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Thu 27 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Heaven - Stable
Less a place and more an idea given form, these sublime fields of succor and rest were the compilation of a million worlds and what they imagined divine reward looked like. Back in the day the gods had their own slices of eternal pleasure they commanded, those looked as they saw fit, this was something grander than that. It's basic appearance changed based upon who looked at it, for some it was peaceful clouds and golden sunsets, for others it was battlefields of glory. While the names changed, the concept was the same. It was heaven.

But this was not the true end, only an idea that had been shaped by consciousness over millennia. Still, it was a pleasant notion and a comfortable place to linger for a time.
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Thu 27 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Heaven - Stable
Series woke from a memory of needle-like teeth and a crushing sense of mortality. She was dead, but not dead, or not dead entirely. She awoke somewhere new, but she would not linger long here.

Describe what Heaven looks like for Series

And there was potent power to be had here.

Aspects Available

Iron Stomach: Seris was God of Devouring, that typically meant bone, meat and gristle, but devouring was an idea, not just an action. Mountains could be devoured by rain, valleys devoured by water and turned into canyons. The act of devouring was so much more than mere flesh and blood (Though that was some of the tastiest) Seris could regain that greater scope of devouring.
Trademark Enhancement: Eat Anything - Enhances Devious Devouring to allow Seris to eat anything and draw a benefit from it for a short time. (Eating metal may make her heavier or skin tougher, eating a calculator might allow her to do calculations rapidly, etc)

Renewed: Here Seris could also feel a wellspring of health and vitality. Her body ached for it, thirsted for it like one in the desert thirsted for water. Here Seris could drink deeply and regain much of her lost strength.
Stats: Set all stats to 4 (Gain +15% Inspiration for any stats you had already claimed)

Digesting the Subject Matter: Then there was also knowledge to be had through consumption, a knowing of a thing as it was broken down to its basest components. Seris could learn from her feasting. If the subject was a rare enough delicacy.
Trademark Enhancement: +10% Inspiration can be gained from devouring a worthwhile meal.
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
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RP Realm: Heaven - Stable
Seris felt itchy, and wrong. It seemed she was ate. An unusual thing for her. She risked it and paid the price. However she was inbetween death and not. She definitely died. Now she stood in the afterlife. Seris could tell because when she looked it was perfect.

Around her was similar to her home. It was dark yet almost dim in light. The sun was in permanent eclipse as it went through the sky. The ground was filled with tall grassy plains and large hanging trees with only some light breaking through the canopy.

The world was vast and full of prey big and small. It and it's contents were beings to devour. Most were big, others small. It was a land that embodied her domain. Much like the aspects and powers it offered her. A world where nature and being devoured each other slow or quick.

Walking forward through it, Seris almost drooled as a ganged smile broke across her face. It was almost a look of complete titillation. Her feline tail wagged, her ears were perked. Claws drawn and ready to chase the nearest prey and take part of the cycle.

However, this heaven was almost a fleeting dream. She could not stay here. The options it gave her before her departure were all wonderful. However she could only grasp one on her departure.

Her demonic iris turned into slits against her hollow black sclera. Seris grasped onto a glimpse at her restored strength. Drinking in her hold strength, restoring part of her as she drank in her some of her old power. Renewed claimed. Seris wanted revenge and power. This was the closest to her old natural state as she could get.

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Sun 1 Mar 2020
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RP Realm: Heaven - Stable
Drawing on the energies around her, Seris felt renewed, like the ghost she had been was banished and something tangible was left in its place. Then the woods and game animals around her faded. She was not yet shuffled off that mortal coil and she felt it pulling her back.

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