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Rules/House Rules
1: Don't be an ass. This really should go without saying, but I have played with some unique people on this site. Simply put; don't be rude. Also, if something offends you, politely message the person who did so. Don't cause a big stink in the OOC about it.

2: If your character does not know something, you cannot act like they do. Meta-gaming breaks the immersion for many players. Planning your actions in an OOC thread is perfectly fine, but mentioning the maximum damage the enemy can do and planning around it, is not. If your character does not know something, and you want them to, make a roll as per House Rule #1.

3: Always speak in a color. It's pretty annoying to read your post, when there is no distinction between when your character is speaking and when they are not. Your dialogue should be in a color, but actions should not. If your character is thinking something, but not doing it, use italics.

4: Keep OOC to it's own thread. Don't ask someone in the middle of a fight with Orcs if they enjoy WH40K. If you need to ask a rules question, and want to do it in the IC thread, type it in orange. All rolls should also be in orange.

5: I don't expect you to have flawless grammar and spelling, but please try. RPoL has a spell-checker built in, and it takes hardly any time. It just saves us all the annoyance of seeing 'comon words speld rong'.

6: Please don't make one-liner posts constantly. Conversely, don't type a novel for each post. Try to find a happy medium. The occasional one-liner or novel when it makes sense is fine. Just don't do it constantly.

7: If you're going to leave the game, please let me know. It's much more polite to me and the other players. Your group could wind up waiting for you otherwise. I'm not gonna be mad if you have to leave the game for personal reasons, or just simply don't have the time.

8: The GM's word is law. If I have made a decision regarding the rules, then you may suggest changes or question it. However, it is not to be argued against. I only change rules when required. This isn't to say that I discourage discussion about the rules. Discussion is good. Just don't throw a fit because you don't like a rule.
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House Rules
This is where all the quirks of my style of GMing will go. Just in case they are needed. These rules are more to do with the rules of 5e, rather than my rules in regards to this game. If that makes any sense.

1: This game will be using the following Gestalt rules, created by Rosslington:

2: Your passive Perception will always be used whenever you enter an area (or something changes), to see if you notice anything interesting. You can roll Perception at any time to see if your natural ability missed anything. You may also roll any knowledge skill at any time (Nature, History, Religion, Arcana) to see what you know about something.

3: Your Initiative in combat does not affect posting order. It just affects the order actions are resolved. This is to keep the game moving in combat, as many games like to slow down and die at that point.

4: Please post your actions, and make your rolls, when you roll your initiative. This helps resolve combat way faster. If you are going to use your Reaction for the round (or expect you might need to), please state so in advance. If you would like your attack to target a specific enemy (bandit #1 instead of #2, for example), please state as such. Otherwise, I will direct your attack to the nearest available target with the lowest life.

5: To retrieve spent arrows, you roll Perception. The DC is 15. If you pass, you get half of your spent arrows back. Failure means you get nothing. You can only retrieve arrows that missed their target. Arrows that hit are deemed unusable due to damage. Round the roll up, if needed (1.5 arrows is impossible, so it would be 2 arrows retrieved).

6: Darts are considered to also have the 'Light' weapon trait.

7: If you are hidden during combat, and make an attack, Perception checks made to find you will have advantage. This applies for monsters, as well. Making a Perception check to find a hidden creature in combat is considered a free action.

8: If you are a Wild Magic sorcerer, you roll to see if you experience a Surge after every sorcerer spell cast. If your roll is equal to or less than half the level of the sorcerer spell (rounded up), you Surge (IE: a level two spell requires a roll of 1 to Surge. A level four spell requires a roll of 2 or lower to Surge).

9: Ceilings are always 10' tall unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Change Log
If I change anything in the rules, what was changed will be listed here for ease of viewing.

11/11/18: Change log created.