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Races and Guilds
Below are a detailed list of the races not included in DF3.

Humanoid with fish-like features, but two legs.
Attributes: ST+5 (No HP; Only while submerged in water,-30%) [28]
Advantages: Amphibious [10]; Doesn't Breathe (Gills, -50%) [10]; Enhanced Move (Water) [20]; Rinse [1]; Biting Mastery [1]
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Monster) [-15] Cold-Blooded [-5]
Optionally: The above is a generic Fishman, but they may be based on any aquatic creature. Add relevant advantages depending on the creature type: Extra Arms for octopus, more ST and Teeth (Sharp or Fangs) for a shark, etc. You may buy up to 4 total levels of Enhanced Move (Water) [20/level]. You may also buy up to 5 additional levels of a limited form of Strength: ST without HP (Only while submerged in water, -30%) [5.6/level], adding to ST for damage and lifting purposes only, and only while submerged in water.

MINK [35]
Humanoids with furry-animal features. They all have the inexplicable natural ability to generate a current of electricity with which to attack anything they touch or strike with a melee weapon.
Advantages: Electro: Burning Attack 2d (Follow-Up: Melee Attack, +0%; Side Effect: Stunning, +50%) [15].
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Minority Group) [-10]; Weakness (Excessive Heat: 1d/min; FP Only, -50%) [-10].
Choose at least 40 points in advantages related to your animal type [40].
Examples: ST and Claws (Blunt) for a bear; Striker (Horns) and Claws (Hooves) for a bull; DX, Catfall, and Perfect Balance for a cat; Super Jump for a rabbit, etc.
Optionally: You can add any number of additional points in advantages related to your animal type. You may also increase the damage of Electro up to a maximum of 6d burn for an additional 30 points.


( ) = Restrictions for that guild. E.g. “In order to join Titan’s Hand your profession must be Knight”

BB: = Beginning Bonus - Something you’d add to your character sheet at creation.

CB: = Continual Bonus - A perk that you can use by being a part of that guild

Green Peace: Don’t let their name fool you, this guild can get brutal. Their motto is “Trash and get trashed”. You wouldn’t want to litter near one of them...
Restrictions: No Elves “They think they own the Forest”
Guild Bonus:
    Speak with Plants [15]
    Speak with Land Animals [15]
    Sense of Duty (Nature) [-15]
    Vow (No Burning Weapons) [-10]
    Obsession  (Plant a tree on every level) [-5]
    Arbor Day Sale [1] (10% off any item with a Tree symbol)

Debauchery Tea Party: Pretty much a large group of drunkards that believe they have some form of class. It’s rare that a day goes by without an alcohol induced bar fight.
Restrictions: None
Guild Bonus:
    Drunken Fighting [1]
    Bar Tab Discount [1] (10% off drinkable potions)
    Fakes British Accent When Tipsy or Drunk [-1]
    Never Share Your Booze [-1]

Sabertooth: One could say this is more of a pack than a guild. They are extremely loyal to their pack, almost to a fault.
Restrictions: Minks Only
Guild Bonus:

Twilight Ogre: The line between guild and gym is very thin here. Walking in one can feel the testosterone in the air. If strength is your thing you’ll fit right in with the rest of these lunks.
Restrictions: ST 15+
Guild Bonus:
    Huge Weapons (SM) [1]
    Huge Weapons Overstock [1] (10% off SM+1 Weapons)
    Lifting ST 1 [3]
    Ham-Fisted [-5]

Laughing Coffin: A retched hive of scum and villainy! Unless you’re into that, then I guess that’s it’s home.
Restrictions: None
Guild Bonus:
    Brotherhood (Scum & Villainy) [1]
    Fearlessness 2 [4]
    Trademark (Tag Guild Symbol) [-5]

Golden Apple: This elitist, I mean regal guild is rumored to be the oldest guild still functioning today. They pride themselves on their vast network of merchants and on the riches they’ve accumulated. They’ve an image to maintain though so only chosen races need apply.
Restrictions: Humans, Elves, and Skypieans Only
Guild Bonus:
    Can Sell Items for 100% of Value

Mermaids Heal: Think Sister-Hood of the Traveling Pants with a dash of Misandry. There’s nothing like a glass of wine with your girls while planning male Genocide. If you’re a man, don’t assume they're gonna get consent to send you to the afterlife.
Restrictions: Females Only
Guild Bonus:
    Striking ST 2 (Only against Men, -20%) [8]
    Bad Temper (Men Only, -20%) [-8]

Air Nomads: In the past, they had a thriving culture and economy. Over the years these peace seeking people have been victims of numerous attacks rendering their kind down to this small guild. No longer peaceful this guild will huff and puff and blow anyone who opposes them out of the way.
Restrictions: None
Guild Bonus:
    Vibration Sense (Air) [10]
    Vow(No Edged Weapons) [-10]

Lamia Scale: Cunning and calculating, the members of this guild are masters of self-preservation. “Honor among thieves” doesn’t exist here, people are just a step stool to get what they want.
Restrictions: Thieves Only / No “Half” Races)
Guild Bonus:

Titan’s Hand: Probably the noblest of all the guilds. How would you know? Don’t worry, like a vegan they’ll tell you. Their roots run deep in the teachings of knighthood that they continue to pass on to the next generation.
Restrictions: Knights Only
Guild Bonus:
    Kill Count Rank - Whoever has the highest amount of kills total within this guild
    gets 20% off the top before the Guild Bonus is split

Red Lotus: Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation atta... sorry wrong script. Well, that’s not too far off considering they just wanna watch the world burn. With no real agenda, those on the outside assume they’re just a bunch of pyromaniacs, but maybe there’s more to them...
Restrictions: No Fishmen
Guild Bonus:
     DR 5 (Limited,Fire and Heat, -40%) [15]
     Pyromania [-5]
     Phobia (Oceans) [-10]

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