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Wed 11 Mar 2020
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RP Realm: The Reforged Realm (Patch People)
Beside a still lake sits a curious collection of a tribe. Utterly unique to one another, this newborn race's form was as much a testament to where they had been as where they were from. Composed of a mish mash of parts, this new people was examining their new world with a contemplative gaze as though they were looking into the underpinnings of a thing as much as the thing itself. Then they would sigh, decide may they weren't quite right and start considering all over again. Even so, they are a newborn race like all the others, they're beholding the world for the first time. As a blank slate they are open for molding and guiding, and that is just what their god is about to arrive to do.

OOC: Feel free to write your gods arrival to their new people! In your post you'll want to include at least two things. The first, letting the race know how they should regard you. The second, giving them guidance to how they should approach this strange new world they've found themselves in.