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Casual: Colin Farrell, Drew Fuller, Chad Michael Murray, Scott Speedman, Brian Gaskill, Michael Easton, Shawn Reaves, Nick Stahl, Christopher Reeve, Ralph Fiennes, Justin Timberlake (beer), Ioan Gruffudd, Wes Bentley, Rhett Miller, Jason Behr, Stefano Masciolini, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, garrett hedlund


Business: Ben Whishaw (2008), chace crawford, matt bomer, liam hemsworth, brandon routh, tom hiddleston

Stefano Masciolini

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Name: Edwin Damaris
Age: 28
Race: Forest Elf
Appearance and Description:
Face Claim: Andrew Garfield


Background: Edwin isn't exactly from around here, or, at least, that's how he explains it when he's asked. Edwin wasn't even his name then, if he was honest, but his new name feels more fitting. Earth was his home before, but that was a few years ago. Of course, it feels like he's been here so much longer. He was a...thief? No, not that. Pickpocket? Doesn't matter. What he did for a living, he isn't really sure. He lived in a bustling, noisy area, tall buildings, bright lights, but he remembers it being a rather unenjoyable place to live. Or, perhaps, he simply wasn't happy with the way in which he was living. He'd wanted to perform for a living, he thinks. So little of it makes sense to him. It's a messy jumble of nonsense, of a life once lived, but no more.

Special Abilities:

Mundane Abilities and Skills:

Strengths and Weaknesses:


Adult Content? Yes

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Name: Sebastian Puck

Nickname: Seb

Age: 22

Year: 2nd Year

Discipline: Natural Magic

Specialty: Plant Manipulation

Physical Description: Weighing in at 153 pounds and standing at exactly 5 feet 11 ½ inches tall, Sebastian maintains an athletic build without being overly muscular. His dark brown hair is just long enough to look constantly messy from Seb running his hands through it, not that he really minds. His light brown eyes always seem attentive and expressive and tend to share how he’s feeling just as quickly as his words. Most days, a slight smile rests on his face, a smile that his uncle frequently referred to as rather dopey.

Seb typically dresses himself in darker, earthen tones. Not one to care much for fashion, he wears what’s comfortable to him. This usually entails a lightweight long sleeve shirt and jeans, occasionally changing it up with a t-shirt or hoodie when the mood strikes him. He does own some fancier clothing, though, should he want to dress to impress. Though, he still likely wouldn’t comb his hair.

Distinguishing Features: No matter if there is a guitar around or not, he always carries a guitar pick in his pocket. Though usually tucked under his shirt, Seb always has a necklace around his neck, a pendant that once belonged to his uncle and was left behind by him as a gift.

Personality: About most things and to most people, Seb is honest to a fault. Though he never means any harm, this sometimes gets him in trouble, and he occasionally regrets not holding his tongue when he should. Still, most days, he knows being fully honest with those around him is better than the alternative. He is also rather adventurous and has a tendency to rush headfirst into anything and everything. He wants to experience whatever life can throw at him, good or bad, because every experience is a lesson.

Seb tries to be generally upbeat, sometimes goofy, and he loves a good laugh with a good group of people, but his mood tends to change at the drop of a hat. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and every emotion he feels, he feels deeply. Just as he is overly honest with others, he is honest to those emotions and has no qualms with expressing them. He is very protective of those he is close to, and doesn’t back down from a challenge, particularly when people he cares about are involved.

Personal Goals: Seb wants to figure out what adventure can be aided by the manipulation of plants, how he can best utilize his particular specialty in a non-lame way. More importantly, he’d like to find his uncle, to ensure he’s okay wherever he is now.

Likes: Terrible movies, bourbon (and maybe a little too much), poetry, games of the video, board, or card variety, hockey, playing his guitar, the Beatles, and flowers (at least, they’re starting to grow on him)

Dislikes: Most books (he’d rather experience life than read about it), beer, social media, any sport that isn’t hockey, fashion, monkeys (though that’s more of a fear).

History: Sebastian Puck grew up in a rather quaint town in the quietest part of Maryland, where everyone knew everyone and gossip abounded. Born to Jackson and Rebecca Monroe, Seb’s childhood began in a well-worn trailer, living in what was later described by police as a drug den. Thankfully, he was gone from there by the age of five, whisked away to live with his uncle, Nathaniel Puck. Now, it can be said that Uncle Nate never had any plans to raise a child, especially under such circumstances, but, regardless, he did everything he could possibly do to ensure a happy childhood for Seb, and Seb knew it. Seb knew it, and will always be thankful for it.

His early childhood was rather uneventful. Through elementary school, he made his friends, he laughed, he played. He had his bullies, those kids that liked to make up stories about why he lived with his uncle, but it never seemed to phase him much. He liked his uncle, and he was happy. As he continued on into high school, he began to struggle a bit with his education. He was most certainly not a book-learner, and that was what the school was asking him to be. Still, he struggled through, with sheer determination and a considerable amount of help from his uncle.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Seb is unintelligent, not in the slightest. Learning in his own way, he can amass a respectable amount of knowledge and understanding. And, really, part of his issue in high school might have been a lack of focus. You see, Seb’s uncle owned a small bar just on the outskirts of town, frequented by passers-by and townsfolk alike, and, as he became a teenager, he began helping out around the bar. Perhaps not a job he’d typically be allowed to keep, but the local police, the same police that dealt with Seb’s parents, turned a blind eye. It was here Seb thrived, hearing the stories and laughter that filled the tiny bar every single night. It was here he learned to play the guitar from a local guitarist, not by the notes on a page but by the feel and sound of the strings as he plucked them. It was here he learned about what was going on in the world around him, and about all the different types of places and people that lived in it. It was here he learned that his uncle used to serenade, rather unsuccessfully, a number of local women with poetry he had written himself. It was here he learned what was important to him.

