a D100 as well. The Dark Lord will then begin to narrate the outcome.
3.The third Guideline is your interaction with the neural world.  Minor activities that will likely have low impact on the universe or others will not require any kind of check, but if you want to snipe a enemy commander from 300 meters away with a rusty Las pistol then you better roll and see how Fate, aka the Dark god, records you on the tapestry.
4.If ever in doubt asks in the fraternization thread.