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The Game
 Welcome to Battle Royale! The game where just about anything goes and only the strongest will survive!

 Each "level" will be a miniature world in of itself. There will be a mix of puzzles and racing but most of all... murder! Yes good ol' fashion murder. At the beginning of the game you will pair up in teams of two (pick well cause y'all are stuck with each other! bwahaha) and will go head-to-head with the other teams. Will you win by being solving/completing the level or just by being the last team alive? Each level will give a slight bonus to a certain profession or race. Also, hidden throughout the level are bonus treasures and gold, as well as extra NPC enemies (no shortage of things to murder) and NPC friendlies that may hold some valuable info...

 There will be a set amount of CP awarded after each level so all players will be at an even playing field. This is where you can get the upper hand though, in this game there are some pretty crazy weapons, armor, and items available for purchase with $$.

 There will be 3 ways to acquire $$: The first being finding treasure chests in each level, so be sure to explore. The second is automatic, you will be awarded a set amount of $ determined by the place you and your teammate finish in. 1st place being the most and so on. The third way to earn $ also is determined by who wins. When creating your character you will also pick a Guild that you character belongs to. There is a $ prize to the 1st place guilds (You and your teammate may choose separate guilds and other players not on your team may choose the same guild as you) that is split evenly among all members of that guild even if they aren't on your team.

 There will also be GP or "game points" awarded for each level. These GP are how standings are determined. There will be actual physical prizes in this game e.g. Gallon of Maple Mustard, Growler Fill, etc. that will be awarded after __ amount of levels completed. GP are earned by killing PCs, enemy NPCs, and by what place the level is finished. (Levels that have a goal or finish line don't require you to be the last team standing to win)

 When you die, your body and gear disappears (no one can be looted after they are killed so all your gear is safe) You will be out for the remainder of the level but will be able to return with full health on the next. If you die your teammate may still continue to complete the level or kill as many people as they can. If you or your teammate finish the level without the other, all $ and GP will still be awarded to your team but only the living player will receive the Guild $ bonus.

 We will be using Dungeon Fantasy 250 point lenses but with a couple changes.

 The following 6 professions will be the only ones available to choose from. We will be using Power-Ups with the house rule "class power-ups are only available to that class unless obviously you are multi-classing an aren't available until after the first level".

 There will only be 6 professions to choose from:

Since this game takes influence from several places, the races will be altered as well. Choose from the following 10. Human is also available.

-Coleopteran    -Dwarf
-Elf            -Wood Elf
-Half-Elf       -Gargoyle
-Gnome          -Fishmen
-Orc            -Half-Orc
-Halfling       -Ogre
-Half-Ogre      -Lizard Man
-Mink           -Skypiean
-Third Eye Tribe

 Players will also choose a guild at character creation. These guilds each have certain bonuses granted at the beginning and throughout the game. More detail for the guilds can be found in "Races and Guilds" on the Game Menu.

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