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Sat 8 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Chapel Hollow - Stable
Once a place of worship, this sacred building had been humble. Only made up of a few rooms which included the vestibule for receiving its flock, the temple for holding its ceremonies and the sanctuary for quiet confession and ceremony. It was a simple building, one flexible in what faith it might represent. It's form and function were repeated across hundreds of worlds. Though some of the details varied across these many worlds, from architectural quirks to the deities themselves that were worshipped, it was essentially a single building echoed countless times. Perhaps that's why when the End came all these echoes had come crashing together.

The many iterations of this chapel had folded upon one another, they'd crashed together in places, melded in others. What was left in the end was something far greater than any of the individual places. Cavernous where once it was humble, sprawling where once it was quaint. The vestibule was now a long series of doors each of different styles and levels of care. The temple beyond that was now a grand theater of pews which encircled an altar at its center where carven angels still overlooked. All the walls of the temple were made up of stained glass in dozens of different style and motif. Behind the temple the sanctuary was transformed into a rats nest of crisscrossing hallways and small chambers all connected by slanting stairs and narrow halls in which one could easily lose themselves.

Painted across the stained glass of one wall was bold black graffiti. "No gods here"

Realm Characteristics
Stable - The Chapel Hollow will remain whole barring outside influence
Balanced - Both magic and science function with equal potency here.
Hidden Corners - The realm is deceptively complex for navigating (Specifically the sanctuary)

The Main Gate - Sealed with a glowing rune and divine lock. This is the only way in and out.
Keyholders: Abethur, Neru, Nox
The Oak Archway - A A sprawl of roots and branches now clung to one wall of the temple and formed an archway, within its boughs that arch rippled like water. (Leads to the Reforged Realm)

Inhabitants of the Realm

Vestibule - Dozens of reception halls meshed together, now a great chamber of doorways
Temple - The central chamber, its filled with pews, the walls are lined with stained glass and an altar sits at the center
      The Altar - The Altar of the Chapel Hollow is a Place of Power. The Altar seems to be particularly stable, it will allow up to 2 Inspirations to be conducted before it's depleted.
Sanctuary - A series of corridors and rooms at the back of and below the Chapel.

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Sat 8 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Chapel Hollow - Stable
The silence of the Chapel is broken as someone pushed open one of the doors of a confessional booth and stepped through. A pale man with black hair that had a soft sparkle to it, his face was striking. There was another noise as well, a small bod with a baseball cap, a torn shirt and dirty face crawled out from under one of the pews. Then another sound, a door banged open at the vestibule at the front of the chapel and someone staggered through, an almost naked man save for a white cloth wrapped around him, he was limping, one arm was bleeding and the other dangled limply at his side.

Then the silence returned as the three strangers regarded one another and their expected locale.
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Sat 8 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Chapel Hollow - Stable
The darkly beautiful man with the sparkling dark hair stepped into the chapel proper from the booth. He looked around - his deep, dark, piercing eyes taking in every detail.

"Hmmmm…well I'll be." he said, his voice echoing faintly from the acoustics of the place. He was surprised for a moment - the place was unnatural. A weird combination of different versions of the same idea of a chapel. And the acoustics were more dramatic as a result it seemed. Truly a chapel at its core.

He adjusted his voice a bit, so that it was more appropriate for in-doors. His voice was dark wine colored velvet and evening mist. He regarded the other emerging gods with mild interest and mild disdain. He didn't react at all to Abethur's injuries - they neither pleased him nor upset him. He was utterly neutral about the whole thing.

"Hmmmm...a lost child, a man without any fashion sense, and well...me. What's left of me anyway. How intriguing. No..." he said as he stared piercingly at both the child and the near-naked and bleeding man.

"Oh no...you're no child or fashionless mortal, are you? No...no you're not. Interesting. So others had survived after all. Well I suppose you two are a better sight for sore eyes than a giant black snake with no social skills and a 1-dimensional personality." he said, followed by a short chuckle.

"So what ARE you two doing in a place like this, if I may be so bold ask to ask?"
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Sat 8 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Chapel Hollow - Stable
Neru briefly dusted himself off, taking a look around the place. For an average child, the place would seem rather dull at first glance, but to an expert like Neru there was a lot of potential for a game of hide and seek within the long complex architecture of the Chapel.

He had taken not two steps into the place where he was adressed by a gloomy adult man.

"6 times. You have said the word 'no' six times, and not once said 'yes'. Typical adult, always so negative"

As he casually started picking his nose, trying to fish for a stubborn booger that was annoying him, Neru answered Nox.

"I also was chased by a black snake. And I think you are overestimating it if you think it had any personality at all. Unless we are talking about a different snake. Did yours have big yellow eyes and could not speak with their own words?"

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