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Those Who Linger: Character Creation
Reality has splintered, most beings that called your universe home have been swallowed up by the roiling chaos. Dead? Maybe. Lost. Certainly. You are one of the few who have survived this cataclysm and, more importantly, one of the few who have the capability to bring the cosmos back into some semblance of order, to fuse together the pieces and make something new, perhaps even some beautiful, in the way a mosaic full of broken pieces holds beauty.

You were a god, that is not a question, the only thing to determine is, what were you of a god of?

So who can I be, really?

A god of internet viruses
A god of napping
A god of ice
A god of deliveries
A god of pistol duels

Every nuance of reality has the potential to be divinely represented. That leaves a lot of possibility! The main thing is you make a compelling character, someone with views, opinions and room for character growth.


Characters will start with a 1 in all stats. You might have survived the End of All Things, but you didn't escape unscathed. You'll gradually regain your strength. For some measure of reference as to what each point roughly translates to:

1: Weak, enfeebled.
2: Utterly human. How embarrassing.
3: Impressive by human standards
4: Touch of the divine, capable of feats that astound humans.

*Special rule for 5 and higher
5: Your abilities clearly go beyond human limitations.
6: Able to walk for weeks without tiring, carry a dozen men, race the wind on even terms.
7: Only a step removed from true power, only god-like beings surpass you in this trait.
8: You are Divinity restored. Able to push mountains, drink rivers, wind is no longer a race challenger, replaced by light, capable of calculating the infinite variables of the world around you.

*Note: Once you've hit rank 4 in a stat, to progress further you'll have to find more specialized Aspects that specifically allow one to proceed higher than 4.

Stats may be spent on the following attributes

Might: How strong your character is.
Finesse: Determines things like dexterity, hand eye coordination, and the like.
Endurance: How tough your character is, how good he is at taking hits.
Acumen: How smart your character is, this governs things like perception and intelligence.
Arcanus: This is the force of your character's mind, how powerful their magics are.
Will: This is how strong your character is against magical and supernatural attacks.


All skills advanced in the game through use and practice. When you apply your skills to relevant, challenging tasks, engage in study or training, you'll advance a %, amount based upon GM fiat of the situation. Once you hit 100% with a skill, you'll move to the next skill ranking, from 0 to 1, 1 to 2, etc.

All skills range from 1 to 5. Your number in a skill only gives you a rough measure of how your character stacks up to another character, the GM may tell you if you're not skilled enough to accomplish something, though generally you'll be able to do it, you just won't look good!

Rank 5 of any skill can only be attained through a special quest.

Supernatural Skills

These must be obtained before they can advanced. The exception to this is your Trademark Skill. (See Below)

Trademark Skill

These are your 'schtick' they're the whip for Indiana Jones, James Bond's debonair, the Ghostrider's contract with the Devil, Teddy's Roosevelt's 'Big stick'. Your trademark skill is the one that really gives your character their area to shine. What can these includes?

Shapeshifting into animals
Crime Scene Investigation
Speaks to Trees
Alchemist who specializes in combustible materials

Trademark Abilities are your most powerful tools, they define what your character is capable of doing. Rarely will you be overcome at your Trademark and even then it's only because the situation was stacked against you, not due to any failing of your own.

The more specific the trademark the better! “Pistoleer with a six shooter” is better than “shoots guns” and “Poisoner with a penchant for needles” is better than a generic “assassin”

Note: Trademarks can only be enhanced by the rare Trademark Enhancement Aspect rewards.