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Prelude to Destruction 17 Jul 2000

The M1 of 1-40 Armored Zombie sat parked in the middle of the rondo on Kalisz's southern side. Its turret was in the nine o'clock position, and its driver Pfc Marcus Thompson worked on the engine while the gunner and the loader, Sgt Hector Ruiz and Pv2 Brian Kilgo, swabbed the tank's 105mm main cannon. The tank's commander, Maj Steven Hayes, got down to meet with First Brigade's commander Col Shaffer, who pulled up in his hardtop 'turtle' Hummer.

Five hundred meters to the south on Aleja Wojska Polskiego on top of a four story office building, Sergeant Wright was providing security for Sergeant Edita 'Eddie' Ivanisevic, who was manning a TOW wire-guided missle launcher. She had line of sight down the four-laned highway that the Soviets had been probing all day. Burnt tanks and scout cars made scanning for movement ahead difficult.

"You keep that shit up and you'll get me sniped one day" Shaffer said, returning the Major's salute. He rolled out a tactical map of the area on the command vehicle's hood while the Specialist behind the M60 scanned the area to the south with his weapon in his shoulder.

"We shot the shit out of the 124th Motor Rifles earlier today east of town" the Colonel explained, indicating an area on the map with his finger. "Division wants to break out to the south tomorrow, and we're going to hold the door open for them while they do it. Now, I know you're a bit understrength..."

It was an understatement. 1-40 Amored Regiment was reduced to four working tanks, and one of them wasn't even US Army but a Challenger from a British outfit that got folded into the regiment when the lines changed and her crew lost contact with higher headquarters. These days units were lacking working tanks, but a regiment reduced to a pre-war platoon was ridiculous by any standard.

"...but your orders are simple" First Brigade's commander continued. "You are to hold Kalisz against the Polish 10th Tank Division to the west and the Soviet 21st Motorized Rifle Division to the south. Once Second Brigade moves through town the First Brigade will be right behind it. Questions?"

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Prelude to Destruction 17 Jul 2000
The TOW launcher has two crude black rings around the rear of its firing tube, painted on free hand, each one representing a kill that it had inflicted during the course of the offensive. Eddie could remember both of them clearly. The first had been a BMP. She had watched as that fucker had burned, seen the troops that had been riding in its armored belly leap out, on fire. She'd been close enough to hear their screams as they'd writhed on the ground, trying to beat the flames out. Ferguson had put them out of their misery, finished them off with a couple of raking bursts from his M60. Ivan had paid Fergie back yesterday. A sniper had got him. He'd been five feet away from her at the time.

The second kill had been even better. Last night she had got a fucking tank. A T-80. Eddie had guided a missile straight on to it, seen its turret blown right up into the air. No one had gotten out of that one. Maybe the blast had killed the crew, maybe they'd survived long enough to burn. Eddie didn't really care. Either way they were dead. And she had got a fucking kick out of it, had yelled like a fucking banshee as she'd watched that turret get blasted clean off the hull.

She'd still been buzzing a couple of hours later when she'd been able to hook up with Lucas. Captain Lucas Knox, United States Army, West Point Class of '96. Army regulations said that an officer's dick shouldn't be out of his pants around enlisted females. But like, seriously, who gives a fuck? They might both be dead tomorrow. He'd only been get able to get away for fifteen minutes, but that was long enough. She would have yelled like a fucking banshee then as well if he hadn't put his hand over her mouth. Kaufmann had seen her getting out of the M113 afterwards, had given her the 'look'. She had just flipped him the bird. He was probably just jealous. Little motherfucker.

But that was yesterday. She had no fucking clue where Greg's unit was now, when - she refused to think of it as if - she would see him again. To be fair, she wasn't even really sure where her own unit actually was right now. Somewhere in Kal-eeshz, Poland was about as much as anyone seemed to know.

And so now she's on the top floor of what's left of some office building. The place was a fucking mess, has clearly been shot up, looted, shot up again, looted again. All that's left must have been either too heavy to carry away or so shit that no one wanted it. Eddie is crouched down, using binos to scan the roadway below her and hoping that she'll be able to add a third kill ring to the launcher. Valdez was supposed to be with them too but the Sarge had sent him off to see if there was anything in the building left that was worth 'requisitioning'. Requisitioning. Also known as looting.

Her M16 is propped against a black plastic chair that's missing one leg. That had been funny when Valdez hadn't noticed, sat on it, and ended up on his ass on the floor. Her sawed off double barrelled shotgun is in a makeshift holster stitched to the back of her LBE, a field modification done by some grey haired Frau before they'd left Germany, paid for with half a dozen Marlboros and an MRE. The Makarov that she 'requisitioned' from a dead Ivan last year is in its usual place, holstered at her waist.

"Looks like the brass is here, Sarge." The blonde haired young woman said to Wright, lowering her binos slightly but still keeping her eyes on the road several stories below them. "What do you think the plan's gonna be?"

19:57, Today: Edita 'Eddie' Ivanisevic rolled 12 using 1d100.  RCN (50).

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Prelude to Destruction 17 Jul 2000
Hayes suppressed a smirk at the Colonel's statement regarding his salute.  Had he not rendered the military courtesy, he'd probably  have taken flak for it.  Sometimes there was just no winning with some people.  Likewise with some situations.  Most notably, the one they found themselves in here in central Poland.

Kalisz wasn't just any town in central Poland.  It was one of the oldest in the country.  Hayes remembered spending several nights in the USMA library reading Claudius Ptolemeus' Geography Outline, which briefly mentioned the town of Calisia, a stopping point for Roman caravans on their way to the Baltic.  Of course knowing the backstory didn't make the prospect of getting killed by a Soviet... no... not Soviet... a Polish tank division... <whatever an inner voice said> any better.

"Sir, do we have any intel on what the current strength of the 10th Tank Division might be?" Hayes asked.  "And do we have any artillery on call if things go to shit?"  The last part was entirely relative, as one could make the case that the entire world had gone to shit over the last few years.