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Fri 16 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
Declan nods and says, “ Fair enough. We have a list of persons of interest and a usual meeting place. It’s as good as a lead as anything  else “. Declan walks across the room to put on his chest holsters for his gun. “To the diner it is then. Let’s go! “
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Fri 16 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
"Seems like a good place to start, i'll start marking off the area of questioning" Sal says, while taking out a worn map of the city, every alley marked and every building accounted for. "and Declan, take it easy man" he adds while putting a hand on his shoulder. He loads up a small water canteen and makes his way to the car while putting on a suit jacket.
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Mon 19 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
In reply to Salamander (msg # 14):

You arrive outside the Diner. (How did you guys get there? The rain has stopped. Now, a dense fog of sticky air rises from the ground and then hangs over the city. Like a blanket. Or a funeral shroud. You smell asphalt, that warm chemical smell that comforts and repels at the same time.

Through the grimy windows adorned with a flashing neon sign you see a group of teens, dressed in black trench coats. They cluster around a table where an overweight kid sits at a booth. They look like they’re arguing. A tall good-looking Asian kid, spiky hair, gets in Sitting-kid’s face. Sitting-kid yells at him. Asian kid leans in and says something. Sitting-kid freezes, sits back, eyes downcast. A waitress comes over and talks with them.

Asian kid is then all smiles, appears to apologize and walks through the front door with swagger, his four-kid entourage following. He looks over at you, notices you watching. A shadow passes over his face as he regards you. Quick like a cloud across the sun. And then the dazzling smile returns. He gives you a nod and then they walk off.

Glancing back into the Diner, Sitting-kid looks shaken.

What do you do?
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Mon 19 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
The group step out of Andreas car, the older woman having bought one large enough to accommodate them all when it became clear that they would all be working together on a regular basis. She felt almost painfully out of place in the very down to earth diner, her clothing, while not overly fancy, was professional and clearly expensive, with her pumps alone likely being more expensive than anything else in the room. She was no stranger to greasy spoons like this one-she actually rather liked them-but she regretted not having the opportunity to dress down for the place.

Andrea witnessed the exchange between the two boys and scowled. She felt an urge to scold the smiling boy as he walked out, but resisted-she wasn't old enough to be shouting at random kids just yet. "Well, here we are." She huffed. "Leigh, I think perhaps you should take the lead on asking questions if we make contact with any youths, I feel like they might not be amenable to we...older individuals." She suggested as she went to find a place for them to sit.
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Tue 20 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
The Diner smelled of oil from the fryer and griddle. The checkered floor was a bit sticky from spilled milkshakes wiped away with water. The usual happy air was sucked out of the room by what seemed as bullying, but the face of the boy in the booth had something different than just the muddled sadness and frustration of a teased teenager. Simple, real, terror and shame showed in the boy’s downcast eyes. Declan noted the dark expression shot their way as the black trenchcoated group filed out of the restaurant. He heard the bell on the door ring as it closed.

 “That’s a good point, Miss Andrea”, he says with a slight hesitation. Declan finds a booth for “the older crowd” giving the kid and Leigh a little space, but still within sight in case the trench coats came back, or she needed support. He slips Flicker a twenty-dollar bill between his fore and middle finger. “Please get the kid anything he wants. Damn, I hate bullying, especially when the other guy has a group backing him up. Damn coward.” Declan’s clenched jaw relaxes, and he smiles, “Grab yourself something too. You’re hungry, right? ” He sits on the metallic red cushion and bounces a bit.
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Tue 20 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
I probably should have stated this earlier, but Flicker would have shared all the information she found from her hacking attempt, including the resistance she encountered, with the rest of the group as soon as Allison was out of earshot. Sorry for not being clear. Hopefully that didn't impact anyone's actions.

Leigh hesitates for just a moment, eyeing the young man through the diner window. The reflection of her face superimposes onto his, slightly blurred by the rain drops still sliding down the glass even though the rain has stopped. It creates a single image, painted in the tones of sorrow and anger and shame, each emotion rooted in the same source even if the specific circumstances are different. With a deep breath, she pulls away, letting the mask of amiable indifference fall back into place as she steps into the diner behind the others.

"Gee, thanks, Pops," Flicker says, rolling her eyes exaggeratedly as she takes Declan's money. "Looks like my work at the retirement center is finally paying off," she adds.

