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Mon 12 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
[[First one to want to can help us out by doing the first move. I realize it's early in the game to ask someone to improvise an intro. That said, it's a good chance to tell everyone else a little about your character and how they see things. Don't be shy!

I thought about doing it myself, but thought it'd be better coming from one of you.

It's called the:

At the beginning of every session, one player
goes into a monologue as his or her character,
relating the character’s thoughts and feelings
at this point in the story.

Every good noir story starts with a voiceover
monologue: we hear the voice of the lead character
sharing her thoughts with us, the audience, as a view
of the city and previously seen locations slide by
on the screen.

Every time you start a session of City of Mist, one
player takes the role of the voiceover monologue.
Throughout the series, make sure to cycle through all
the players so that all the characters get to talk. The
MC can also join the pool with a monologue by one of
the non-player characters central to the series. When
you finish your voiceover monologue, the MC takes
over and starts the first scene of the session.

Just to get your brains going, here are a few of my thoughts. It's /totally/ up to you.

- any noir-type intro stuff, like where the detective talks about how crappy people are and then the dame walks in the door.

- the nature of the city, busy, bustling... frenetic, obsessive---addictive and maybe addicted

- could be ruminations about the last case you worked (whatever you want it to be)

- could help define the nature of our crew (we won't be using the crew rules, at least to start, but it could help flesh out some dynamics)

- You guys are sitting wherever it is that you sit when you're hanging out---first to write it decides.
^^^^^^You'll see this somewhat frequently as it bogs down the story to have a whole lot of back-and-forth sometimes. We can always retcon if we need to and a lot of Play-by-Post is rolling with what others have decided.

It doesn't have to be long, but it can be. Go with what's interesting and fun for you!

Let me know if you have questions! Dive in! I'm excited! :) ]]


An woman comes stumbling through the door, drenched from the rocking storm, clutching some flaccid papers in her hand. You're surprised anyone would be out in this weather, but here she is. And without even an umbrella.

She's clearly distraught. Her eyes meet yours and lock on desperately. When you look at her you feel as if she's fallen into a pit and can't climb out.

'Hello', she says. 'My name is Allison, Allison Craig.' Allison looks like the proverbial soccer mom, dressed super casually. But, unlike the chronic exhaustion of the soccer mom, you see that her eyes are somewhat sunken in, she looks almost feverish.

'I haven't seen my daughter, Emily, in 2 days and I'm sure something has happened to her. It's not like her to run away, we weren't having any problems---I just don't underst---' she breaks down bawling. Snot and tears blend into a big mess on her lower face. One of you probably attempts to comfort her and hands her some tissues.

She gets herself---with difficulty---somewhat under control.

'She's goes to Shermer high---or did. The police won't do anything,' she glares at the papers as though they're responsible,'--they think she'll be back in a day or so'.

'She's been hanging out with some odd kids at the high school---dress in black, wear lots of eye makeup--don't seem very happy. I don't really know any of them. And then she's gone... just gone...' she cries for a few minutes.

'I think the kids were in some kind of club, although Emily didn't say anything to me. The other kids, her friends wouldn't talk to me. And Stacy, from down the street'---she says this like you should know her---clearly this woman has some issues---'left---just disappeared for like a week and came back... different. I don't want that to happen to my baby!'

She slumps down in the offered chair. You all glance around at one another. For a moment, you think Allison---that was her name, right?---has fallen asleep.

She starts upright, the sudden movement causing you all to flinch back.

She skewers you with her eyes.

'Can you help me? Please help me. I don't know who else to ask. And I've heard you help people---people who need it and can't get it. Please...."

What do you do? You can talk to this woman or just choose to go elsewhere and start investigating.

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Mon 12 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
I'm sat behind my desk in the local community center I'd set up in the Glades, going through the places accounts. It would probably look like a mess to most people, but compared to my families financials they were a walk in the park. I could probably get a high rise office in a more glamorous part the city, but I'd been there, done that, and it hadn't felt right for even a minute. I liked to be down here, in the trenches, as my mother liked to call it. My nose wrinkled as the term crossed my mind-I hated that phrase, it suggested that life down here was a war, and it very much wasn't. It was rough, it was hard, it was sometimes violent and sometimes bloody, but it wasn't a war. My hand fiddled idly with the silver Bracelet I wore on my wrist. God, I hope it isn't war.

