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Game Information and Resources
This is a place for in game information.
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Game Information and Resources
Combat Stunts

1+ Skirmish (move after your attack, 2 yards per SP)
1  Rapid Reload (immediately reload a missile weapon)
1  Stay Aware (Awareness of surrounding combat)

2  Knock Prone
2  Defensive Stance (+2 defense)
2  Disarm (opposed attack rolls)
2  Envemon (target affected by your poison, if possessed)
2  Mighty Blow (+1d6 damage)
2  Pierce Armor (armor rating is halved)
2  Taunt (insult or distract opponent, Deception vs Self-Discipline, -1 attacks)
2  Threaten (Intimidate vs Self-Discipline, to invoke attack)

3  Lightning Attack (make a second attack)
3  Set up (ally gain +2 on next ability rest)

4  Dual Strike (Hit a second target in addition to the first)
4  Seize the Initiative (move to top of initiative order)

5  Lethal Blow (+2d6 damage)

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Game Information and Resources
Spell stunts

1-3 Powerful Casting (Increase the Spellpower of your spell by 1 per stunt point spent, to a maximum of 3.)

2   Skillful Casting (Reduce the magic point cost of the spell by 1. This can reduce the MP cost to 0.)
2   Mighty Spell (If the spell does damage, one target of the spell of your choice takes an extra d6 damage.)

3   Lasting Spell (effect is twice as long with no additional MP cost.)
3   Magic Shield (gain a +2 bonus to Defense until the beginning of your next turn.

4   Fast Casting (immediately cast another spell. The second spell must have a casting
time of a major action or a minor action. If you roll doubles on this casting roll, you do not get any more stunt points.)
4   Imposing Spell (spell is much more dramatic than usual. Until the beginning of your next turn, anyone attempting to make a melee attack against you must make a successful Willpower (Courage) test. The target number (TN) is 10 + your Willpower ability. Those who fail must take a move or Defend action instead.)
4   Split Spell (affects an additional target, so long as the second target is within the spellís range and no more than 6 yards from the original target.)

5   Disrupt Magic (spell is so powerful that it may disrupt another magical effect
(such as a spell) on the target. Roll an immediate test of your Intelligence (Power Arcana) vs. the Spellpower of any one effect on the target. Success removes the effect.)
5   Lethal Spell (If the spell does damage, one target of the spell takes an extra 2d6 damage. Alternately, all targets of the spell take an additional 1d6 damage.)

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