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Tue 19 May 2020
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Mission Log
The Athena


Welcome to a Babylon 5 RPG. In this thread each player at the end of each encounter will be allowed one post (as long as they like) as an "Audio/Video Log" or "Personal Log" as if they were recording this and leaving a record of there events and life.

Also the DM will post and edit all kinds of players & adventure detailed information, such as encounters, and NPCs & locations and adventure notes to share.

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Tue 19 May 2020
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Mission Log
If interested please post from IC: Welcome to Babylon 5 (1) to IC: And So It Begins (5)

You can add you thoughts and personal notes as if you are taking an Audio or Video recording. You can use 'Secret' for notes you don't what others to read. Please at this time no notes or comments on the current open IC.


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Fri 29 May 2020
at 02:16
Mission Log
Anla'shok Q'voth'zal personal log Standard Date 02.08.2279:

I have returned, after many cycles, to the Babylon 5 station, eager to begin my duties as a Ranger of the Interstellar Alliance. Few of my people have chosen this path and I feel the weight of responsibility to prove my worth for all of the pak'ma'ra.  It is a heavy burden, but also a great opportunity to show why we belong as a member race in the this new federation.  How I wish that was the only reason I had to come.

My parents, the being called Q'zan'mur has passed from this Universe and now awaits its rebirth as do so many.  I have faithfully, if sadly, performed our funerary ritual and recorded my parents death with the local Librarian as custom requires.  In so doing I have reconnected once more with the local community of the Chosen People.  It is good to be back among my own kind once again.  I will always be grateful for the teachings of the Minbari, but they cannot truly understand me as my own do.  For a moment, at least, I am at peace.

Surpringly, a mission is offered to me not long after my return to Babylon 5.  I checked in with the Anla'shok representative on board, as per protocol and was given the privilege of an audience with the Entil'zha herself!  My mission is an unexpected one, but I am ready to do my utmost for the Order.  I cannot mention the nature of my mission any recording my be stolen and its contents perused.  I will say it will challenge me considerably.  I am so ready for this!

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Sun 28 Feb 2021
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Mission Log
Encoded Message [Drazi Military]

Video of B5 of the 3 Stooges for amusement as a cover ...

Aiding in moving information to fine a cure for Telepathic Virus en route to CP. Telepath on ship will note and send file once assembled on human no PC dress. Request Agent training when done with with Rank 2 Telepath field progression.