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The All Spark
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Wed 9 Jan 2019
at 13:54
Opening Scene - Effluvium
"I want to thank you again Myron," Glenn says to the older human male, "I've heard that this club has quite the waiting list."

"Not a problem Glenn," Myron says as he sets his bags into the back of a slightly run down golf cart. "You've earned it." The pair drive around the area stopping from time to time to hit a small ball towards, and eventually into, a hole. They go back and forth speaking of something that completely goes over Effluvium's processors. Humans' lives can be so confusing at times.

Just then, the Junkion's internal communications lights up with a destress call coming from somewhere nearby.
 Autobot Junkion, 3 posts
Wed 9 Jan 2019
at 21:40
Opening Scene - Effluvium
Effluvium realigned his internal antenna, trying to establish a better connection to whomever was sending the distress call.  He kept a close eye on the humans, not that they had the ability to listen or respond to such high frequencies.  Fortunately they were just starting the back nine, close to the clubhouse and parked near a climb of trees.

"You... have reached... 911."  He replied in William Shatner's voice over the radio.  "Please state... the nature... of your emergency."

He quietly ejected the two men's clubs as they were setting up their shots at the tee.  Quietly he engaged the electric motor and slipped into the treeline.  Hopefully the humans would just think someone stole their cart.

He attempted to triangulate the signal, heading for the poor Autobot who sent it, assuming it was one.

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The All Spark
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Thu 10 Jan 2019
at 01:27
Opening Scene - Effluvium
"Hey Myron," Glenn said as he watches the golf cart roll away, "did you forget to set the brake or something?"

Myron looks up confused, "Maybe it's automated. They're automating everything these days it seems. I'm going to have to get my rental fee back."

"Who is this? Transmit your authentication code," a gruff voice says over the line.
 Autobot Junkion, 4 posts
Thu 10 Jan 2019
at 05:29
Opening Scene - Effluvium
Unfortunately Effluvium was unable to completely escape notice as he withdrew, but at least they seemed clueless that they'd encountered an Autobot.  He turned his attention back to the distress call and the being on the other end.

"Autobot Effluvium, Medic." He said normally, travelling in the general direction of the call in cart form.  "Need the 411 on the 911, responding to distress call."
The All Spark
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Thu 10 Jan 2019
at 23:44
Opening Scene - Effluvium
A nano second pause as the voice at the other end must be accessing Effluvium's file and verifying his code. Humans would never notice the pause, but robotic life that lives in those nano seconds easily do. "We have wounded," the voice says, "from a recent attack and need assistance. Be aware that Laserbeak is in the area, and where Laserbeak is, Soundwave can't be far behind."

"Can you get to these coordinates?" A data dump showing a location about a mile or so away. "We're pinned down with civilians in the area. We can't carry the wounded Bot out without putting them in danger."
The All Spark
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Sun 13 Jan 2019
at 19:15
Opening Scene - Effluvium
 Autobot Junkion, 6 posts
Mon 14 Jan 2019
at 05:23
Opening Scene - Effluvium
"ETA five minutes." He replied, his voice staying flat with effort as he planned a route to their location.  "Will proceed with caution."

He moved as quickly as he could, dashing over any street or flat that was smoother than offroad terrain.  He stayed in cart mode, maintaining radio silence.  "Eject, eject." he kept whispering to himself as he stressed his processor, accessing its original programming as opposed to his own lifeforce's vocation.  He scanned for incoming or hidden robots or other anomolies.

00:11, Today: Effluvium rolled 4 using 1d10 with rolls of 4.  Surveillance (target 5).
The All Spark
 GM, 71 posts
Thu 17 Jan 2019
at 00:33
Opening Scene - Effluvium
Being an actual golf cart makes movement slow, but thankfully the location seems to be in the grounds themselves. In fact it was behind the maintenance shed that Effluvium had been taken a could of times for "repairs", so he knew it well.