The office has a window looking out into the neighborhood, and a long interior window that I could look out from. It also had a coffee maker, and some couches, currently in use by some of my friends. As we went about our business, I saw the woman approach, and I could tell right away this was going to be something out of the ordinary. And as I listened to her, boy was I proven right.

I did my best to console the woman, trying to calm her down, giving her a chair to sit on opposite my desk. "My dear, just take a breath. We'll help you." I say, knowing I'm probably speaking too soon with regards to the others, but I've never been able to turn away from a crying woman.
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Tue 13 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
[Thanks for breaking the ice, Sophia!]

Leigh Morley -- sometimes known to her friends as Flicker -- leans forward from her perch on one of Excalibur's plush couches as she rummages through the sleek black bag at her feet.

"I'm so sorry, Allison," she says. "Ah! Found one," she continues, handing the distraught woman a crumpled tissue from the depths of her carryall. A moment later, a laptop emerges as well. "This must be hell for you. We'll help you find Emily, I promise."

Opening the computer, she mumbles rapidly to herself. "Shermer High, okay, we can do that. Emily Craig, good start, names are good, and what did you say? I thought -- A club, hmmm, yeah, that'd be on the student activities list. If it's sanctioned. And....acting out...maybe disciplinary records, that'd...trickier..."

Her fingers begin to blur, ever so slightly, as Flicker's eyes dart across the screen, searching for a trail of data that might lead to Emily's whereabouts.

[My goal is to search Shermer High's public website and then, if that fails to provide enough data, try to hack into their system. In game terms, I think I"m going for an Investigate move using 2 power tags: Computers and Network Communications. I don't think Data Mining really applies here, though maybe my weakness tag Can Be Traced would come into play? With any Clues generated, I would want to ask "Who are Emily's new friends?" and "What was the nature of their club?" Hopefully I'm doing this all correctly?]
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Tue 13 Nov 2018
at 23:36
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
You're doing great!!! Perfect.

I'll answer tomorrow to wait for posts tonight.

Go ahead and roll 2d6+1, we'll apply the weakness
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Wed 14 Nov 2018
at 10:55
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
"Quite the dark, rainy day for a lady to enter the office, but work has been rather slow this past week, so asking questions is reserved for the problem at hand" I mutter quietly to Flicker, as we hear her testimony, Excalibur seems to be able to calm her down a bit, that's good, never been to good at the "people" part of finding people, but it seems its going to be an easy case this time. First thing is first though, the lady, Allison, should have some more information if i prod lightly, so i put my best understanding smile and friendly northern accent
"Lass, don't worry yourself so much, its probably just a rebellious phase, but even so, if you forgot to tell us anything at all, please, we need you to focus a bit and remember any details you can get"

[i am trying to get some more info about the school and the cliques Emily could be hanging around in, so we have some leads to follow, that would be investigate i think, so that, plus 2 power tags i think should help me on that, which would be charming and handsome, from heartthrob, i'm gonna roll it like that, but if you feel those shouldn't work, please discount it from the end roll]
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Wed 14 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
Declan stares out the window, watching the rain beat softly, but persistently on the glass. He could hear the wind whistle as it pushed against the pane. Idly thinking about the lives of the locals racing to their cars and homes, seeking shelter from the storm. He notices a woman dashing across the sidewalk without an umbrella. Beads of water streak down the glass as Declan grips his mug and takes a drink from it. Warm coffee seeps a little into his mustache as his lips pull away. He glances back at the window to see a single rain drop drifting upward against the current. He shudders and walks to the small kitchen adjacent to the office.

Grabbing a second mug, he begins steeping a tea bag just as he hears the sound of a door flinging open and frantic conversation. He delicately and deliberately strides toward the desk, setting the hot tea in front of Allison. “Here you are, Miss Craig. We know you must be worried sick, but like my colleague said we need as much information as you can provide”, he says patting Allison on the back.
[Declan would like to see if he can trigger any premonitions about her or the daughter. So I guess that’s a change the game? I’m using the tag Premonitions .]
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Wed 14 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
(Ack! None of the formatting from Google Docs copied over. <sigh> Should have known better. Ok.)