After high school, Sebastian considered college, briefly. But, what did he want out of his life? He hadn’t been sure. He wanted to travel, to see some of these places and people he had heard about over the years, but, really, he was happy where he was, and his uncle, whose health was starting to slowly deteriorate, needed help with the bar. So, as the next few years passed, he began to take on more responsibility at the bar to ease the pressure of his uncle. He still learned all he could from every person that came in, to learn about life as best he could. He started up a local band, played at the bar, and he enjoyed life. Still, there was more he wanted out of life, and his uncle could see it written on his face more and more every day. His uncle spoke of it often, that there was more to life than just that little bar, that he should be preparing for a great adventure. Sebastian always just shook his head, and told the kindly old man that he had all the adventure he needed right where he was.

On a day like any other, Sebastian walked the path from the home he and his uncle shared to the door of the bar, hurriedly unlocked the door, and passed the threshold to find before him a sea of vibrant green grass, and a sign in the distance, with the word Brakebills clearly etched into the stone. Confused by intrigued, he found his way inside, to what he was told was some sort of entrance exam. The exam was ridiculous, and he was sure he failed, yet he didn’t. He passed, and he was told that magic, magic was real. How could that be? And he was capable of it? It seemed surreal. As much as he wanted to know about it, learn about it, to find out if this is what his life was meant to be, he couldn’t help think about his uncle, about the bar that was his uncle’s pride and joy. By the time he was sent back, he had all but talked himself into staying. Except, when he found his way to the bar again, he saw a folded note taped to the door, the words To My Son scrawled on it.

His uncle’s words surprised Seb more than probably anything ever had. In whatever time it took him to finish his exam and return, the elderly man had sold off the bar, packed up, and moved, though the note never specified where. His uncle told him that adventure waited for him, and he wouldn’t stand in the way of that. And so, the decision was made for him. Seb’s first year at Brakebills was a challenge, to be sure. Though, perhaps, the biggest challenge he initially faced was his discipline placement. Things like pyromancers existed, telepaths, illusionists who could make you see things that weren’t even real. He, on the other hand, was stuck charting weather patterns and plant growth. Not exactly adventurous. Still, he did his best, made it through, and now can’t wait to find out what his second year has in store for him.

Random Fact About the Player: I’m allergic to cats and currently live with two of them.

Dylan O'Brien mmc803

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David Corenswet

Name: Lucius Fleming

Nickname: Luke

Age: 23

Year: 3rd Year

Discipline: Physical Magic

Specialty: Minor Mending

Physical Description: Standing at exactly 6 feet tall and weighing in at 171 lbs, Lucius has a slim, slightly athletic frame. His blue eyes hold an intensity behind them, often speaking volumes to those paying attention. Luke keeps his dark brown hair on the longer side, usually keeping it slicked back. His attire typically consists of slacks and a button-down long sleeve shirt, untucked more often than not.

Distinguishing Features: Lucius carries a small screwdriver set with him at all times. Hanging from it through a self-drilled hole is a well-worn Eiffel Tower keychain.

Personality: Luke is a careful individual. Careful in his interactions with others, careful with who he trusts, careful with magic. Between his relatively secluded childhood and his rather sharp focus on his studies, he isn't always sure how to handle himself around others. This isn't to say that he doesn't enjoy the company of others, but, to most, he is simply that quiet loner, always focused on his studies.

For those that took the time to get to know Luke, though, they would find a man with a rather gentle heart. He cares deeply for the family who discarded him, and he longs to bring good into the world. He is studious, but he is studious in the pursuit of the knowledge to create a better world. When given the opportunity, he is also fiercely competitive, a fact that he showed time and again growing up, trying to compete with his older brother.

Perhaps most important for Luke, he is a mender. He is a mender not only in specialty, but also in mentality. If something is broken, he has an overwhelming need to try to fix it, whether it can be repaired or not. Whether it be an object, a relationship, a person, he is driven to try to find some way to fix what is broken.

Personal Goals: He aspires to become a Brakebills professor to make his mark on the world, an aspiration he hopes to attain not through the weight of his name but through his own abilities. Though he knows that it will likely never happen, he also wishes to someday find a way to help his younger brother.

Likes: Reading (except for fantasy, what's the point?), modern art, the sound of rainfall, singing (though he will rarely be caught doing so), sugary/fruity candy.

Dislikes: Clutter (though this doesn't keep him from maintaining it), chocolate, wine, geese.

History: Luke grew up the second of three sons to Theodore and Lily Fleming. The Flemings were well-respected Magicians, his father a historian of magic who has written a number of textbooks, one of which having found its way into the Brakebills curriculum, and his mother a well-known name in the magic theory community. His older brother, Matthias, a good eight years older than himself, has also gone on to make a name for himself in the realm of magical architecture. As for his younger brother, William...Well, we'll get there.

Luke would say that his childhood wasn't unpleasant, though to get him to expound upon that would be quite a feat. The Flemings moved every couple of years to lands far and wide. Sometimes for the benefit of his parents' careers, sometimes just because they wanted to. This, of course, led Luke to never getting much chance to make friends, but, given that he was quite extensively homeschooled like many other young Magicians-to-be, he wouldn't have been given many chances to socialize, regardless. Not that he minded, of course. Magic fascinated Luke from an early age. While other kids his age were off playing pretend, he was studying daily to become what they could only pretend to be. His studies were sometimes grueling, though his parents were never quite as strict on him as they had been his older brother, the one who showed more potential. He studied as hard as he could, though, determined to one day prove them wrong.

Though he never grew too close to his older brother, a bit of jealousy lending to some sort of sibling rivalry, Luke was always quite close to William, two years his junior. The two planned at what sort of Magicians they would be, of the changes they would make to the world, of the lives they would lead. Neither of them might have ever compared to their eldest brother, but they knew they would do great things. The family moved to Paris not long after Luke turned 18, and, as had become customary for the pair, they began heading out nightly, seeking out whatever secrets the city held and what magic kept the city running, unbeknownst to the common folk. It was on one such night that their lives changed.

