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Babylon 5: Station
Babylon 5 is the fifth space station in the Babylon Project, located in neutral space in orbit of Epsilon III near Epsilon Eridani. B5’s habitation cylinder is 5 miles long with a crew of 2,500 personnel that man the station. The station is immobile. It is constructed in the L5 point in orbit around planet Epsilon III close to Epsilon Eridani, positioned near the local jumpgate where it can serve as both trade station and strategic command post. The station is about 18 light years from Earth's system. Gravity is produced by rotation and fusion reactors generated the main power to run the station's systems. Water reclamation systems recycles water, and includes water for showers for the executive suites and command quarters only. The station is armed with a Defense Grid.The station has an E-systems which can detected PPG weapons fire.

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Babylon 5 Layout
The core of Babylon 5 is divided into six color-coded sectors: Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Grey and Yellow, the latter of which island not part of the rotating carousel. Each rotating sector was subdivided into 36 regions divided along 10-degree lines respective to the station core. Directions within the station are so noted as spinward, retrograde, forward (toward the command sphere), and aft (toward the power plant). In the front of the station, the two large prongs are forward cargo stabilizers.


The corridors of each segment carried stripes corresponding to the sector's color. This gave residents and visitors quick indication of their approximate location in the station. Most corridors also carried numbered placards on the walls at intersections, applying a level/area name to the location (i.e., "Blue-3", "Red-5", "Green-2", "Brown-57", "Grey-16").

Blue Sector: comprised the forward segment of the rotating section and extended several kilometers aft to Red Sector, housing the maintenance and operational control centers, docking bays, customs, embarkation, the observation dome, the cobra bays and C&C as well as quarters for station personnel. Access to Blue Sector was mostly restricted to station personnel and official guests of the Earth Alliance.

Red Sector: is the largest of the station's rotating sections and serves as the station's commercial area. Businesses such as hotels, casinos, bars, restaurants, the Zócalo, and conference areas are to be found here. Medlab, Security headquarters, and the Judiciary are also located in Red Sector. Access to Red Sector is unrestricted.

Green Sector: also known as the diplomatic sector, is restricted to diplomatic and command personnel. To accommodate the various diplomats and other guests, medlab facilities are also available in Green Sector. The presence of Green Sector can be ascertained outside the station via the bulge in the center of the carousel.

Brown Sector: houses the industrial work that support the life support and waste reclamation facilities. It is located at the rear of the station's rotating section. It is located aft of Green Sector and fore of Grey Sector. Originally, it was intended to be a secondary commercial area like Red Sector, but went unfinished in the rush to complete construction.

Grey Sector: is the furthest section of the carousel aftward, just aft of Brown Sector. Atmosphere monitoring, the alpha power station, fabrication furnaces and maintenance facilities can be found here in the sector's 30 levels. Grey Sector's structure is incomplete due to budgetary restrictions. Due to the machinery, scans and communications are unreliable. Grey Sector access was restricted to command, security and maintenance personnel. Due to reports of missing persons and strange occurrences, Grey 17 was placed off-limits to all but security personnel.

Yellow Sector: the single largest segment of the station, Yellow Sector consisted of all of the zero-gravity sections of the station. The main body was the spinal cargo facility which managed zero-g cargo transfers and held the bulk of the station's supplies. It also houses certain facilities such as variable gravity research labs and zero-g maintenance. Aft of the carousel, a 3 km long, tubular section contained the primary fusion core and fuel tanks. Yellow Sector connectes to both Blue Sector and Gray Sector via the linkages that poweres the station's rotation.

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Babylon 5 Living Quarters & Central Corridors
Living Quarters

Living quarters on Babylon 5 is divided up according to size, quality and function. Since space is at a premium on B5, larger quarters are correspondingly more expensive. F-size was one of the larger sizes. The quarters in Blue Sector are reserved for station personnel, including the command staff, support workers, station services, pilots, dock workers and visiting VIPs from Earth. The size of the quarters assigned to EarthForce personnel is determined according rank and position.

Living quarters in Green Sector are generally reserved for Ambassadors, diplomatic personnel and visiting dignitaries and are paid for by their respective governments. Some non-diplomatic economy quarters in the are available to rent in the Alien Sector, for species that require alternate atmospheres.

In Red and Brown Sectors living quarters are available to rent for station visitors and vary from the small and spartan economy sized which contain little more than a bed, table and chair to the modest but well furnished business which comes with Babcom and data net access and entertainment terminals. The luxury class quarters are the finest and by extension the most expensive suites on Babylon 5 and come with a full range of amenities including a water (or racial equivalent) shower.

Central Corridors

The Central Corridors are a series of multi-level public access ways that run around the station's circumference or linearly along its length and often serve as public areas and marketplaces. The Zócalo is situated in one such linear corridor.

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Babylon 5 Identicards

Every civilian of the Earth Alliance and any alien visiting an outpost or colony world is issued with an identicard, an electronic combination holding data on travel visas, personal and medical information, security clearances (if any) and financial records. Upon arriving at any new colony or outpost, the identicard is presented to security forces, usually manning customs stations, where it is automatically updated with travel information. This in turn is then logged in the colony’s central database, which is periodically uploaded to the main Earth Alliance security records, which can then be accessed by any authorized personnel throughout the galaxy. For the owner, the identicard means the freedom to travel in any unrestricted area of the Earth Alliance and also functions as a credit transfer card, allowing purchases to be made with immediate deductions from the owner’s personal accounts. If an identicard is lost or stolen, the civilian or visitor will be greatly restricted in their freedom of movement, though because of the regular updates made to the main databases of the Earth Alliance, a replacement is easily arranged at a nominal cost (usually in the region of 100 credits).


Some members of the Non-Alligned Worlds, use a Mulicard. It is a combined identification card with a data chip and micro-display.

These cards are standard issue in the Drazi military and many civilians carry them as well. A Drazi multicard can be programmed to act as any form of credit card, security pass or identification card, allowing the bearer to carry one item instead of many.

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