Let’s copy and paste the rolls from the dice roller, as per Flicker’s good suggestion.

In regard to formatting, how about italics for Out of Character (OOC) stuff and bold for tags and Moves?

To the game! :)

Flicker, your roll of 10 nets you clues equal to power (+1).

How weaknesses work:
Because I invoked your weakness, mark one Attention to that theme (Mad Hacker Skills). When you get 3 Attention, you get a new power/tag. You can invoke any of your weakness at any time to get a point of Attention. The idea behind it is that you learn from your weakness when it comes up. This is part of the Experience/Growth system of City of Mist.

Flicker, you think this will be a routine, easy hack. It’s a freakin’ high school, after all.

You’re shocked when a super-advanced, government quality presence starts trying to track you online. (You can describe this in hacker terms—-any of this—-I’m going to try to keep it to the facts and let you do the role-play if you want). You evade successfully—-but it was REALLY close. You’re sweating it a little.

What you discover with careful prodding, after you reverse-hack your attacker, is that someone has built a barrier around the high school’s data and has been manipulating it. It looks like it’s unknown to the school—-some kind of outside tampering.

You look at the data this outside entity manipulated. It’s all attendance records, mostly deleted absences. Reconstructing the data to its original form, you see that Emily, along with the following (partial) list of students were absent for a week of so. But it’s been changed—-it’s made to look like they weren’t absent at all. You find 23 student records like this.

[file excerpt: user/bin/data/truancy.db]


John Bender
Victor Chang
Veronica Chang
Emily Craig
Brian Johnson
Allison Reynolds

[end record]

When you cross-reference the names across the email server, you find the highest match yields the following communication:

[email start]
Mrs. Chapman,

Emily Craig, Brian Johnson, and John Bender were all found today skipping school at the Diner. Please process referrals for all three.

Thanks you,

Mr. Broling, Dean
[email end]

Salamander, so your roll of 7 on investigate gets you two answers for your 2 power, plus for each I can choose one of a few options to make them a partial success.

ALL: for Investigate, in your post ask the number of questions equal to the power of your roll. That way we can move forward. I think you all did this, but just want to make sure that with a Power 3 roll we’ve got three potential questions for me to answer. :)

Miss Craig stops crying as she gives you her attention. You can see her start and her pupils widen, her eyes taking you in. “Are you a movie star? I feel like I’ve seen you before.” She gives you a coquettish smile, and you see the beauty again emerge through the distress.

For everyone, make sure to narrate specifically how you use each of your tags. For example, Salamander, how do you use your HEARTTHROB tag? Do you put your hand on her arm? Do you sit across from her and stare into her eyes? Narrate all the tags you use. You can probably do this before or after the roll. Just make sure we can see what you do on screen that triggers your tag.

Then her pain returns, contorting her features and adding 10 years to her age.

‘Emily’s friends? I don’t really know. John and Vanessa, I think she mentioned. And I think she said she was part of some kind of Breakfast Club or something. She went to the Diner to hang out with them a few times.’

I chose to make this answer part true/part false. I won’t always tell you which option I choose from the Moves in the future probably, but we’re just getting started! :)

12:23, Today: MC, on behalf of Declan, rolled 8 using 2d6+1.  change the game w/ premonition.

That’s a hit, so you get 1 point of Juice. Juice can be used for A LOT of things. It gives you a little boost in flexible ways. You get some narrative control, like you can create something (or something can just exist) in a scene that I didn’t put there. You can affect people with a negative or positive modifier. Check out the moves sheet summary. You bank this point and can use it at any time.

The way I might interpret this via ‘premonition’ is:

You let go of the reality you so tenuously hold on to, merging with the ever-present dream, focused on finding something to bolster your efforts to assist this poor girl. As is often—-and frustratingly—-the case, you don’t see anything specific.

Your vision is hazy but you feel a power, a surge, a vitality that you know you can apply to this case—-that this energy wants to help and will be there when you need it.

If you had wanted clues or information that would have triggered and Investigate Move.


Love the write-ups, by the way. And feel free to pop in any rules questions or other things that are nagging you that you feel need to be clarified.