At the light of dawn, Luke returned with his brother to their new home, carrying the 16 year old passed out in his arms. When William awoke, he wasn't the William that had left with Luke the prior night. Whatever had occurred in the city, William's mind was shattered, little left of it besides fear of something he couldn't name. Understandably, the family looked to Luke for answers, but all he returned was silence. For whatever reason, he refused to speak a word of what had occurred, and what had previously been concern for the both of them quickly turned to anger and blame toward Luke. He was banished from the home, and quickly became the black sheep of the family, a tarnish to the family name.

The next few years, Luke made due mostly with his family name, traveling here and there, wherever he could stay for a while. To his surprise, at the age of 21, he was welcomed at Brakebills for his entrance exam. He had assumed, given his family's renown, they would have ensured he wouldn't be allowed to attend, but it had seemed that his grandmother, a retired member of the Brakebills faculty, had ensured he would have his chance at a proper Brakebills education. And so, after passing the exam and finding himself at Brakebills, he again vowed to study as hard as he could, determined to one day prove them wrong.

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Jake Gyllenhaal

Character Sheet
Name: Wesley "Wes" Collins
Age: 32
What Are You?: Photographer for the Hagerstown Chronicle

Physical Description
Weight and Height: 6', 170 lbs.
Physical Description:
Unique Features:

Personality: Need a few solid paragraphs here, but since this game is intended to be an exercise in writing and storytelling, the more the better.
Skills/Occupation/Training: This field is at once a general collection of your mundane skills and abilities while also capturing your professional skills.

History: Same as above.
Possessions and Property: You can have pretty much whatever you want, but anything fantasy-based should be a recent procurement, maybe a few weeks ago at most. Much of our story will be about becoming a "new you", so don't put all that fun stuff in your background before we get to explore it!

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Brock was quick to look Kendra over at her suggestion of a trade, his eyes traveling every inch of the attractive redhead before he set about rolling a few more joints out of the pile of pot on the table. A touch of desire fed into his words as he spoke them, still looking over the woman's figure.

"Oh, we can definitely work something out, gorgeous. You just tell me when and where."

Sebastian registered Kendra's dirty look and returned a broad smile, raising his shoulders in a shrug, a hand accompanying it before running it through his hair. The label he had given her in that moment might not have been quite as flattering as the one he affixed to Esme, but it wasn't exactly inaccurate, given the way the two had med. Besides, as the blonde woman was quick to mention, he had given Esme enough torment over her earlier mistake. She had earned a compliment or two.
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Sebastian's head tilted slightly in consideration of Esme's words. Would they know? She brought up a valid point. Getting black out drunk and still managing to perform was certainly a challenge for most. Still, he didn't find himself entirely convinced by that conclusion. Perhaps due to a false sense of self-confidence, he wasn't certain that after just a few drinks, they would have been incapable of the act. It wouldn't have been the first time he had gotten laid after a few drinks, after all. He shrugged his shoulders, giving nothing else in response, letting out a light sigh as the uncertainty of it all.

At the woman's realization of her missing clothes, Seb suppressed a chuckle, more for his benefit than for hers. Though, at the mention of the fireflies eating away at her brain, he couldn't stop a bit of laughter slipping through, something he quickly regretted with as his head began throbbing just a bit more strongly. She was right. Laughing hurt.

Esme moved aside, offering him a chance to lay back down, and Seb muttered an appreciative "Thanks." as he slowly scooted himself onto the bed, resting his sore head gently on the pillow for a brief moment, closing his eyes. He was fairly accustomed to hangovers, but between that and the soreness from whatever caused the bump to form on his head, he was glad to be laying back down. As the blonde began answering his question, though, he turned towards her, propping himself up on his elbow, resting his head gently on his hand as his eyes fell on her. He lightly nodded in response to her answer, though he was visibly disappointed by it.

"Sounds like you don't remember much more than I do...There was definitely another guy, I think his name started with an F? Floyd, maybe? No, that doesn't sound right."

He brushed off the thought with a wave of his free hand before continuing.

"We were all talking about getting food, I think. And there was something about Italy, right? Anyway, I don't remember much more than that. I don't even remember leaving the Cottage. It's just all a blur."

A bit of frustration hung in his voice, wishing he could remember more, but he let that go with an airy sigh. Seb's curious eyes hung on Esme as she settled into the pillows, letting thoughts fall away to enjoy a quiet moment, resting his mind from the questions that surrounded the prior evening. Though, that moment was over before it began, the green-eyed woman providing one question, then another in quick succession. The second question caught Seb off-guard, his mind not quite registering how their arrival at the Treehouse the day prior might have come off. He shook his head firmly, a motion he quickly regretted, and his brows furrowed once more at the reminder of his headache.


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Esme began to share her story, and Sebastian settled in to hear it, giving her every ounce of his attention. Rarely did Seb seem more invested than when someone was telling their tale. It's how you learned about people. It's how you learned about the world. Though, the story she told seemed a sad one. A life of magic, but of magic alone. Seb tried to imagine it, but he wasn't sure he could, not in the way she had lived it. Not only had she spent so many years with magic as the only comfort from the pain and deprivation, but it was her own grandfather putting her through that. The sorrow he felt for her at that thought danced in his eyes as he watched hers trail off.

He wondered if she was right, did happiness make one complacent? It was a theory he had heard before, that magic was the gift given to those who had been dealt a poor hand in life. If that was true, did her grandfather stacking the deck by raising her as he did really give her the tools to be a 'great Magician'? Perhaps it did, but, even so, was it really worth it?

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The warm water flowing from the shower head had been just what Seb had needed to wash away some of the grogginess and aftereffects of last night's liquor. Sebastian stepped out of the shower, grabbing his towel off the rack and drying off leisurely before slipping on his underwear, his maroon long sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans following. He took a moment, once fully dressed, to glance at himself in the mirror, tilting his head. He glanced around for his comb, taking longer to locate it that should have, before running it carefully through his hair, avoiding the bruise.

He looked at his groomed hair in the mirror for a few moments before he changed his mind, bringing a hand up to tussle it, returning it to its typically messy state. After tossing on some deodorant and brushing his teeth, he stepped out of the bathroom, pausing a moment as curiosity struck him. He plucked the upper part of his shirt between his finger and his thumb, bringing it up to his nose to take a whiff. He supposed his fabric softener did have a rather pleasant fragrance. Dropping the shirt, he let out a light sigh and seated himself on his bed to get his socks and shoes on.

