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Mon 12 Nov 2018
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Basically, you use the tags you have listed, any that apply to add +1 per to a 2d6 roll.
For example, let's say my character has a 'hits hard' and a 'brawling' power tag. Since I want to deck the guy, that's either a 'Hit with all you've got' or 'Go toe to toe', move depending on the context. Let's say it's a 'Hit with all you've got'. I roll 2d6 +2.  I rolled a 10 (using the dice roller link above).

On a 10+ you've succeeded. On a 7-9 you get a partial success. You may get what you want, but there's some complication. On a <=6, you miss and something bad happens.

If you know what mechanical move (listed under player moves, eg., Convince, Investigate) make sure you describe how you to it and explain how the tags are brought into play.

In the Core book, the suggestion is that you don't try to stretch your tags to be inclusive in all situations.

Review the player moves here:

We'll cover lots more rules as we go through. If it's minor, I'll prob just include it in the main game thread. If it's more extensive or requires explanation, I'll bring it here.

Again, you don't need to know the rules. We can guide you on how to decide how to translate your desired in-game actions into moves and how the mechanics work.

More later.