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Tue 6 Nov 2018
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Goals and expectations <read first please>
OOC is orange. If you have questions PM the GM or post in OOC chat.

I would like a faster paced game. Ideally everyone will post at least four times a week and daily if in combat.

If in combat roll everything in the dice roller and copy the results first, then continue with what you wanted to do. Example:

D20 to hit, damage die, then action.

Initiative is soft. Meaning just post once a round and the DM will interpret the events that took place. Trying to remove some of the wait on others posters. Life happens that's fair but that shouldn't slow down everyone else. If in the event a party is waiting on a player, the DM will post for them that round.

The DM will try to pm players question and goals that will effect the game. Completing goals will get you rewards.

Posting will earn you experience. 10 xp per post. I will award xp for character goals, role play and advancing quests and other rewards such as: reputation, skill proficiency, boons, crafting.

Everyone play nice, this is a team activity, no PVP unless both parties agree to it first. If you have a disagreement PM the DM and we can work through the problem like adults. The goal is for everyone to have fun. PM the DM if you're not having fun and we can work something out.

The players are expected to keep track of their own XP, when you have enough XP to level. do so immediately. Add any new features to you current resources, ie health total, additional spells and or charges for features.

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Mon 26 Nov 2018
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Goals and expectations <read first please>
In reply to Trial (msg # 1):

when you are done with your character sheet, post it in the Character sheet thread.  If you could put your passive perception P: armor class AC: and Health in your biography, that would be helpful. Find a group in the Dog and Duck inn, once a group is formed, Pm the Dm all the members of the group.  The Dm will then create a new area for the group.  If you want to expand the village, would like to explore somewhere, PM the Dm and They will create a new thread for you.

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Mon 26 Nov 2018
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Goals and expectations <read first please>

  • missing child
  • missing adventurers
  • recon the forest
  • investigate noise
  • bring back game for Fybrook
  • bring back goblin fruit

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Wed 28 Nov 2018
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Goals and expectations <read first please>
a thread with a "(free form)" in the title is a thread where players will drive content.  It is my hope that these sections will provide everyone with an opportunity to shape not only their character's story but with each other too. I want a space not dependent on the Dm where players who wish to Rp often have a chance to do so.

If a player intentionally ruin these sections of collaboration's sense of immersion. The dm will step in and have a word in private with the offending player.

We are all here to have fun, don't let your fun be more important than anyone elses.

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