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Eberron Basics
What is Eberron?
Itís a world bound by a golden ring and surrounded by twelve moons. Itís an intersection of thirteen planes of existence which shift in and out of alignment. Itís a place where magic has been harnessed as a toolóused to build cities, to sail ships through the skies, to create both wonders and weapons.

Eberron embraces swashbuckling action and pulp adventure and adds a layer of neo-noir intrigue. Stories donít always end well and there isnít a perfect answer to every problem. The Last War turned old allies into bitter enemies and destroyed an entire nation, leaving terrible scars behind. Crime and corruption lurk in the great cities of Khorvaire. Hidden dragons shape the course of history. Sinister fiends influence
the dreams of the unwary. Human greed and ambition may prove more dangerous than any devil or demon. But through this darkness, there are opportunities for a group of bold adventurers to make a difference... for better or for worse.

Central Themes
  • A Magical World. From warforged and airships to the mighty dragonmarked houses, magic is a part of the world and its stories.
  • Pulp Adventure. Whether youíre leaping from an airship or battling demons in forgotten ruins, Eberron encourages cinematic action and swashbuckling adventure.
  • Neo-Noir Intrigue. Eberron is a world of difficult choices. The line between hero and villain is easily blurred, and even the champions of the light may have things they regret.
  • The Last War. Eberron has just emerged from a century-long civil war, and the scars of that bitter conflict remain. How did the war affect your character, and how will it shape your story?
  • The Mourning. This mystical cataclysm destroyed an entire nation and created a deadly wasteland in the heart of Khorvaire. The Mourning brought the war to an end, but it is a mystery and a threat that looms large over Eberron.
  • Ancient Mysteries. Powerful artifacts are hidden in the ruined cities of giants. Dragons and demons scheme in the shadows, unraveling a prophecy that could shape the future. These ancient mysteries can be a source of fantastic adventures and terrible danger.
  • If It Exists in D&D, Thereís a Place for It in Eberron... But it may not be the place youíre used to.

Familiar Faces, Unfamiliar Roles
A few things to bear in mind as you step into Eberron...
  • Dragons have a civilization humanity knows almost nothing about. Shapeshifted dragons may be secretly manipulating human civilization.
  • Elves are split into two cultures. The reclusive Aereni are gifted wizards ruled by their undying ancestors. The Valenar elves are ruthless warriors who strive to be avatars of ancient heroes. Other elves live among humanity and have adopted its customs.
  • Gnomes are schemers and scholars who maintain order through intrigue and assassination.
  • Goblins once had a mighty empire, and a tradition based on honor and martial discipline. Their civilization was crushed by the daelkyr [planar outsider] and their land was stolen by humanity. They arenít inherently evil, but they have good reason to loathe the people of the Five Nations.
  • Halflings can be found as merchants and innkeepers, but in their homeland theyíre dinosaur-riding rangers and barbarians.
  • Orcs are a proud and primal people. While theyíve never built great cities, they were the first druids of Eberron. Many continue these ancient traditions and fight to protect Eberron from aberrations... while others have fallen prey to the madness of the daelkyr.

The following are four new races that were originally developed for the Eberron campaign setting.
  • Changelings are clever shapeshifters that can disguise themselves as members of other races. Exceptional spies and rogues, they live in the shadows of humanity.
  • Kalashtar are humans bound to spirits from the plane of dreams, imbued with wisdom and telepathic talent.
  • Shifters draw on their distant lycanthropic heritage to manifest bestial traits for short periods of time. A diverse race shaped by the beasts within them, shifters often prefer the wilds to the civilized world.
  • Warforged are artificial lifeforms built to fight in the Last War. Created as tools of battle, they must now find their place and purpose beyond the war.

Examples of Everyday Magic
Here are a few examples of how magic is integrated into everyday life in Khorvaire.
  1. The lightning rail uses bound elementals to drive a train of carriages along a path of conductor stones. The rail links most major cities and is a simple way to travel long distances.
  2. An elemental airship uses a fire or air elemental, bound into a ring that holds the ship aloft and provides motive force. The airship is a recent innovation that is transforming the business of transportation.
  3. Everbright lanterns use continual flame to light the streets of Khorvaire. The flame never goes out, but metal shutters allow a lantern to be dimmed or shut down.
  4. Speaking stones allow communication between distant communities. A short message can be sent from one stone to another, functionally similar to a telegraph.
  5. Warforged are sentient humanoid golems. Developed during the Last War, warforged were created as weapons. The Treaty of Thronehold forbid the creation of new warforged, while granting freedom to the golems that survived the war.

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