The Tipping Cow Speakeasy, Arkham.   Posted by Richie King.Group: 0
Richie King
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Tue 23 Oct 2018
at 15:56
The Tipping Cow Speakeasy,  Arkham
It has been one of those lazy nights in Arkham. You hear jazz music being played by a negro band on the background, a beautiful waitress is seen talking to a rather sketchy individual at the end of the bar, not minding the customers asking for refills.

The jazz music is slow and provides a steady rhythmic pattern that matches the colorful yet low lighted display of the walls. For one reason or another, you guys are in the Tipping Cow, a local speakeasy that serves illegal bootleg whisky and imported cuban cigars. As you are enjoying your little piece of paradise, A loud crash is heard upstairs. All of you see the patrons rushing out. Thinking that prohibition agents have finally learned of the place and will arrest everyone. Upon climbing up the well hidden stairs you see not a raid of federal agents, but of a scene of a car accident.

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