Flicker slides her bag, then herself, into the booth opposite the young man.

"You look like you could use a friend," she says. "I'm Leigh. What's your name?"

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Tue 20 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
"Well, Robbie's dinner has seen better days than this, surely" Sal expresses while eyeing the trench-coat clad youths, "but i think i know a waitress in here, hopefully she's working today, might be able to ask her if this is a common occurrence" Knowing most of the city had some advantages, especially the more down to earth parts that always made the boss ,Andreas, get a bit awkward, Maybe that's why she contacted him in when they started detective work, but those are thoughts for another time "Emily! dear lord its been a while, hope you are having a fine day" he says as a known face closes in "hey, i'm so sorry to bother you, but this are my friends Miss A. and Mr. L'estrange, they would like some coffee, and, well, i gotta ask you some stuff in a second" he adds.
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Thu 22 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
(All: The Diner has the following 3 story tags: Working-class-crowd-1, Surly-Waitress-1, Spilled-milkshake-1. If you significantly incorporate these things into your action descriptions, you get a +1 bonus to whatever roll it applies to. These things could also take away from your roll, if applicable.)

Flicker -
(No worries about the info sharing! That’s fine with me. I assumed. If you guys are in the same physical space when you get the info, we can assume that you shared the info, unless you specifically say you don’t want to.

You slide into the booth across from the teenager. He jumps and then relaxes a bit. Then he takes a nice, unabashed look at Flicker, his attraction to her clear.

(Attracted+1 to any action Flicker)

‘Uh… H-h-h-hi. Um… I think you have the wrong booth.’

Despite saying this, he starts clearing the table. He sweeps the clutter he’s spilled over the table off onto the seat next to him. Out of one folder drops a stack of school student photos. He quickly gathers them up, stuffs them back in the folder, sets it with the rest of the stuff.

(Roll Investigate including whatever tags you think apply. If you want to apply a weakness, you can do that too. If you do, mark one attention to whatever theme the weakness comes from.  (Remember, invoking your own weaknesses pushes your character to grow, to get more power tags and other things.)

Sounds like 2 investigate rolls. So that’s Flicker and …. Salamander?


You walk up to Emily, the surly waitress. The frown etched into her face from years of service and toil fades away as a smile rises to the surface. ‘Saul, how ARE you!’ She bear hugs you.

(She has a tag too, ‘Old-friend-1’, that you can add to your roll. So roll to 2d6 plus 1 plus 1 for any tags you think support your attempt.)


The exquisite fabric of your dress catches on the worn and cracked pleather of the cushion. Even your clothes, it seems, protest against this blue-collar place.  You wave Declan over and watch as Salamander and Leigh go to work.

(What are you doing while Salamander and Leigh are talking people up? Love the descriptions of Andrea and her feeling out of place.)

Declan-You take a seat across from Andrea. You note her discomfort.

(And you, D—-what are you up to during this time?)

(Remember all (this is not an admonition, just a reminder :) ), for each tag you use make sure to describe narratively what you using it looks like. This will add a whole lot of richness to our (very good, if I can say so) story.)

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Fri 23 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
Flicker eyes the photos spilling out of the folder greedily, guessing that they might have something to do with the case at hand. Barely resisting the urge to snatch them and run, she laughs instead.

"Oh, you're a photographer?" she asks. "That must be why that kid in the black trash bag was so mad at you. You must have taken a picture of him accidentally smiling! That would really ruin his persona, huh?"

Leigh hesitates for a brief second before reaching out to rest her hand lightly on his, comfortingly. Her face is dark and serious.

"Look, we don't have to get into the specifics, because that's your business. But I want you to know that whoever you are, that's okay. You don't have to follow the crowd just because they tell you to. That's what bullies want: they want you to cave, to be like them, so that they can justify their own shitty little lives. Don't give them that satisfaction, okay? The best revenge is being yourself in spite of their protests. I promise."

She gives his hand a gentle squeeze before pulling hers back, carefully, resting it on the table for a second.

"Now, can I take a quick peek at those pictures? I always like seeing the world through someone else's eyes."

Okay, I think I'm rolling Investigate with two power tags, Sarcastic Remarks and Free Thinker, as well as the status Attracted-1. I think the weakness tag Tries Too Hard also probably applies, so that should be a total of +2. My questions are: "Where is Emily?" and "What do all of these students have in common?" I rolled an 11, so hopefully this kid can point us in the right direction!

