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Wed 7 Nov 2018
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Green/Yellow/Red Light and Lines & Veils
I am adopting this from somebody I saw on Twitter (I forget who), but I like it as a system for player comfort similar to the idea of the X-Card or Lines and Veils.

Long story short, if something happening in the game is making you uncomfortable, whatever it is, shoot me a PM that just says ďYellow LightĒ.   Thatíll be my cue to start to steer it away, or not go any farther.  You donít need to elaborate or point it any more than is the absolute minimum for me to know what post you are talking about (most of the time itíll be obvious from context and timestamps).   However, a Yellow Light doesnít mean stop, it just means slow down.  Sometimes people are okay with a little bit, but a lot would be too much.  I know that child abuse is a no go for me.  Now, if somebody is playing a minor, it might be something that comes up, so I could ďYellow LightĒ some of those topics, if they get too bad.

But if we have gone too far, and itís gone from mild discomfort to anxiety-inducing, or any other reaction that is not desired and you are not okay with, send me a PM that just says ďRed LightĒ.   And it will stop.   No questions asked, no explanations needed.   I am a very reasonable and flexible guy, but if I shut something down for a Red Light, it is over without an explanation or an appeal process.

As mentioned in the RTJ, if you have something that you would like to not be in the game, or would like a fade to black if it comes up (essentially a Line or a Veil), mention it to me in a PM and Iíll add it to the list in the next post of Lines (donít go here) and Veils (please fade to black here).

This is all to make sure everybody has a good time and enjoys playing this game.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please just ask!

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