He sensors reach out for any hints at here a Con might be, but nothing shows itself. Coming into the maintenance area, the Junkion notices two Autobots helping a third as he leaks fluid down a fairly large hole in it's hood. They look over worriedly, before realizing who it is. "Come quick," the voice of one of them says that is recognizable as the one that had called for help, "I can't stop the leaking."
 Autobot Junkion, 9 posts
Fri 18 Jan 2019
at 04:37
Opening Scene - Effluvium
"Hold him down." He instructed to the one who replied to him earlier, examining the wound.  He had the Autobot provide pressure at a more effective spot as he quickly searched the repair shop for effective material.  Unfortunately there did not seem to be any.

He pulled out what materials he had to patch the wound, hoping it would be strong enough to withstand whatever stress this warrior would put on it.  "This won't look pretty but it should last until you encorporate it into ypur matrix."

Effluvium moves on road/offroad with a speed of 4.

23:20, Today: Effluvium rolled 10 using 1d10 with rolls of 10.  Repair need 10. (Critical success)

23:19, Today: Effluvium rolled 20 using 2d10 with rolls of 10,10.  Scrounge need 9.

The All Spark
 GM, 78 posts
Sat 19 Jan 2019
at 12:59
Opening Scene - Effluvium
The Junkion, while unable to find good patching materials, still makes the best out of what he does have. "Thanks," Ironhide says while Prowl and Brawl help him to his feet, "Don't think Wheeljack could've done better." He flexes the patch, testing it's placement. "Now, let's get outta here before Soundwave shows up."

Prowl looks at the Junkion and says, "Optimus is looking for extra hands. You think you'd be interested?"

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 Autobot Junkion, 10 posts
Tue 22 Jan 2019
at 14:26
Opening Scene - Effluvium
Effluvium looks back to Prowl, nodding positively.  "Yes, I would like to spark the junkpile with the oil of Tyrants."

He falls in line with the three Autobots, attempting to keep quiet as he accesses the previous chip functions.

09:25, Today: Effluvium rolled 2 using 1d10 with rolls of 2.  Surveillance (target 5).
The All Spark
 GM, 89 posts
Wed 23 Jan 2019
at 12:27
Opening Scene - Effluvium
Just as the four of them move around the building, Ravage jumps down from the roof, his electric snarl breaking into the thoughts of those nearby. "Well well well," Rumble says from behind them, "What have we here? A couple of Autobots in need of scraping?" How nice of you."

"Buzzsaw! Laserbeak! Attack!" Comes the gravely voice of Soundwave.

Alright, roll init and we'll go from there.

07:26, Today: The All Spark rolled 5 using 1d10 with rolls of 5.  Initiative. If you get higher, post your actions.

 Autobot Junkion, 11 posts
Wed 23 Jan 2019
at 16:06
Opening Scene - Effluvium
Effluvium moved towards any cover he could find, pointing his shield forward towards any enemies in front of him.  He pulled out a golf tee, flicking it towards whichever Decepticon managed to get within short range.  Flying targets were a priority.

09:36, Today: Effluvium rolled 9 using 1d10 with rolls of 9.  Initiative
10:47, Today: Effluvium rolled 19 using 1d6+17 with rolls of 2.  Number of bombs. (2 bombs)
10:47, Today: Effluvium rolled 21 using 1d10+17 with rolls of 4.  Energon total.
11:03, Today: Effluvium rolled 9 using 2d6 with rolls of 6,3.  Damage - Golf tees (Energon).
11:02, Today: Effluvium rolled 6 using 1d10 with rolls of 6.  To hit (need 10).

The All Spark
 GM, 93 posts
Thu 24 Jan 2019
at 23:53
Opening Scene - Effluvium
The bomb files out, attaching itself to Buzzsaw. The tiny bird screeches in pain as the energy is sucked out of it. The Con falls for a moment before stabilizing and flying off to get more altitude to swoop from another direction. Lazerbeak however lets loose with a barrage on the Junkion, peppering the ground around him with laserfire.

The others scatter to get defensive positions to fire back at the deployed Cons, some taking minor hits, others avoiding getting hit entirely.

15:49, Today: The All Spark rolled 1 using 1d10 with rolls of 1.  defense 5. Buzzsaw takes 8 Energon damage. His power levels are not doing well at all.

You're up.