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Wed 14 Nov 2018
at 21:53
This is a pathfinder game, but I don't want a character sheet yet. The way I look at it, I'm admitting players, not characters to the game. We can do characters later once I have 4-6 good players.

I've sent invites to this game mostly from players I've played with in other games. So don't worry, if you've been invited you're in! But indulge me and tell me a little about yourself!

What makes you want to join a game here at rpol?
What do you want to get out of this one?
What kind of character do you enjoy playing?
What is your experience with rpol? Online roleplaying games? pathfinder? Have you played or GMed Curse of the crimson Throne before? (This isn't disqualifying one way or the other, I just want to have an idea)

On the character side, what I want for now is (stealing some of this from Fate system):

1) A name for your character
2) a concept: A sentence or two describing the core concept of your character
3) a 'trouble': A sentence or two describing a major complication in your life
4) What roles do you like playing in a party? Melee? Ranged? Skills? Face/Diplomacy? healing? combat control? Pick 2-3, this isn't an exhaustive list.
4b) What roles do you generally hate playing in a party?
5) A short (1-3 paragraph) character sketch describing appearance, personality, and etc.

We can do the rest in public, hope that's ok with everyone!