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Mon 26 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
In reply to Flicker (msg # 21):

You can tell he’s smitten with you. Despite this—-or maybe because he realizes his weakness?—-he seems guarded.

‘He’s not getting in my face just to get in my face. He had ZERO interest in me before… before everything started to change.’

He glances at the folder.

‘I haven’t shared this with anyone… I guess no one’s really asked… but there’s something really strange going on…’

As he starts talking he gains momentum.

‘About a month ago, all of these kids had some sort of weird collective amnesia. I noticed it because my friend Trav—he couldn’t remember us playing D&D the night before, couldn’t remember that he owed me money for the parking ticket of his I paid… The only thing that happened around then was we had these free blood tests—-you know for stuff like genetic abnormalities and things. We could also give blood for, like, free pizza and a movie ticket. Anyway…’

He realizes he’s getting off track and focuses. He spills out the photos in front of you. It’s a pile of photos, maybe 20, all of students from the high school.

‘Every single one of these students has… joined up. That’s part of what Victor wanted from me. He wants me to join his little gang.’ He scoffs. ‘I know I’m not much to look at, so, like, why would he want me? Well, he got interested after he turned all Goth about a month back or so. Then he got real friendly with EVERYONE. He’s a popular guy, so lots of people joined his little clique.

‘But really? He noticed me asking questions. He noticed me talking to people. And when he did, he got more and more interested in me signing up to his stupid “Infection Club”. I don’t know why they call it that. But that’s what all of these kids have in common, they’re all part of this club.

‘I know that there’s some initiation ritual. It usually happens at this old junkyard just outside of town. No one talks about it after. I’ve asked. But when I do, everyone gets real creepy about it, say I just need to come out and see for myself, and when I say no that’s when Victor and the rest of them lay on the extra… uh, ‘charm’.

‘I wanted to get more details before—-my buddy Trav was helping me out. He went out to the junkyard on his own—-I had to work so couldn’t go—-I told him to wait. Asshole disappeared for three days’---he chokes up but gets himself under control—-’and then he was just like them. Like we’d never met. F-in sucks, man. It was Trav but it wasn’t, you know?  I HATE those guys. I HATE Victor. I HATE that club.

‘Let me know if I can help. I don’t even know you, but anyone who’s trying to get rid of those guys… the enemy of your enemy is your friend, right?’ He tries to smile charmingly… and pulls it off.

‘Where is Emily?’

‘Emily? I don’t know her. But if she’s not showing up at home… how long has it been? A few days? Yeah, that fits the pattern. Disappear for a few days, a week, come back… changed. I bet she’s out there. Whatever they do to people out there. Hopefully, there’s a way back…’ He looks off into the distance, eyes unfocused.
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Mon 26 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
While listening a bit to the whole shebang going on in the other booth, i try to get some info
out of Miss Em. (No relation), "honey, how's life?, how have you been keeping?" after making
some amicable small-talk, Sal gets a bit closer to Em, almost whispering in her ear, both to
not be heard by the hoodlums that could be around, and to make her a bit hot under the collar
"say Em, do you know anything about those black coat lads that were hanging out here? i got a
missing persons case in my hands, and i hope you can shed some light on the situation, you know i would be really, really grateful"

(my tags in this case would be Charming by making her feel comfortable before asking the questions and handsome, to make some use out of the tension, plus old friend, to get her to help me out a bit, for old times sake)
"i need to know a couple of things, Who are those kids?, and who have you seen them with that looks suspicious in any way?
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Wed 28 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
Declan sits opposite of Excalibur, staring deeply into the black reflective surface of the coffee and listening to the young man’s story. Declan thought to himself, “That’s awfully secretive for just a club. What the hell does an infection club even do? This all sounds shadier than I was thinking before.”
He was an “acquirer” of artifacts and a bit of archaeologist. It was the former qualification that he thought may be useful at the moment. He reached in his pocket for the burner phone he kept should he need to make a “business” call. Maybe his contact  knew something about this group in black.
“Hang tight, Miss Andrea, I’ll be right back. I need to get in touch with a friend.” Declan stands up and walks through the door. The bell chimes and he feels a little breeze gently wafting the city smell to his nose. It smelled awful like asphalt freshly layed. Declan flipped the burner open and pressed the speed dial hoping to get some answers. The line began to ring. He hears someone answer the other line and says, “Hey it’s me. I need you to find out some info on an ‘Infection Club’. Bunch-a teens dressing in all black after some blood tests.

