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The Rules of Remaking
What was once a single pane of glass has fractured, shattered, all that remains are the shards that were once Existence. From these sharp splinters a new reality will have to be built. You were a god. You are a god? In previous days you had powers of creation at your finger tips, mountains would bow, forests would step aside and seas of devout souls carried your name on their lips. But now all that's gone, swept away in the cataclysmic destruction that was the End. You survived, but just that. The many trappings of divinity have been peeled away, necessary sacrifices for self-preservation. Now you are left alive and you are left with an uncomfortable new question that demands to be answered. What is it to be a god?

This question will burn at the heart of everything that is to come.

GM Note: Game Philosophy - This game is built on the premise of 'Yes.' I want to encourage players to be independent and creative. I want them to succeed and have fun. It means I'll often say 'Yes'... and then throw unexpected complications at you. There will also be failure, with your character having three lives to spare you will be battered, bruised and sometimes even killed, but combat isn't the core of this game. Patchwork Kingdoms is built upon the foundation of forging your characters story, a story full of heroism, exploration, hard choices, and the occasional failure.

Progression Based Freeform

There will be no dice rolling in Patchwork Kingdoms. There will be skills, advancement and measurable progress. How do these two concepts go together? Simply! You will have a character sheet and itíll have numbers, but these numbers are really only an abstract representation of your mastery. Success and failure will be determined by the GM based upon the narrative and situation, not dice. Your progression will not just be measured based upon your characters growth. It will also be in the allies you gather, secrets you uncover (Or create!) and things you add to your realm.

Who are you?

A god of war, or water, of hope or broken glass, you were once a god. Now you are... well, that is the question that must be answered in the days to come. When the power to remake the world has been cast about like seeds on the wind and ripe for the taking by anyone, does that make anyone with power a god? Is it your legacy, are you a god simply because you once were? Are you a god because you're more powerful than others? These are questions your god will encounter and the answers they come up with will be tested. There are no easy answers in this new world of broken and remade things.

For now you can call yourself Divine, at least till you better find your answers.

(See Character Creation for the gritty details)

Aspects of Existence

One of, if the not the greatest, responsibilities of the Divine is reclaiming Aspects. These are noteworthy shards of existence that lie strewn across the roiling Void like debris after an hurricane. Aspects come in nearly every form, historic buildings and mythological monsters to strange science or magical relics. The Divine have the ability to claim these surviving Aspects thus ensuring their continued existence. Those not selected may survive a while longer based upon the weight of their presence, but anything unclaimed by the Divine will eventually be destroyed, it's only a matter of time.

This would be a simple enough matter if everything could be claimed, but the Divine only ever have the energy to take up one Aspect at a time. Choosing one means not choosing another. Weigh your options well.

Realm bonus Aspects are only able to be activated from ones home realm. This mean a trip home is required.
Note: People who provide realm bonuses through their presence are not to be removed from your realm for the sanity of your GM.

Artifacts, items and new powers and abilities can be used immediately upon being claimed unless noted otherwise.

Barter Aspects: These are Aspects that are only able to be given or traded away, not used by the one who personally finds them. Use them as currency if you see another player obtain an Aspect you'd be interested in!


When Reality collapsed in on itself it did strange things to physics. Time does not progress uniformly, it might be quicker in one place than another. There's also the curious matter that as a Divine, you have the ability to be in two places at once. Not everywhere, but in certain places or situations. These places are broken down, thus:

Due to the Divine's unique nature  they can move through worlds and realms unhindered and reside in multiple places at multiple times.
RP Realms:  A Divine may have one manifestation of themselves in an RP realm at a time.
RP Public:  RP public realms are different, a Divine may be in any amount of RP publics as he wants. RP public realms generally will not offer much in the way of Aspects.
RP Secret:  Much like RP realms, the Divine may have himself in this realm once per realm  and must be invited by the GM.

Realms can also be stable or unstable. While everything will eventually be destroyed, the process does not occur evenly, some fragments of previous realities have a more solid foundation which will take longer to erode away.

Stable: This Realm will likely last for months, years or even decades more. There is little urgency when visiting such realms, it also means they are safe locations for mining up Aspects, though these Aspects tend to be less exciting than their unstable realm counterparts.

Unstable: On the verge of collapse, these Realms only have days, or hours, left to exist. A Divine had best exhibit some sense of urgency when visiting an unstable realm and they should be discerning when choosing an Aspect to harvest, you'll likely not have another opportunity.

Note: You can learn any information that is visible in public threads, but it will take some in-character effort!

Mundane Goods: Objects taken outside their Realm of origin begin to suffer atrophy. They may last a few days, but they'll grow steadily less reliable. The exception to this are Aspects of tools or objects, which will persevere.


Your Divine will start as a shadow of their former glory, but overtime they'll regain something of themselves... or someone else's self. This progression is measured in Inspirations, when enough renewal has occurred the Divine is able to regain some of their former power and their count returns to zero. Note that everything below are just ideas, the Divine can, and are encouraged to, come up with their own Inspirations. Consider these simply suggestions.

