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Recent Histories of Ratik, the Bone March, and Aerdy.

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Wine Guy
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Thu 8 Nov 2018
at 21:58
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Thus It Begins

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Wine Guy
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Thu 15 Nov 2018
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Ratik, the Loftwood, Southwatch, and Environs.


CY 684.

It is 70 years after the Gnollwars that ravaged southern and eastern Ratik.

The Gnollsbane, heroes of the Gnollwars, have lived, disappeared, died, and their their deeds have passed into legend.  Their ancestors, such that remain, have gone on to live their lives.  Some earned glory, as when Killean Ginntsdyr, daughter of Kiley Mindbender, lead the charge that broke the lines when the Stone Hold invaded.  Some earned infamy, like Kileala Dorlubbin, sometimes known as 'The Twisted Gnome,' created a living illusion that devoured three towns before the twin mages Calensdyr and Calenson destroyed it.

Events have settled into a routine:

- Evaleigh remarried and her grandson Alvaran is now Arch-Duke.  Evaleigh, once a beauty who played the Great Game of Houses with the Dukes and Captains, lives but there are rumors of senility and horrible scarring after the redpox a decade ago.

- The Frost Barbarians are now annexed into Ratik, with the grandson of Evaleigh and Hurtak Fironssen having united the lands.  Hurtak led the expedition into the Stone Hold and laid waste to the entire eastern half of the Stone Hold.

- Raiders of the Snow and Ice Barbarians continue to raid the coasts, sometimes taking a town, sometimes being hanged by the score (or more).



The Loftwood has been entirely claimed by Ratik.

Southwatch is the southernmost town of Ratik, lying just at the edge of the southern Loftwood.  Nearby towns deep in the Loftwood include Upriver, Three Roads.  There are occasional travellers and traders from Deepwood, Red Hill, Dekspointe, and even Johnsport and Bellporte.

Southwatch is part of the new Hold of Eastwood.  Eastwood Fort lies between Johnsport and Dekspointe on the coast and keeps the pirates of Johnsport at bay... mostly.  There is a thriving community of shipwrights at Dekspointe.  The Duke of Eastwood rarely travels to Southwatch.

To the south and west of Southwatch is the Bone March.  Within the Bone March, County Knurl is barely hanging on in the Blemu Hills and the rest of the March is over-run with tribes of goblins and orcs, who fight among themselves.  The gnolls have not been heard of since their near-extermination 3 generations ago.  Spinecastle is a ruin, destroyed by Ratik after the Gnoll Wars.

Johnsport is a free city, though most would call it a pirate town.  It is run by a trio of cutthroats who call themselves "The Trangle."

Far to the south and along the coast, remnants of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy are trying to come to grips with self-rule and down the coast, the Principality of Bellport is stirring up trouble.

- Pale continues to discourage trade and emigration to the West.

- The Sea Barons carry on a brisk trade with the Arch-Duchy.

- A pair of dragons living somewhere in the Solonor Ocean can be seen periodically winging their way back and forth from the Timberway.  Rumors have it that they visit with the Druid of the North... or that they escort Icylius Wanderfae, Ambassador of the Ruby Court of Dragons.
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Wine Guy
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Mon 21 Jan 2019
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The Bone March

The Bone March remains dangerous and war-torn among the clans of goblinkin, orcs, and giantkin who infest the land.

County Knurl stands as a bastion in the south of the Bone March, Count Dashtal, son of Dunstan, having made allies with the dwarves and halflings who have moved from the Blemu Hills to the Flinty Hills.

Count Dufrain, grandson of Dunstan, has pushed forward into the southern portion of the Blemu Hills and reclaimed some of the tin and copper mines of the dwarves.  Ongoing fighting in the area is reportedly not going well for those of Knurl.
Wine Guy
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Mon 21 Jan 2019
at 02:51
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The Great Kingdom, Fractured

The Great Kingdom is slowly fracturing into city-states and principalities.  Ivid the Fifth, known as the Undying, is now believed dead after Rauxes was lost.  The great city was reduced to rubble and cinders when one of the Animus-Generals activated the Machine of Lum the Mad in rebellion against the Undying.

The North Province is slowly becoming known as the Principality of Belleport, the Naelax prince named Gartain fighting with the remnant of The Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy and with the Atirr Principality.  Northern Aerdy is ruled by King Grenell IV from Eastfair.  The descendent of Herzog Atirr Aeodorich named Melsevak, who styles himself "Prince Atirr Melsevak" holds the lands around Atirr and is ably building a strong army and decent navy.

Farther south, things are said to be more chaotic with several surviving Animus-Advisors and Animus-Generals vying for power through war, intrigue, and foul magics of all kinds.
Wine Guy
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Mon 21 Jan 2019
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The Great Kingdom, Fractured

- And in the southern Loftwood... adventure awaits!
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