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CDR N. Taylor
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Wed 31 Oct 2018
at 15:22

If you are reading this then something caught your attention. This game uses the Prime Directive rules from the 1980s. I do not have a file or PDF I can share as all I have are the hard copies of the game. The premise is that the players are part of a Prime Team aboard a ship. Prime Teams are specialized teams onboard major ships and all starbases that conduct a wide variety of missions.

Currently this is the only post, though I may put more up should I feel the desire. However, when I get one player interested in making a character, I will begin to re-read the rule book and start to formulate a better plan of action for the game. Once we have four players then I will begin to set up this game with threads giving more information about my expectations, rules, etc.

Just so you know one of my base expectations before we dive in to deep; I would like players to post every couple of days at the very least. Failure to do will result in your character being played by me, should I feel it is needed to progress the story.

Should I fail to get four players by the end of November, I will shut this game down to concentrate on games I have players for.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Live long and prosper.

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