I’d like to make an  Investigate action using the power tags smuggling, business connections, and authoritative. But I think the weakness tag Black Market Heat applies here too.
So 2d6+2
I got a 7. So I believe that’s a failure.
What I want to know is

Who are the “infection club” connected to?

What’s their goal?

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Wed 28 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro

14:28, Today: MC, on behalf of Salamander, rolled 11 using 2d6+3.

(S, you can go ahead and roll when you do a move. If I need to modify based on tag use I can apply that after. And no worries about the Emily thing.)

Who are those kids? Who have you seen with them with that look suspicious?

‘They’re ALL suspect, honey.’

She touches you on the arm, looks down at your bicep and smiles.

 ‘They come in here, harassing or cajoling other high school students---like scuzzy salesmen. You can’t help but overhear that they’re all from the same high school. They call themselves the Inspection Club or something.’

‘Infection Club?’

‘Yeah, that. I think that gaggle that just left, that one guy I just can’t stand—-the one who’s so full of himself. Victor, I think his name is. He’s like the leader or something. I think his last name is “Chang”. He used to be a nice kid—-didn’t come in here nearly as much, but now he’s just…’ she makes a face like she ate bad seafood.

‘They come in almost everyday after school gets out. If you want to know what I think’---she leans close in a conspiratorial, but also just to get closer to you, way—-’I don’t even think they go to school.’

‘So… what are you doing later? My shift ends at 9.’ She flutters her eyelashes and squeezes your arm while smiling devilishly.


(So 7 is a partial success, or can be something good and not-so-good. )

On the phone:

‘Never heard of this Inflection Club or whatever. You’re gonna have to look elsewhere bout that, but I will keep my ear to the ground, if you know what I’m saying.’

(Of course you know, cause he JUST said it.)

You’re about to hang up, thinking this is a waste of time—-

‘But hey, hey, D! There is something else big going on. You remember that dirtbag Stansilaw? Yeah, that smuggling psychopath—-anything for a buck. Yeah, that piece-of-work just got into town. He’s got something going on at the docks. Rumor is, he’s hiding something big there. Don’t know what but I know you like to be in the know so…’

‘Also. Shit—-I probably should’ve started with this—-some of your ‘antiques’ didn’t quite measure up to the standards of those Ukrainians you dealt with last month. Apparently, they tried using it and someone ended up D-E-A-D. Now, I know it ain’t your fault, but you may be running across some company soon. Two spooks, one tall and blonde, one short and dark-haired. They was askin’ around about you. Nobody gave nuthin’ up as far as I know but still—-watch your back, man.’


What do you do?

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Wed 28 Nov 2018
at 19:56
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
BTW, if I ever miss including a response to a post you make, please just let me know. It's definitely not intentional, but is a possibility.


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Sun 2 Dec 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
In reply to MC (msg # 26):

Leigh drums her fingers on the diner table absentmindedly as she listens to the young man talk.

"I underestimated you," she says, with a wry smile. "You're a hell of a lot more, well, confident, let's say, than I was at your age. I think you're on to something here. This is big, and -- look, I don't want to -- but frankly, it's probably better if you --Oh, wait, maybe if we can figure out who owns it?"

In a split-second, Leigh pulls her laptop back out and slides it onto the table, pushing the teenager's stuff into the far corner. A few photos slide from the folder and onto the seat of the booth.

"Okay, what's the WiFi -- never mind, left my hotspot on. When did I even use that? Doesn't matter, let's see here...."

She furrows her brow as she begins typing commands.

"City assessor's office should have records of who owns the junkyard, though we'll have to cross-reference the deed number....And I wonder if they might have blueprints, or even a record of --"

Without taking her eyes off the screen, Leigh scoots sideways in the booth, making room for her new companion.

"You're in it now," she says, "so you might as well come over here and help me do some recon."

I'll do another hacking-oriented Investigate, this time using all 3 power tags as well as the weakness tag Can Be Traced for a total of +2. My questions are: "Who owns/operates the junkyard?" and "What is the junkyard's layout?" I rolled a 7, unfortunately.
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Tue 4 Dec 2018
at 17:44
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
In reply to Flicker (msg # 27):

Leigh, mark another attention to your theme. Next one you get a new power tag. :)

Here’s what you find:

Junkyard owner —
Looks like the owner of the junkyard went bankrupt and the city repossessed the land but hasn’t done anything with it. Looks like it’s scheduled for rezoning… 2 years from now. There’ve been a few minor incidents of kids being spotted in the area, but it’s so far out of town that people hardly go out there and no one really cares.

