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RTJ and Character Creation
When applying to Star City: Adventures at Hero High, you will want to include the following in your RTJ:

  • Your character's name
  • Your character's year in school
  • Mr. Vaughn's school or Mr. Heller's "school"
  • A high level description of your character's powers
  • A general idea of your concept

For those unfamilar with the United States education system, high school is typically 4 years.  Most kids start with Grade 9 (Freshman) at age 14 and graduate at 18 years old.  Being held back for bad grades or skipped ahead for the academically gifted, could alter the starting age for any student.


We will go through character creation, establish friendships and get everyone situated once players have been accepted into the game.

Mr. Vaughn's School
Similar to Charles Xavier's school from the X-Men, this will be a boarding school where the students will live in dorms on the campus.  The students will study the standard, expected high school curriculum, but will receive training in using their abilities.  Choose this school if you wish to have an experience similar to the X-Men characters.

Mr. Heller's "School"
Adam Heller is recruiting kids who have abilities.  There aren't any ivy covered walls, dormitories or danger room's in Heller's "school" but he also doesn't care as much about the rules, like his old friend David Vaughn.  Gathering kids together, he teaches them how to use their powers, how to work together and how to deal with trouble when it comes up.  For ease of play, all of Heller's students should come from the same high school (the name of which will be determined once players have joined).  Choose this school if you wish to have an experience similar to the Bat-Family of characters.

There may be elements of Heller's school that may be similar to Magneto's Brotherhood, though Heller doesn't espouse the superiority of people with abilities.

For the most part, characters should be striving to be at least somewhat heroic.  Vaughn's students will be generally expected to be a little more heroic, while Heller accepts kids who Vaughn may pass over.  Heller's students may run a little on the darker or anti-hero side of things, but shouldn't be leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

For characters creation, characters will be built with the following guidelines:

  • PL 8; 120 power points
  • Base 3 Hero Points, Max 7 Hero Points
  • Up to 8 points in drawbacks
  • Hero High is acceptable *
  • Ultimate Power is acceptable for powers.  If you are not using UP, please note it.
  • Any sources outside of Core or UP should be cited.

* In the past when I have run a Hero High style game, usually over half of the submitted characters included the Holding Back drawback.  If you do intend to use Holding Back, you will need to work the details out with me before it is approved.

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