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Thu 6 Feb 2020
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Interstellar Network News
January 30th, 2279

Hello, ...

And welcome to another installment of ISN "Lets Talk Real Life", I'm your host Barry Willison.

In this segment we bring to you, our viewer an update on The Minbar Accord. So you might remember back in late December of 2278 ISA President Sheridan and several other notable dignitaries gathered and starting drawing up an article that is now being called The Minbar Accord.

Now I can't help to ask, .... I know you all will have a sound bite on this one, ... but 'Whats with the Title of this article'. I mean the Centauri Government has been in the center of so many issues over the past 20 years and yet again the Minbari are smack in the middle, of course. And then The Interstellar Alliance comes sailing in to help, using all its influence of Babylon 5. Is this yet another Project of expanding it's overall power structure.

Well lets talk a little about The Minbar Accord, it's an agreement by the Interstellar Alliance recognizing Vir Cotto's claim to the Centauri Republic's Imperial Throne and approving Alliance assistance in eliminating the Drakh threat on Centauri Prime.

Now the Drakh are no friends of Earth nor any other race unless they were teamed up with the Shadows. And it's completely understandably the Drakh are our enemies. I mean come'on they tried to basically kill us all, enslave the human race and when they failed they tried to wipe us out with some tecno-virus. I'm not going to get into the technical aspect of that discussion.

But about all the work that was done on The Minbar Accord, .... we are talking back in December until just this past month on January 4th 2279 when ISA President Sheridan and Cotto's exiled government had finally signed it. It's done, .... we are recognizing the Centauri Great Houses and Vir's claim to the Throne, and it's been blessed by technomages.

I mean this is historical stuff, .... So here with us now, to break down this whole Accord business is expert Political Annalist, Aleasi Markcese, & Centauri Political Activist, Luc Verri

So give it to us straight, .....

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Thu 12 Mar 2020
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Interstellar Network News
February 5th, 2279

(Flashing at the top of the screen)
Hello, ....

This is Barry Willison with a special report, .... JUST IN!

CTP virus29 is found in the outer rim and in many outer colonies, ... it is proving to be fatal and it doesn't discriminate, .... (scrolling at the bottom of the screen)

"Over the last few months, we have been tracking a new virus that is sweeping its way, ever so slowly into the planetary mainstream. After what happened in December of 66 when the Drakh led their attacks on EarthGov. Every time any kind of diseases or viruses comes about we all take cover. Its just crazy how we make a big deal out of nothing sometimes."

"Thank you Dr. Franz Karlson, for being with us today. Dr. Karlson is a biochemist at Talson Pharmaceuticals, and worked on the vaccine for the Ceti Flu and more recently assisted with Dr. Stephen Franklin and helped stop the deadly plague. As always we give our special thanks to the Excalibur, for founding a cure before all life on Earth was destroyed."

"Now Dr. Karlson, how serious is this new virus and what should the public do in its wake?"

"Well Barry, its serious enough and we should start taking some action to limit the spread and keep in mind this is about self awareness, that's what will keep this in check and stop an epidemic."

"Right now from what we understand the virus first attacks the brain, more specifically the part that controls the circulatory system, and it basically stops the brain from giving commends, that in turns over time stops the body from working."

"The virus is several systems ways, and the very best doctors from across dozen of planets and races are all working too a cure and or vaccination..... this is little to worry about and just limit travel to those area,"
..... as a short list of sectors replace the last scroll message along the bottom of the screen.......

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