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The Game Master
Tue 20 Nov 2018
at 00:57
There Are Multiple Mechanics

The More Bad Things You Do The More Infamy You Gain Which Includes Being Framed For Bad Things
The More Infamy You Have The Higher Prices Go Up For You And The More People Hate You

The More Good Things You Do The More Honor You Gain
The More Honor You Have Gives Better Discounts And People Will Begin To Love You More

Basically The Scale Of Honor + Rep And Infamy Negative Rep

Your Life Force

Your Magical Power

Your Power Level

The Higher You Honor/Infamy And Exp The Higher Your Rank Will Grow

Power Seals On Gods Takes Away 500,000,000,000 Exp Which Is Enough To Send The Mightiest Of Gods To Sage Level

Your Current Ranks Are Around Skilled And Master