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Introduction and Overview
This board is set up to allow episodic adventures using the Pathfinder rules.  That means that instead of committing to a long, 'campaign-style' series of adventures, all I'm committing to at any one time is to complete one adventure, and I'm asking for a similar level of commitment from the players.

My current plans are to start the setup for another adventure as each one winds to a close.  Players with characters in the existing adventure will have first consideration for slots in the next.  If the levels involved allow for it, you may even be able to roll an existing character into the next adventure, but I'm not going to promise up front that the levels will allow for it.  It all depends on what catches my imagination for the next adventure.

Most of the adventures will be updates of older 'classic' AD&D adventures, many originally published under the first or second edition AD&D rules.  Tentatively, I'm looking to start with White Plume Mountain or maybe Tomb of Horrors.  For those who have played, read, or DM'd either in the past, I'm sticking to the framework, but changes are possible, and get more likely if it looks like players are metagaming based on out of game knowledge.

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