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Sun 21 Oct 2018
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RTJ and Character Creation
Paizo published Pathfinder material is generally allowed.  Third party rules are generally disallowed.  There may be exceptions to both, but those are good starting assumptions.  I know the SRD is out there online, but I generally work from hardcopy books.  If I can't find or don't own something you want to use, expect me to say no.

Basic races and core classes will generally get accepted before more exotic options.  I reserve the right to reject characters just on the basis that they're too 'far out', even if that's just a way to say I'm too lazy to learn another section of rules.

That said, an initial RTJ should consist of the following:

1. A basic concept of your character
This can be as detailed or as general as you care to provide.  In general the more detailed, the better.

2. A character background
Again, as detailed or general as you like.  The better feel I can get for the character, and the more story and story hooks you provide, the more likely your character will be accepted.

3. Player information
I'd like to know a little bit about you and what you're looking for in your gaming.

How long have you played, and if you've only played one or two systems, or if you've played every pen and paper RPG you've ever come across, or somewhere in between.

What are you looking for in a game?  Are you looking for detailed, tactical combat, with intricate and precise rules determinations?  Are you looking for heavy story involvement with lots of non-combat options?
GM LifeIsArt
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Sat 27 Oct 2018
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Ground Rules
When in doubt, ask!
If you're stuck in-game or out-of-game, not sure how to react or feel like there is anything preventing you from posting, either drop a line in the OOC chat or send me a PM.

It's your character.
If I miss something in your character sheet that affects play, please point it out.  They're your characters, they deserve every honest advantage you can give them

It's your character, part 2.
Play by Post games are hard enough to keep alive when everyone is working toward the same goals, and trying to keep things moving.  "It's what the character would do!" is not an adequate reason for throwing sand in the gears.  Games like this require a little more attention to the social 'contracts' that keep groups working together.

However, if a pair or group of characters is interested in in-game conflict, and the players seem mature enough and willing to handle it, we can work it in.  I just want it planned and stated up front, preferably in the OOC thread, so that everyone knows what to expect and we don't end up with a rage-quit.

If you have to leave, drop me a line.
This game is designed to have a lot lower level of commitment than some big campaign games. Hopefully everyone who starts a given adventure will at least be able to see it to the end.  Still, RL happens to all of us.  If you're going to be out for a bit, please let me know up front.  If you have to leave completely, also please let me know up front.

Play by Post requires some flexibility on both sides.
If your sense of drama needs a prop, and there's reason to assume it's there, go ahead and write it in.  If you're in a clothing shop and need a cape to throw, assume it's there.  If you're in the middle of a desert and you need a cape to throw, expect me to object if you write it in.

If you take too long, I will move things along.