Layout —
The yard is laid out in  concentric circles according to the plan. There’s a small building/office at the entrance along with a larger ‘processing’ area to the left. It looks like there is also a main central open area.


While you’re hacking away, you don’t notice the 5 black-clad teens that file through the front door. Your hacker friend (Name’s Louie P, BTW’ ‘Nice to meet you’) also doesn’t notice, as you both have your backs to the door.

Drawing next to the table, in almost perfect unison, they pull syringes out of their pockets and proceed to stab what looks like blood into Louie’s exposed flesh. ‘WHAT THE F-, MAN?!’

Dripping syringes in hand, they turn toward you.

What do you all do?
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Wed 5 Dec 2018
at 18:46
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
In reply to MC (msg # 28):

"What the fffffffffffffffffffff --" Louie cries out, his surprise and anguish suddenly stretched into one long hum as Flicker, acting more from instinct than intent, collapses time around her. The rest of the grungy diner becomes almost picturesque, not quite a still life but certainly something more serene, everyone moving so slowly that it's barely perceptible even to her trained eye.

"What in the damn --" she mutters to herself, taking a brief moment to shove her laptop back into her bag. "Where did they even come from?"

Flicker pushes against the red plastic booth, trying to work her way free from the confines of the table. On her left, Louie is pinned against her; on her right, she can just barely get a knee up on the seat without knocking her bag to the floor.

"Alright, we'll have to do this the hard way," she says. Grabbing her bag, she throws it up into the air. It leaves her hand at full speed and then, caught in the limbo between her movement and the artificially slowed area surrounding her, seems to become stuck in mid-air. It hovers, ominously, over the black-clad youths in the aisle.

Flicker climbs clumsily onto the diner table, then hops lightly to the floor. She slides carefully between two of the menacing teenagers. Stepping into place with her back against the long central counter, she gradually relaxes the force slowing the diner.

Time crashes in on itself. Her bag drops neatly into her waiting hands, and in the span of a split second, she twists the strap around the neck of the nearest ganger, forcing him to lean backwards with her or risk choking. With a gentle tug, Flicker positions him between her and the remaining teens. It's not the most effective garrote, but it should do for a moment until the rest of her crew can step in.

I'm not entirely sure what this looks like mechanically. I'm guessing it would be a Change the Game move? My power tags are Super Speed, Perfect Spatial Sense, Good Catcher, and Fashionable Carry-all Bag. I think two weakness tags could also probably apply: Time-Space Overload and Tries Too Hard. That would give me a total power of +2.

I rolled an 8, so that should be a hit for 2 Juice. I'll spend one to give the ganger I targeted a temporary tag: something like "Human Shield"? And with the other one, can I give myself a status of "Leverage-1"? I'm still struggling a bit to understand how all the rules interact, so feel free to adjust this however you need to!

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Thu 6 Dec 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
It all seemed to happen so fast, how he put Miss Em behind him, how he sprung forward towards one of the trenchies, how he gave Declan the "don't unholster it now" before grabbing one of them to throw them to the ground, "Flick, do your-" before the words come out her reaction is instantaneous, that's good, now he can worry more about the son of a gun, his fist falls once onto his face, trying to be definitive in the first blow. can't drag it out too much with the younger kind, and he honestly doesn't think they are acting in their right minds, drugs maybe. but those are thoughts for another time

(so i think this would be a hit with all you've got, considering i should have a clean shot since im already standing and talking to Miss Em, im going in for a one and done sort of affair so i think the dodge power wouldn't add, so that leaves me just with brawling)
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 Name: Saul Gallagher.
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 02:46
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
(welp, that's a miss, so i think i don't get to choose any specifics about how i get buggered in this case, go nuts MC)
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Fri 7 Dec 2018
at 00:43
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
While listening to his contact, Declan swore he saw something black moving out the corner of his eye, but is distracted by the news of agents skulking around. "Thanks, you too." Declan flips the burner closed. "Stanislaw, huh? I might need to pay that psycho a visit."