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Lucius listened quietly and patiently as Cassiopeia provided her answer, a very different answer than he had expected. His head tilted slightly as she went on, his brow creasing as he listened to her tell of problems he hadn't anticipated. His notebook was filled with pages and pages of information about the four tiers of Circumstances, of their Corollaries and Exceptions, of notes on proper Popper usage and flow, of the intention and will required for spellcasting. Yet not a single page had been dedicated to the acceptance of magic as a reality. Because...well, how could it not be?

For her, her entire life had been lived with the simple understanding that magic was purely fantasy. For him, the existence of magic had never been a question. His entire childhood had revolved around magic, its usage and its history, in some form or another. To not understand why magic was possible, to struggle with accepting the reality of magic, it was a thought entirely foreign to him. He had wondered over the years what it would be like to be raised unaware of its existence, but, selfishly, he had never considered the effects of such a background to a new Brakebills student. After all, it didn't exactly effect him. Though, now it did, and he wasn't quite sure how to respond. He tilted his head slightly after she had finished speaking before he replied.

"Why shouldn't magic be possible?"

He asked the question with genuine curiosity, though not out of lack of understanding of what the woman had said.

"Is it because magic is a thing of fantasy? I assure you, we as a species have been well aware of magic long before any of the modern tales of fantasy you may be familiar with. In many ways, modern fantasy stems from accounts of real magic that have slipped into the modern world. Consider that we have record of ancient Roman philosophers such as Galen, Seneca, Ptolemy focusing on their theories and usage of magic. Though, I promise, they make considerably less appealing bedtime stories."

Though, he supposed he should be appreciative of his father's attempts at teaching him the history of magic at an early age. After all, even today, he had little interest in fantasy as a genre, but the knowledge he had gained from his father had certainly held their usefulness numerous times during his Brakebills education.

<periwinkle>"Is it because magic doesn't have an overly tangible form? That part is certainly a bit trickier, isn't it? But, while we can't necessarily see the energy that is at the crux of magic,

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Hello! I'm not sure if you remember me, but I had joined this game a while back with a Witch/Magician character, Elliot LaChance, and ended up leaving fairly soon after due to some issues in real life. I was hoping you would be willing to allow me to rejoin with the character below, despite this, now that I have more time to devote to writing on here.

As for the character, I'm definitely flexible with him, so if you have any issues with him, please let me know! If you need the powers more limited, I can most definitely do that! I honestly hate overly powerful characters and tend to write in moderation when it comes to character abilities. I've listed him as the owner of a flower/gardening shop in Belcoast, but, again, if that's an issue, no problem at all!

Lastly, the writing sample I've provided isn't one I've just written, but rather of a version of this character I tried to run in another game before it's untimely demise. If you'd rather I write a sample using this character specifically, just let me know and I'll get that done! It's just getting late at the moment and I want to get this character submitted for your consideration.

Name: Matthias Fleming

Nickname: Matt

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Species: Witch

  • Zoolingualism - Matt is capable of speaking to animals and can be frequently found doing just that. However, anyone is capable of doing that much, but whether they truly understand, or whether Matt understands them in turn, he will never divulge. Regardless, whenever he comes across a critter roaming the streets, you can expect him to stop and chat with them for a bit. For what it's worth, the animals do seem to enjoy the conversation and seem surprisingly responsive to his words.
  • Green Magic/Natural Magic - Matt has a strong affinity for the natural world, and this comes through in his use of magic. The magic of choice for his family, he began his studies of Green Magic at an early age and has come to appreciate all aspects of the natural world. This form of magic spans across numerous aspects of nature, such as the manipulation of plant life, potion-making through the use of various plants and herbs, and minor manipulation of the elements, though the latter is something he hasn't become overly familiar with.
  • Hex Magic - These dark magic spells are used to place curses upon people or objects. When he was still young, Matt found a book of hex magic hidden away by his parents. He has dabbled with the spells he found there over the years, causing some trouble in high school because of it, but, for the most part, he isn't drawn to this form of magic.

  • Absence from Nature - When Matt has spent significant time away from nature, his magical abilities weaken, and he is left drained from the lack of that magical essence.
  • Nightmares - Since he was a child, Matt has suffered from vivid, realistic, horrible nightmares and has no clue why. These seem to occur randomly, though they seem to be strongest after he has cast any sort of hex.
  • Forgetfulness - Perhaps because he tries to absorb all the information he can, sometimes something he's learned or experienced slips away this has led to some memories of his youth vanishing and sometimes causes his magic to backfire, having forgotten parts of the spells or having accidentally mixed spells up.

Appearance: Standing at 6'1" and being well built, though not overly muscular, Matt could look a bit imposing to those who don't know him. His medium-length dark brown hair usually looks as though he ran a comb through it once and then forgot about it, leaving it a slightly ordered mess. He will always be found with a mustache and beard, trimmed up well. At one time, it was to help him look older, but now he's found that he simply likes the look of it.

Matt has blue eyes that seem piercing when he is focused on something. However, they always join in with his smile when he's happy, as Matt has a smile that encompasses his whole face. Most often, he can be found wearing a rather plain t-shirt, usually of earthen colors, jeans, and boots. Always boots.

Face Claim:

Personality: Most who know Matthias would say that he is just...odd. He has always found himself fascinated by the animal kingdom and, as a child, found himself often visiting with the stray cats and dogs in the neighborhood, chatting with them and keeping them company. With most people, he has a tendency to be very straight forward, which often comes across as rude but isn't usually meant to be. He doesn't usually find much value in being indirect in conversation and never used to worry too much about being polite, always knowing he should be focusing on learning his witchcraft from his rather strict parents. He has since gotten a bit better about this and tries to avoid being impolite but still can't always help it.

