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Posting Format
Posting Format

Dialogue in any color except orange.

Use the "Post Reply" function in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window. Only use the "reply" link (from someone else's message) if it would otherwise be unclear to whom you are responding.

Out-of-Character Notes need to stay in the FB Messenger thread

Be sure to include all necessary details in the note for the roll.
Make the actual number rolled bold if the roll is for damage.
If a roll is failed, make the number rolled bold red.
Note the margin of success or failure after the copied/pasted section only if relevant (e.g. Quick Contests or Resistible Spells).

Current Status:
Write in small bold text.
Leave 5 spaces between each entry, in a single line.
HP: (current)/(total)
FP: (current)/(total)
ER: (current)/(total) < if any
PT: (Tally)/(Threshold) < if any
Buffs: (any temporary, beneficial spells, potions, etc.)
Debuffs: (any temporary, harmful spells, poisons, etc.)