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Thu 1 Nov 2018
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N1 Personnel
This thread will contain the crew roster and NPC information. It will only contain information generally known to the crew or through a cursory security check. It will also contain other NPC information as it becomes available.

USS Kashima
Commanding OfficerCAPT R. Pafford
Executive OfficerCDR G. Hyland
Command Master Chief(MCPO)
Command DepartmentEngineering Department
Chief NavigatorChief Engineer
Chief HelmsmanAsst Chief Engineer
Chief Tactical OfficerMain Propulsion Officer
Briefing OfficerDamage Control Officer
Operations DepartmentSystems Officer
Chief Ops OfficerLife Support Officer
Chief Comms OfficerMedical Department
Chief Transporter OfficerChief Medical Officer
Chief QuartermasterChief Nursing Officer
Security DepartmentScience Department
Chief Science OfficerChief of Security
Chief Sensors OfficerChief Investigator
Flight Department
Chief Shuttle Pilot
Chief Deck Officer

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Thu 1 Nov 2018
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N1 Personnel
Placing this here as a place holder for the time being.

Enterprise Class Starfleet Registry NCC-1775
Launched Stardate 7929.2 Tranquility Base
Sol Sector United Federation of Planets
Chief of StaffAdm Gene RoddenberryFleet Yard OperationsCapt Zach Dill
Fleet OperationsAdm Robert ShimpAdvanced Technologies DivisionCapt Nick Westbrook
Exploration DivisionAdm Kerry StewartStellar Imaging DivisionCapt Alexis Dill
Fleet AdministrationAdm Majel BarrettOrbital OperationsCapt P'Hil
Tactical CommandAdm Jamie BennettStar Fleet AcademyCapt David Jensen
Mission OperationsAdm Jennifer KabellaResearch & DevelopmentCapt Ch'Ris
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Fri 2 Nov 2018
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N1 Personnel - Character Creation
1.1 Choose a Race
  • Human
  • Vulcan
  • Rigellan
  • Alpha-Centauran
  • Cygnan
  • Andorian

1.2 Initial Characteristics (Set by Race)
1.3 Human & AC "Tweaking"
  • Human's add +1 to three Characteristics
  • Alpha-Centauran's add +1 to either Accuracy, Speed, or Discipline

1.4 Selecting Your Service Division
  • Command
  • Engineering
  • Marine Surface Combatant
  • Science
  • Medical
  • Psionic

1.5 Receive Initial Skills & Select Specialization

Command Division
  • Helm/Navigation
  • Field Command
  • Liaison

Engineering Division
  • Technical - Spending 20 levels in Tech Skills (None above 4).

Marine Division
  • Combat Specialist
  • Heavy Weapons Specialist
  • Scout
  • Combat Engineer

Science Division
  • Specialist - Spend 20 skill levels in Tech or Gen Know Skills (None above 4).

Medical Division
  • Medic

  • Vulcan Psionic Master
  • Non-Vulcan Psionic Master

Marine Commando Service Division
* Special rules pertaining to the Commando training received.

1.6 Initial Character Rank (Random based on division)
1.7 Seniority
1.8 Initial Professional and Heroic Reputations
1.9 Initial Background Rating
1.10 Initial Character Improvement Points
1.11 Select Range Type
1.12 Skill Levels and Task Dice
1.13 Stun and Lethal Damage Capacity
1.14 Lifting/Carrying/Jumping Abilities
1.15 Encumbrance
1.16 Person Interest Skills
1.17 Character Body Weight
1.18 Putting it All Together