The chime goes off once again as he strolls back into the diner, just in time to see Flicker's buddy get jabbed with a needle. His expression painted with surprise and fear for his friend's life. Then after seeing her stunning display of acrobatics and improvised fighting, he remembered the kid can take care of herself. Declan reaches for his guns to provide support, then sees Sal's signal. He nods, probably best not alarm anyone. He watches as Sal charges forward, but it doesn't go as planned.

Declan's hands keep itching to go for his guns, but he knows Sal is right. Feeling frustrated and angry, Declans eyes cloud green again. He feels his rage burning his throat and eyes. Focusing his gaze and rage on the black-clad teens, he stomps toward the scuffle. Hands clenched and arms flexed, he shouts "Get the hell out of here before I kick the shit out of each and every one of you." Declan's voice booming loud, shaking  the entire room with every syllable and footfall. His voice has a deep ethereal almost demonic timber.

Declan is trying to make these kids run. So, I'm going to use Convince with the power tags Authoritative, Mysterious reality-bending, and Rugged. I rolled an 8
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Mon 10 Dec 2018
at 21:14
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
Hi all! I plan on updating tonight.
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Fri 14 Dec 2018
at 03:07
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
In reply to MC (msg # 33):

(Flicker…. Change the Game works. I was leaning toward Face Danger, but I didn’t make the danger imminent enough and I will tell you when to roll that. Also, note to all, sometimes you get to roll Face Danger to avoid or mitigate a status and sometimes you don't. Depends on a few things, one being whether you'd have an in-game chance to avoid the hit.)

Change the Game: 8. Make sure to mark attention on the themes for the weaknesses you chose. And let me know when they one of the themes get to 3 attention.

In re: Juice, you can definitely use them both now. I like the ones you chose. It would be: Human-Shield-1 and Leverage-1. I’m assuming ‘leverage’ would relate to negotiations.

Also, you don’t have to use both your juice right now—-you can bank them for whenever. So those tags will apply to any action or situation where they would logically impact the story.

So everything happens just as you---beautifully---described it.)

The Black Coats, especially the one falling backward into you, gasp as they reconcile with their newfound situation. Simultaneously, they pocket the syringes.

Salamander goes to slam his first into the side of a red-haired kid’s head. He feels a little guilty about blindsiding the kid—-like he's taking a cheap shot—-but its short-lived. Right before he’s gonna land it, he notices the others staring at him and at red-hair, almost like they’re communicating.

Serpentine-like, red-hair steps to the side, still not turning to look—-’How in the holy Hell’---then the kid DOES spin around. Syringe in hand.

You notice there’s not much liquid left in it, and then you notice the hot pain of the needle in your neck. [You’ve got an Infected-1 status—-this will possibly drop any move by 1. I’ll take this off when the actions fit a pre-defined, but unknown to you, criteria. It’ll make sense later. :) ]

You jerk the needle out of your neck, crush the syringe in your bare fist, and chuck it to the ground. Then you proceed to POUND the kid in the face. His nose gives a satisfying crunch-squelsh and he yelps, grabs his face, as bright red blood pours between his fingers. He staggers back toward his buddies. A moment, infinitesimal and infinite, passes.

Then the diner shakes on its foundation as a demon enters. The little bell over the door dings disconcertingly---such a normal sound accompanying such a jarring experience.

Declan storms like Hell itself into the diner. The place quakes with his voice, silverware and china rattling and breaking as he thunders down the main aisle. Everyone shrinks back, trying to draw themselves into their belly buttons and disappear.

The teens recoil from the onslaught. They hop away from your party with hands up, taking slow steps toward the kitchen, and, you assume, a back exit. Their threatening, aggressive demeanor has melted away revealing conciliatory faces. One says, ‘Hey, sorry for the misunderstanding guys. We thought you were someone else.’ They continue to back away.

The one Flicker has neck-tied is squirming and jerking with all he’s got trying to get away with his compatriots. (Flicker, you can roll Toe-to-Toe to try to hold on to him or just let him go—-your call.)

You see Louie writhing on the seat. And Sal, you don’t feel so good. Whatever they put in you is not supposed to be there. You feel a little woozy, but know you’re not about to pass out or go down.

What do you do?

(I'm thinking we'll wrap this scene after the next round of actions. I mean, we'll see what happens, but I'm thinking moving on might be good---I don't want to stall out here. What do you guys think? I'm open to opinion, for sure.