Even back in elementary school, Matt was a bit of a loner, and the cruelty of some of his peers quickly solidified this trait. This isn't to say, though, that he does not enjoy the company of others. What friends he does make, he treasures dearly, and once you've befriended Matt, you will have a friend for life. Those that take the time to get to know Matt will learn that, while he can be straight forward to a fault, he can also be fun-loving and has a good sense of humor.  He is a very gentle person and wishes well for most people, but he can also be wrathful if given the proper reason to be.

When focused on something, he has a tendency to get hyper focused on it, but he can quickly and without warning switch that deep focus to another matter entirely. Though he doesn't always stick to one subject for very long, Matt has a tendency to be very studious, always wanting to know more about whatever topic is holding his interest for that moment. This studious nature isn't limited to learning about the world or about witchcraft, however, sometimes drifting into his interactions with other people, particularly his friends.

History (Give us some info on who you are, why you are here. If you are a supernatural being, perhaps how you came to be?): Matthias had a peculiar childhood, though he never quite saw it that way. Unbeknownst to him, he was bestowed upon the pair he calls his parents by the other members of their coven. This adoption and his adoptive parents were decided upon after his real parents found themselves exiled and excommunicated. His adoptive parents, Martin and Emily Fleming, never shared with him that he was adopted, but, then, he always did feel a bit out of place living with the Fleming's.

Growing up, Matt and his family lived in a cottage in the woods, well away from civilization, which was a fact Matt didn't mind in the slightest. It was peaceful, and it was there that he grew to have an appreciation for animals of all shapes and sizes. At the age of 5, his parents told him that he was a witch and began educating him on the ways of a witch and the familial magic he needed to acquaint himself with. He never questioned this, didn't even act particularly surprised, and happily began studying witchcraft when he wasn't busy with kindergarten.

Once high school was over, Matthias found himself at a loss for direction. His parents were adamant that it was imperative for him to continue living in that cabin in the woods, continue his studies of witchcraft and become part of the coven. His parents had been quite strict with him, both in raising him and in teaching him the ways of the witch, throughout his childhood, but they did seem to truly care for him and want what was best for him. Still, Matt wanted more in his life than just witchcraft, so he signed himself up for college and left home in the middle of the night one night, leaving a simple note of thanks. He hasn't returned there since, though he thinks of it and of them often.

His college years were a troublesome time for him, both in having to live more closely with many other people and because it opened the door to a great deal of new experiences, not all of them good. He used the time to familiarize himself with things he previously hadn't, but, most prominently, liquor. Because of his sometimes odd mannerisms and his propensity to befriend the squirrels that roamed across the campus, Matthias found himself again ostracized by his peers, and what he was able to brush off in high school, he found harder to brush off in college.

After an attempt to join one of the fraternities on campus, an attempt to experience new things and create new friendships, he found himself instead the focus of a series of pranks on the weird guy that talks to squirrels. While most of these weren't exactly serious in nature, Matt, unfamiliar with such things, found himself growing enraged, and, with no one to keep him in check, he found himself opening the book of hexes he had found in his parent's library and finding his revenge. Though he has never told of the events that followed, he found himself needed to leave another home, so again he left, never to return.

Since that day, he has spent most of his time traveling from city to city in search of that something that his life lacked, that something that could give valid reason for having left his home and his family behind. Eventually, he found himself in Belcoast, rather accidentally, and soon realized that it was something entirely unique. It was filled with those that usually remained hidden in shadows, and what was peculiar elsewhere seemed more than normal within the city limits. He set himself up in a cabin for rent and began making a home there, eventually starting up a little shop to sell his magically-crafted flowers and gardening supplies for anyone that hoped to contribute to nature, quickly finding that here, he and his magic could be appreciated in ways they couldn't be elsewhere. Having lived in the city for the past couple years, he can comfortably call the place his home.

Profession: Owner of The Tilted Tulip, Belcoast's premiere flower and gardening shop

Hobbies: Gardening (obviously), collecting anything and everything, wood carving, magic tricks (you know, the fake kind).

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Additional Information: Matthias has a pet fox who has been at his side for years, having met the creature not long after he abandoned college. While the creature seems mostly ordinary, Matt nonetheless considers the fox his familiar.

Writing Sample:

Matthias made his way to the park, admiring the twinkle of the stars in the sky for but a moment before focusing in on the task at hand, to find Tatum. Tatum, of all people. Not long after moving to Elysium, he had accepted the fact he wouldn't be seeing her again. It wasn't a big deal, not really, he had moved on to better-...well, different things. The last voice he expected to hear when he answered that call was Tatum's.

But it was hers. She was here, and she needed his help. He wandered into the park and began his search, not sure exactly where he might spot her, or whether or not she would be human or fox when she did. The whining over the phone suggested the latter, though, so Matt kept his eyes close to the ground. He was still questioning how the ritual could have gone so wrong, but that was something to worry about later. Right now, he simply needed to find her.


If the park was crowded, his sudden outburst might have been bothersome, but, thankfully, the park was rather empty on this night. Not so empty that he didn't earn at least one stern glance, but empty enough. And, if that gentleman thought a stern glare would be enough to stop him, he certainly had another thing coming.


Matt's search found him heading further into the park, further and further, past where he had earned a stern glare into an area that seemed even more empty. He wondered if Tatum looked any different now than she had then. He did, but, then, that was because his use of magic had caused him to age a bit quicker than he should have been. He knew that, really, he needed to slow down, to be more careful, but what was the point of having access to magic if you couldn't use it?

He wondered if she had dyed her hair. He hoped she hadn't, unless she had done it to add some flair to the mohawk she had decided to get, that was an acceptable reason to give up her naturally red hair. He couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at the thought.


In the distance, Matt spotted a pile of what looked like clothing with a...a red fox curled on top of it. He stopped in place for a moment, letting out a sigh. Unless the sight was some very weird coincidence, she was telling the truth. She was here, and she was still being afflicted by what was meant to be temporary magic that he had cast years ago. For a few moments, he simply stood and stared, processing. It was a lot of information to take in, unexpected information about a person who he hadn't heard from in what felt like so long.

After a few moments to collect himself, he approached the fox, moving considerably slower than he had been before. He drew closer and closer until he had reached her, then bent down to get a closer look at her.