Each week a Divine gains a percentage of advancement towards their Inspiration. Each Inspiration is complete when it reaches 100%.

Note: Inspiration advancement can also be obtained by engaging actively in the studies or practice. (IE, devote posts with a meaningful amount of flavor towards the activity) This will work until it doesn't. Even the Divine need breaks.

Remembered Power: A Divine augments one of their existing powers giving it increased utility or potency.
Realm Attunement: A Divine may align themselves with a Realm gaining greater understanding of its processes and secrets.
Mastery of Mind: A Divine studies and perfects their knowledge, increasing their skill in a mundane task or ability.
Master of Self: A Divine devotes time to improving upon themselves. Can raise a stat up to rank 4 this way.
Renewed Devotion: A Divine puts themselves to the task of forming a new base of worshippers.
Peerless Craftsmanship: A Divine works on creating something. (Requires a relevant crafting Skill) Anything fashioned by the hands of the Divine will be considered an Artifact.

Note: Based upon the scope of the Inspiration it may require up to 3 full Inspirations to complete. Some Inspirations may also require adventures to secure the final bit of knowledge, power, or material needed to complete the undertaking. Even the most ambitious of Inspirations will never require more than 3 undertakings.

Study and Skills

Alongside Inspiration, gods will gain 10% towards advancing a skill each week. These are the Divine's ability to play chess, to wield a sword, their knowledge of crafting or agriculture. A skill is generally anything that can be learned of taught. These skills can be advanced by taking time for a god to engage in them and practice them.

What's the Difference Between an Inspiration Project and a Skill?

An Inspiration project creates something new from nothing. A skill advances something that already exists or if the Divine doesn't already possess that skill they must learn it in a suitable environment (IE from a trainer, in a fully equipped lab or arcane study, on a boat.)

Place of Power

While many Inspirations require nothing more than the attention and will of the Divine, the greatest undertakings and most far reaching require a Place of Power. These centers of power allow a cohesion or possibility that is impossible elsewhere. As such, they are highly coveted, their locations are often dear secrets or carefully guarded by trap or champions. Places of Power are a finite resource, once they have been utilized to their full extent they become inert and a new precious node must be found.


Even those who have survived the End may meet their demise in the tumultuous and dangerous days that will follow. Thankfully, death is not the end. At least not the first time. Just as the basic laws of physics have been disrupted following the cataclysm, so have the rules of mortality, at least as far as the Divine are concerned. You will have to meet your end three times before the fourth death is final.

You shall visit Hell, Heaven, and the Beyond, each a false echo of eternity. Then, on your final death, you shall experience the True End. What lies there only the departed can say.

Upon returning from each brush with death, your Divine will return with something new they have brought back from their journeys into the afterlife, potent powers, relics or allies, so death is not entirely to be abhorred.


Raw reality, unadulterated power, wild magic. Essence has had many names across different civilizations. It is the stuff of pure creation. While rare, a Divine who does come to obtain Essence finds many restrictions fall away. Essence could be spent to open permanent portals, fashion powerful entities on the scale of myths, tip the scales of an entire realm from stable to unstable or back again. The options are nearly limitless.


Objects: With infinite creation lying in ruins around you, there are a great many unique things simply waiting to be taken. What differentiates a mere Object from an Artifact is their potencyand reliability. The GM may simply say they don't work in a given situation whereas Artifact will always function assuming they're in a properly attuned area. Potential objects can only be made while one is in their home Realm.

Artifacts: These are more than just the wood, metal and glass that make up the object, an Artifact is an idea given form. Difficult to destroy, they are durable means or power and more reliable than mere goods and often will work across multiple worlds. (Though if an Artifact is attuned to a particular set of physics it will suffer reduced efficiency in other settings. A Tech inspired Artifact will be less potent in a fantasy world.)


Over your travels across the multiverse, you'll come across a great many wondrous treasures and baubles that had been lost during the cataclysm. Some of these will be tangible, blazing swords and golden crowns. Some will be more philosophical in nature, deepened sorrow, imprinted knowledge, affinity for magic. All of these things, both tangible and intangible, can be traded, bought and bartered whether from your fellow Divine or from other interested parties across the multiverse who have survived. Until something has been consumed or a power spent, it is possible to exchange.

All the more reason to have friends out there, you never know when you might need to borrow some determination or a helping hand to thwart a particularly challenging corner of the Cosmos!


Violence will not be uncommon in the wild days to come. All the Divine will have a base of 10 hit points. When these drop to zero the Divine is incapacitated and at the mercy of their foe. There are then two options available for the victorious entity, they can slay the Divine, or steal two of their Aspects and deal a lasting injury to the Divine.

The cosmos doesn't want to lose what little hope it has left however and thus it actively bars the Divine from doing harm to one another. In order to harm another Divine an indirect means would have to be employed or ways to circumnavigate the rules of the cosmos will have to be found.

Healing: You will recover 2 hit points each week when Inspiration is distributed. This means you may need to be careful after a taxing battle!

Updating Combat: If there are three or more players in a thread where action is taking place, I'll update the thread once two thirds of the players involved have posted. Due to the nature of play-by-post, I'd rather keep the momentum up.

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