Also, sorry so long on the reply.)

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Sat 15 Dec 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
In reply to MC (msg # 34):

Thanks for walking me through the mechanics a bit. That really helps. I had actually intended for the Leverage status to be a little open-ended: I figured that having literal physical leverage on this kid would also correspond to figurative social leverage. If it's okay, I'll keep it literal, since it'll come in handy here.

"Jesus, Dec, you're gonna -- stop squirming, you -- give us all a heart -- Is Louie -- no way, buster, you're staying right --"

Flicker struggles to hang on to the teenager as he tries to slip out from under the strap of her bag. She pulls it tighter, the edges of the strap digging slightly into the flesh of his neck. In response, he leans forward, lifting her off the ground and onto his back.

"Okay, enough," she says. Without looking, Flicker hooks her feet around one of the counter stools, using it to help her drag him backwards. She lands in a seated position on the stool, her legs tucked back slightly. The boy tries to take a step, barely able to croak out a desperate request.


And she does. Just as he pulls against her weight, she simultaneously releases her grip on the bag and kicks in her special gift to slow him down. As he begins to stagger forward, off-kilter from the sudden lack of resistance, Flicker slides off the stool and steps in front of him. She drops into something like a 3-point stance, allowing the boy's momentum to carry himself into and over her. As he slams face-first into the ground, Flicker quickly slides on top of him, pinning him down.

"We're gonna need some answers," she says, with a nod toward her associates.

I'll use this as my Go Toe to Toe move to keep him from leaving, using 4 tags (Super Speed, Act Just Before It Happens, Fashionable Carryall Bag, Perfect Spatial Sense) as well as the status of Leverage-1. I don't see where any weaknesses would apply, so I'll roll +5. Feel free to adjust my roll if you see something I don't! I rolled an 12, and I'll use that to "reach my goal" of keeping him here. Since I got a 10+, I believe I can also inflict a status with tier 4. How about "ready to spill secrets"? That would set up someone else for an easy interrogation. If anyone wants to take the lead on that, feel free!

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 Name: Saul Gallagher.
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Wed 19 Dec 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
(I'm gonna start using the first person to describe what Sal does now, since it'll be easier to write and to get into character with)

 "Right lads" I slurred as i shaked off the blood of the poor kid, "now we are just wonderin', us as in my great big friend and i, plus the girls" i continued, trying to keep it together, i really didn't want to look at Declan right now, he's way too much for my state right now "who the bloody hell you are working for, and, if i may add, why" but as i said that, an idea worked it's way through, something of a test of loyalty, and an information gathering tool all in one, "so let's try this" i added while trying to balance on a table, my eyes getting blurrier by the minute "you leave one of yourselves here with us, we get some time and ask you some questions, and all the rest of you's can bugger off to whatever place you need, i really don't wanna make a mess of this place" i give the grown man equivalent of puppy eyes to the youngsters so they realize the danger they are putting all the people here through with a public fight

(so i think my roll would be with the tags "truly wants to do good" and "charming" as a plus, and the "drugged and disoriented" one as a -1, i would like to use Declan's intimidation and Flickers help too, to try and get one of the punks to stay with us and snitch out some information on their workings from a more direct source, so the move would be Convince/Threaten

(I'm gonna roll it as if i only had my own bonuses, but if you feel like Declan or Flicker's moves help, you can add it to the result)
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Mon 24 Dec 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
As the black-clad teens quickly flood through the kitchen to the back exit of the diner, we hear pans crash to the floor. One of the fry-cooks shouts, "Hey you kids can't be back here!"
The metal door of the back slams after a parade of hurried footsteps. Declan looks down at the kid Flicker has pinned, maintaining as much of the physical illusion as possible. He growls, "Alright, kid. I know that my friends look real nice and they are really patient, but I'm not." Declan places his foot on the pinned teen's hand. He puts a little weight on the kid's fingers as he stoops down."Now, I have a few questions for you, and you better damn well answer them. Let's start with: What the hell was in those syringes you dosed our friends with? Next: tell me everything you know about this 'infection club'. Oh and don't you dare lie to me." Declans eyes flare an even brighter green, like copper burning in a fire.

Declan would like to InvestigateUsing the power tagsMysterious reality bending, authoritative, rugged, and Good judge of character.I rolled an 11.

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