"Tatum? That...that really is you, isn't it? Shit."

Before letting her respond, he straightened himself, let out another soft sigh, and ran a hand through his already messy hair. Glancing at the bench behind her, he walked to it and sat himself down.

"Not exactly how I pictured us meeting up again, Tate. I don't-...I'm not sure how this could have happened. That was meant to be a one time thing. The fox thing, I mean."

Matt scratched at the back of his neck, not sure what else to say. He knew he should apologize for getting her in to this mess in the first place, but he was never much for apologies. Still, this was his doing, and he was going to help her...if he even could. First, he needed to figure out what had even gone wrong.

"So, how long should I expect you to be covered in fur?"

For most people, Matt would have probably looked like a crazy person, talking to the red fox and asking her questions. However, to anyone who knew Matt at all, it was far from unusual for him, not that many believed he could actually understand them, and, if asked, he would never give a straight answer on the matter. As he awaited her reply which he may or may not understand as far as the general public was concerned, he leaned over on the bench toward the fox and outstretched a hand to begin gently petting her if she allowed him to, a habit of his with any furry animal he encountered, but perhaps not quite as acceptable when that animal was actually a shifted human.

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Sebastian smiled appreciatively at Kendra's offered food, but shook his head at the offer.

"We grabbed a bite before heading out this way. Thanks, though!"

Kendra's mixture of coughing and laughter at his Gargoyle comment brought a chuckle out of Seb, though the mention of siccing the creature on him caused him to sigh lightly, brushing a hand through his hair. It was a joke, and an entirely fair one at that, but he felt more than slightly guilty over having shared the possible cause of their shared memory loss. Thankfully, a laugh that he had quickly come to appreciate broke his thoughts away from that, and he smiled at Esme's recognition of his joke. After the comment she made to the healer, though, Seb side-eyed the woman, though accompanied by a humorous chuckle. He had a feeling she had set him up with the wrong name, but that was fine. He'd get her back later. Seb laughed a bit at Esme's recounting of the tale of her Gargoyle companion before interjecting his own remarks.

"Yeah, yesterday morning was odd enough without waking up with a Gargoyle at the foot of the bed. Definitely glad we got that situation figured out. Glad Kendra and I came by when we did! Made for one hell of an introduction, that's for sure."
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Name: Nathaniel Ballard

Nickname: Nathan (never Nate)

Species: Vampire

Age: 83, appears to be in his late 20s to early 30s

Physical Description: Nathan would describe himself as suave, though occasionally some silliness seeps through the elegance he tries to carry himself with. He is slightly taller than the average male, and his weight lends to his slightly muscular athletic build. His hair is a silky dark brown and is always well maintained with a bit of hair gel. His bright, light blue eyes tend to draw people in and prevent him from being able to hide his emotions very well. Perhaps most importantly, he always tries to carry a smile on his face, one he is more than happy to share with everyone he meets with.

If Nathan has left his residence, he will almost always be found wearing a suit. He has a grand collection of them, in numerous different styles, and will rotate to a different style daily. He enjoys looking as sharply dressed as he can, even if his attitude isn't always the most professional. However, his lack of professionalism can sometimes be noted in the collection of hats he will sometimes don to match a suit, usually tilted slightly on his head.

History: Nathan had a fairly standard childhood, really. He was born in New Hope, Pensylvania to Debra Ballard, an English teacher at the local high school, and Matthias Ballard, the owner of a local hardware store. He was an only child, and, as such, was lovingly doted on throughout his childhood. In school, he was very much the class clown, his silly nature drawing laughter from his peers constantly. Unlike many class clowns, however, he managed to maintain a high GPA, much to his parents praise. Due to the small town feel of the town he grew up in, everyone knew each other. This close-knit feel to the community created a great deal of respect and admiration of others in Nathan.

In high school, he met the love of his life, Lily Peters. They grew incredibly close and, after graduation, they went on to attend the same college, with his aim to become a lawyer and her aim to one day become a novelist. Soon, they were married with a child on the way. After graduating college, Lily had their child, a little boy named William. William quickly became the center of Nathan's world and, though he went on to pursue his law degree for the next three years, he spent every moment he could caring for his child.

After three more years of study, Nathan graduated with his Juris Doctorate. To celebrate, they loaded up the car and took William, who was then three years old, on their first family vacation. They drove, starting mid-day and driving through the night. As the night wore on, though, Nathan's eyes grew heavier and heavier, until, eventually...CRASH.

A head on collision, destroying the car, destroying his life. He lived long enough to glance over at the lifeless husk that was his much beloved wife, and in what was once a backseat...He still can't get the image out of his head to this day. He felt himself starting to drift away into the slumber his family now rested in, but then a woman approached from the distance, a young woman on a motorcycle. Nathan remembers the roar of the engine as it approached. She hopped off the motorcycle and, noting that he was alive, bit down into the left side of his neck, drawing a taste of his blood for her own sake before pulling back her sleeve and moving her arm over Nathan's head. She drew a pocket knife and sliced her arm open, leaving an open wound long enough for a few drops of her blood to fall into Nathan's open mouth. He tasted her blood before swallowing it down, unsure of anything that was happening. Then the woman sped off on her bike, and, instead of fading into that slumber, instead of joining his family, he changed.

Blood. He needed blood and didn't know why. His family was dead, and he knew why, but the blood lust was too strong for him to focus on that. Instead, almost unaware of what he was doing, he grabbed the still living occupants of the other vehicle, weak from the accident, and drained them both of their blood. Then he ran, unsure of where to go or what to do. He ran for the next few years, from place to place, adjusting to life as a vampire. The loss of his family filled him with rage, rage that he was able to, if nothing else, channel to drink the blood of humans when necessary. For those first few years, he dwelled in the shadows, away from people as much as he could, not knowing, really, who he was anymore. All he knew was the anger at himself and the world that so filled his thoughts and that ever present hunger.

