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Sun 23 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Littleton - Unstable
Little midwestern anywhere. It was hard to say if Littleton was a real place or if it brought to life through the collective unconscious. One could only hope it was the latter because Littleton seemed to be the small town where horror lived. It's quiet happy streets, friendly and hospital locals might have seemed to be the picture of a quiet small town, but then the nights rolled around. During those dark hours evil walked the streets and blood flowed. The whole town would have dead a dozen times over, and had been, save for the fact Littleton seemed to be trapped in a loop. Here time circled back on itself, those that were dead were alive once more and their memories of the previous horror drained out of them only for it all to happen again.

So visit Littleton during those daylight hours and enjoy the milkshakes and soft drinks, but watch that setting sun because when dusk falls no one is safe and unlike the locals, visitors won't be coming back to life if they meet a grisly end. But dangers also meant opportunity, there were powers to be obtained if one could pry them from the taloned fingers and claws of the monsters that lurked here.

Realm Characteristics
Unstable - Littleton is more idea than place, it will crumble away sooner rather than later
Duality - Safe and hospitable in the day, dangerous during the night
Looping Time - Littleton constantly resets, dead residents returning to life a variable number of days later
Fugue - The residents remain blissfully unaware, of both the End and their own horrific home and won't be convinced otherwise. The exception is that children can recall some of the time loops

Realm Features
Town Hall - Down the street from Frank's Diner, the center of town and store of local records
Sewer Entrance - Leads to the underbelly of Littleton
The Witching House - A sinister Victorian style home, abandoned and overgrown, it's now a malevolent sore.

Known Entries
Frank's Diner - Leads to the Cosmic Wastes

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Mon 24 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Littleton - Unstable
After Nox took the fading souls that were swirling near the Shrine of Candles for himself rather then consigning them to the void, he decided to go look for Abethur and Neru. He was good at finding things that weren't apparent, and figured out where they were in no time and bid them have a discussion with him outside the diner. (OOC: I'm just taking license here to get us all together per our ooc char guys)

Nox shared with the others what he discovered about this place, and let them share their experiences in turn.

"So this place definitely is a 2-sided coin that's for sure, with some rather interesting places despite it looking outwardly boring. Of them, I saw an old derelict house that - to my eyes - hid far more secrets than was immediately apparent." he said.

"Like the house and the tree trunks of the property were etched with spell runes. And I'm not talking white magic here guys." he continued.

"I'd like to check it out, and see what secrets it holds. And I'm hoping you two would come with me." he added.

OOC: Nox attempts to initiate a new group adventure. Talon if Neru and Abby are on board, the party will go explore the witching House.