If you feel the story would benefit from more or less narration from me, you can let me know that too.

How do you want to handle group decisions? This can be a little difficult in play-by-post. You all post once with your suggestions and majority rules? We could have the last of the 3 of you to post decide, taking into account the others opinions. That might work pretty smoothly.

Let me know what you think. Moving forward!!!!

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Thu 15 Nov 2018
at 14:04
'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
The irises of Declan’s eyes become shrouded in a green mist for a few seconds. He holds his breath, drifting into ‘the dream’. “Something’s not right”, Declan thinks to himself. Suddenly, the shroud of faded green, becomes a midnight black. Declan awakes from his trance gasping for air and makes eye contact with Excalibur. “Those sharp eyes don’t miss much”, he chuckles to himself. Declan shakes his head and says in a frustrated tone, “ Couldn’t get anything, I’ll reach deeper if you give me a second to catch my breath.”

His glance slides over to his companion bathed in the blueish white light of the monitor. It’s always amazing watching a master of her craft at work. His face softens as he smiles and says, “ Flicker, I hope your efforts were more rewarding. Anything we can use?”

Thank you for letting me know. My goal was to get some clues. Sorry for invoking the wrong keyword. I’ll make sure to read more closely.
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Thu 15 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
In reply to Declan (msg # 8):

We can retcon just a little for clues instead.

Keep the Juice, because I want us to use it later.

So the Move would be Look Beyond the Mist. It's plays just like Investigate but uses your Mythos (how many Mythos themes you have instead of Power tags). The difference is in the narration. Exactly how you did with your description.

On an 8 for Investigate, you'll get one question to ask me. For this one, I'll use what you said about wanting info about her or her daughter. Again, with a 7-9 I get to do one of the following:

-Your investigation exposes you to danger.
-The Clues you get are fuzzy, incomplete, or part-true part-false
-Whoever or whatever you are asking the question(s) can ask you one question as
  well. You answer on the same terms.

I'm going to have her ask you a question.

In regard to premonitions about Miss Craig, all you get about mom is extreme anxiety and guilt.

In regard to her daughter, Emily: You see an image of Emily. A dark figure touches her and Emily shrinks in size and the dark being devours her. Emily lives, trapped, inside this creature.


Miss Craig: 'Mr. L'Estrange, what's happened to me---losing my child---not knowing if she's safe, not knowing where she might be or who with---it's the worst feeling I've ever had in my entire life.

Tell me, sir... what's your worst nightmare come true?'

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Thu 15 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
Thank you for bearing with me. I’ll keep my previous post canonical and play off it, because I like the interaction.
Declan looks to Allison, a bit taken aback by the question. “I...uh...” * Declan hears the sound of a boy gasping for air and screaming for his parents in the back of his mind * He turns to Salamander looking for an answer and smiles again. “ This guy, he’s my nightmare. I’m supposed to be the looker of the group and in comes this smoke show. Damn it, Sal, stealing my thund—“ Declan jolts back, eyes swirling in bright green mist as the vision comes to him.

You see an image of Emily. A dark figure touches her and Emily shrinks in size and the dark being devours her. Emily lives, trapped, inside this creature.

His eyes again meet Excalibur’s. “ Got a little bite that time. But first let’s hear what our lovely Flicker has first.”

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Fri 16 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
Leigh sits back, finally, pursing her plum-painted lips as she stares at her laptop screen. With a few keystrokes, she saves the evidence she's found, scattering a handful of backup copies in corners of the datasphere known only to her crew.

"Uhhhh.....nothing much here," she says, glancing briefly at Allison before settling her eyes on Declan. "I found some names, kids Emily's been spending time with at school. We should go talk to -- wait, did you say the Diner? Oh, that's perfect, really, we should start there. Like, now. Right now. I'm ready. Is everyone ready? Who's driving?"

In a split second, Flicker's laptop disappears into her bag, replaced by her cellphone.

"Allison, what's your contact info? We'll follow up if -- once we find Emily."
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Fri 16 Nov 2018
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'V' is for 'Going Viral' - Intro
After you confirm, Declan and Salamander (my bad!), you guys can head to the Diner. Or someone can present an alternate plan.

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