He eventually found himself in Chicago, Illinois as he traveled from place to place and met up with a group of vampires. Not the friendliest of sorts, but kind enough to help him better understand how to manage his new life and how to control himself. It was here, with these individuals, he eventually became an Adept. As he became more comfortable and understood better how to live this new life he had been given, he began to realize he needed to move forward to make something of his new existence. With that in mind, he made his way to Berkshire Valley with plans to work as a lawyer and eventually start up his own law firm. More importantly, with plans on recapturing his old self and living this second life to its fullest potential.

Personality: Though there were some years where he struggled to find himself after the loss of his wife and child, Nathan's current demeanor is that of a mostly friendly, happy-go-lucky, sometimes playful individual, or, at least, that's how he tries to carry himself. However, this friendliness is of a reserved nature. While he is happy to share a smile, he doesn't go seeking the attention of others and has a hard time letting himself grow too close to others. Growing close to someone means watching them grow older and eventually passing away while he remained, looking the same as he always will.

After his transformation, Nathan had lost himself. He lost his world with the loss of his wife and son, and he felt like he lost his humanity as the desire for blood welled up inside him. He was filled with anger and rage. He was angry that he hadn't been allowed to die with his family. He was angry that he had to bring harm to others so that he could sustain himself. He was lost in the world. Eventually, slowly, over the years he found himself again, or at least bits of the silliness and joy that once felt so prevalent. Now the rage that he once felt is mostly reserved for those that try to bring any sort of harm to those he cares about.

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Name: Gideon Fitzwater

Nickname: Fitz, a name he much prefers to his given name

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Species: Human. Or, I guess, wizard? No, not that. Uh...enchanter? That's not really a species, is it? Let's just go with human.

Appearance: Standing at 6'1" and being well built, though not overly muscular, Fitz could look a bit imposing to those who don't know him. His medium-length dark brown hair usually looks as though he ran a comb through it once and then forgot about it, leaving it a slightly ordered mess. He will always be found with a mustache and beard, trimmed up well. At one time, it was to help him look older, but now he's found that he simply likes the look of it.

Fitz has blue eyes that seem piercing when he is focused on something. However, they are always quick to join in with his smile, a smile that fully encompasses his face. Most often, he can be found wearing a rather plain t-shirt, usually of earthen colors, jeans, and boots. Always boots.

Around his neck, Fitz always wears a gyroscopic silver pendant, an object he treasures dearly. Designed to help channel his casting, the pendant spins wildly whenever Fitz is attempting to enchant something.

Face Claim: Jake Gyllenhaal

Powers: Fitz's magical proficiency is limited to the act of enchanting objects, giving them a variety of unique properties, though the duration and strength of these enchantments vary based upon the amount of effort put into them. These enchantments range from changing the properties of the objects themselves, such as their color or shape, or imbuing the object with a spell to transmit, such as a tracking spell. While this sort of magic could theoretically be used upon another, Fitz has only attempted to do so once...and swiftly vowed to never do so again.

Weaknesses: For more powerful enchantments, or for the enchantment of larger objects, the act of casting takes considerable effort, and, as so, is quite likely to wear him out. One particular occurrence, a moment in time that saw him trying to push his limits, saw him in a comatose state for a little over a week. In part due to this, many of his enchantments fizzle out over time and are easily dispelled by those in the know.

Personality: Most who know Fitz would say that he is just...odd. Having little time for friends in his youth, he struggles in social situations, unsure of how to read social cues and more than slightly socially awkward at times. Even though he often struggles with this, he enjoys being around others and getting to know them. He is quick to share a smile or a laugh with anyone and everyone, and for those he considers a friend, he is fiercely loyal.

When focused on something, he has a tendency to get hyper focused on it, but he can quickly and without warning switch that deep focus to another matter entirely. Though he doesn't always stick to one subject for very long, Fitz has a tendency to be very studious, always wanting to know more about whatever topic is holding his interest for that moment. This studious nature isn't limited to learning about the wonders of the world or about enchantments, however, sometimes drifting into his interactions with other people, particularly his friends.

History: Fitz had a peculiar childhood, though he never quite saw it that way. Unbeknownst to him, he was bestowed upon the pair he calls his parents, a wizard and a witch themselves, by the other members of their coven. This adoption and his adoptive parents were decided upon after his real parents found themselves excommunicated and banished from the small town they called home. His adoptive parents, Martin and Emily Fitzwater, never shared with him that he was adopted, but, then, he always did feel a bit out of place living with the Fitzwaters's.

Growing up, Fitz and his family lived in a small cottage in the woods, well away from civilization, which was a fact Fitz didn't mind in the slightest. Even at an early age, he quickly found an appreciation for the beauty hiding in the world, an appreciation that would later feed into his love of art and painting. At the age of 6, his parents told him that he was a wizard, a title he isn't overly fond of and rarely uses, and began educating him on the ways of magic. He never questioned this, didn't even act particularly surprised, and happily began studying witchcraft and wizardry...when he wasn't busy with kindergarten.

Though he readily took to the study of magic, it didn't take to him quite so quickly. Though he studied tirelessly, mostly in an effort to appease his parents, every attempt to cast was met with failure. It wasn't until Fitz was 9 that his parents decided to broaden the scope of his magical studies, moving away from the divination and conjuring spellwork that was common to their coven. Much to their chagrin, Fitz finally found his success with enchantment magic, the school of magic his birth parents had specialized in. To their benefit, despite their trepidation, they allowed him to shift his studies to the school of magic in which he had found success, under the stipulation that he would only study within their presence and that he would, when the time was right, join as a part of the coven. However, his parents and the coven that had been like an extended family began to distance themselves from young Fitz, wary that he may be more like the birth parents he didn't know than they realized.

It was at the age of 16 that Fitz finally decided to leave home. The night he was to be inducted into the coven, to be precise. The coven that had ensured he would only learn the sorts of enchantments they saw fit. He had considered it for the few years prior, if he was honest, but, then, he at least wanted to learn all they could teach him before departing. To some, the memory of such a night might be bittersweet, shrouded by a cloud of longing for home or for the family that resides there. But, for Fitz, his relationship with his parents and the place he had called home had shattered long before then. He took little with him, only some clothes and a single tome of enchantments, and he was gone. To where? He hadn't been sure at the time. As far from there as he could get.

