(IC) The Village of Korthos.   Posted by Dungeon Master.Group: 0
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Tue 6 Nov 2018
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(IC) The Village of Korthos

The group awakens upon the shore of a unknown island. Wreckaged is strewn about within the cold ocean and upon the beach. As the group tries to find their things, it is inevitable they are all that survived on the ship that was destroyed by a white dragon. The ship rests out in the ocean, destroyed.

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Fri 1 Feb 2019
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(IC) The Village of Korthos
Brankx opens his eyes, feeling the sand all through his beard and eyes. He felt like he had been drinking for a week, but knew that hadn't happened. His whole body ached, his head pounded and he didn't know where he was.

....then he remembered the ship and the dragon.

The dwarf groaned as she rolled over, looking up the sandy beach, his dark grey robe was caked with seawater and sand, he was just thankful it wasn't his good robes.  Then his eyes widened.....his gear. "By Moradin's beard....I'd just collected all that."

He sat up and sighed, looking around the beach. He stood up, cursing the dragon more for the loss of his things than the destruction. Brushing his robe, he was thankful....he saw several crew frozen and more taken by the beast.

He looked up both directions, seemingly equal amount of debris in each direction, and shrugged. "Can't stand here all day.." he said to himself, and picked a direction and began walking, checking the wreckage for useful items.

As he walked, he muttered, cursing dragons and ships