He struggled, at first. Making his way in the world wasn't always easy, particularly given his rather sheltered upbringing. He found himself in numerous unsavory circumstances, many of which he has done his best to leave behind him. Eventually, though, he found his footing, with a drive to experience the wonders the world has to offer him, as well as a drive to seek out all knowledge he can of the enchantments for which he has a penchant. Eventually, through whispers of a place where the unusual, the magical, and the supernatural roamed free, Fitz found himself on Newcastle Island, where he has resided for the past two years.

Profession: Owner of Trinkets & Treasures, a local pawn shop filled with numerous unique (and some rather mundane) objects he has come across over the years. Likely due to Fitz's somewhat undecisive nature, the pawn shop has undergone many name changes during his ownership.

Hobbies: Fitz is an avid painter, and knows how to play the piano rather decently. Always seeking to further his education about enchantments and about the world, he finds himself reading quite frequently. On top of this, he loves to collect just about anything interesting or peculiar. He also drinks a lot...if you consider that a hobby.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Writing Sample:


The sound of the name as it reached his ears was like nails on a chalkboard, screeching against his eardrums as he couldn't help but scowl at the call. Quickly, though, Fitz realized the oddity of hearing his given name in this place. How long had he been here? A week, maybe two? And he certainly hadn't been using that name. Cautiously, Fitz glanced over his shoulder, scanning the small bar to find the source of the woman's voice.

His eyes zeroed in on the rotund woman rather quickly. He supposed rotund wasn't exactly a fair descriptor, but she had certainly put on some pounds since he last saw her. The years hadn't seemed terribly kind to her, a maze of wrinkles now weaving their way across what had previously been a much fairer visage. He supposed, though, that her appearance now certainly seemed more fitting of a witch. He plastered on a fake half-smile, giving a small, reluctant wave in greeting, a greeting the woman quickly took as an invitation, making her way to join him in his booth.

"Uh...hi, Aunt Astid. It's been a while..."

The familial moniker wasn't entirely fitting, given that she wasn't family, but Fitz had been raised calling all of the members of the coven 'Aunt' or 'Uncle', and, even now, it seemed to have stuck. As the woman settled in across from him, Fitz closed the book in front of him, knocking three times lightly on its cover to engage the enchantment, causing the words held within to slowly vanish into the page until next he called. Fitz shifted in his seat, quickly finding himself uncomfortable, though curious, about the woman's presence. How had she found him? More importantly, why?

"It certainly has. You're a tough one to track down, young man! You couldn't imagine the places I've gone trying to find you!"

Fitz's fake smile persisted as she spoke. He suspected he probably could imagine the places she had found herself on her search. The past few towns he had made his way through certainly hadn't been the friendliest. He shifted in his seat again, unsure of what to say to the woman. He looked her over, then focused in on her eyes, searching for an answer to the questions he wasn't asking. After a few moments, he sat back against his seat somewhat defiantly.

"I'm not going back. So, if that's why you came, you shouldn't have...b-because, I'm not going back."

Fitz cleared his throat as he awaited her response. Astrid, however, seemingly chose not to respond, giving no acknowledgement to his words. Instead, she glanced around the bar, the lively nature drawing up the corners of her mouth in a small smile.

"This is a rather charming place, really. I can see why you sought it out. Though, I imagine the stories of the enchantress in the area probably didn't hurt."

The woman turned her eyes back to Fitz, a gentle gaze in her eyes accompanied by a slight tilt in her head.

"Your parents miss you, you know. We all do."

He found himself spitting out a rather spiteful laugh in response to her words. No one missed him there, of that he was certain. Fitz's eyes met hers again, unable to honor the sentiment with words. The gaze was enough for the woman to let out a sigh, dispelling the notion with a small, apologetic smile. To her benefit, Astrid was one of the few of the coven that had never truly treated Fitz poorly. Really, she had been in some ways like a kindly aunt. If anyone from the coven had to find him, he supposed he was glad it was her.

"I haven't come to take you back, don't worry. You've got a better life waiting for you out here than you ever did there. I just came to deliver...this."

The woman pried open her purse, rummaging around in it for a moment before presenting an envelope on the table in front of Fitz, no address or label on its face. Fitz eyed it carefully, grabbing it and flipping it over a few times, before looking to the woman questioningly. However, the woman had already scooted herself out of the booth, now standing beside the table. Shifting the purse onto her shoulder, she let out another light sigh before resting a gentle hand on the man's shoulder.

"It has been good to see you. Some of us really do care about you, you know. Write us sometime! Don't make me come track you down again! You take care of yourself, you hear? Oh, ought to look into Newcastle Island. I think you might like it there. Take care, Gideon."

And, with that, the woman was off, Fitz's eyes trailing after her, giving her a wave goodbye, a more genuine smile in accompaniment despite the repeat of that name. His eyes returned to the envelope before ripping into it. From the envelope, he pulled out a letter and a silver gyroscopic necklace. Resting the jewelry in front of him, he unfolded the letter and began to read it. To our Long Lost Son...

And, with that, it was time for Fitz to find his way to Newcastle Island.

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Listening intently, Fitz tried to picture the painting Skye described, the wildflowers springing up out of the earth, the lively nature of the flowing waters carefully captured on canvas. And, of course, the addition of Skye among the natural aesthetics no doubt brought the piece together, that piece of the puzzle that really brought life to the painting. Trying to picture a painting was a silly thing to do, though, and he knew it. A hundred people could look upon the scene Skye described and try to put it to canvas, and each would end up with their own wonderfully unique piece of art, no two exactly the same. That was what drew him to the hobby, really. He believed a painting was, at its essence, a small glimpse into the mind of the artist and how they viewed the world around them.

Such thoughts had Fitz eager to get to work on his next piece, whatever it would end up being, and he smiled lightly to Lilith after her offer.

"That sounds...really nice. I, uh, might have to take you up on that sometime. Thank you."

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