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Character Creation
All you need to RTJ is a basic concept, faction, and name.

Here is the download for the rules PDF.


Quick Build Guide:

1: Choose Allegiance - Though the game says that players must be balanced between factions, this will be waved unless it just gets way out of hand.

Current Allegiances: 5 Autobots/3 Decepticons

2: Roll Statistics - Roll 10d10 and assign 8 to your stats. If all points are added up and they don't equal at least 40, reroll all new stats

3: Select function, basic character sheets have been provided for easy of use.

4: Alt mode, remember that the difference between the required rank and your rank skill will determine rerolls available.

5: Generate Alt mode statistics

6: Spend technology and weapon points. (Technology are (Skill + Courage)/2; Weapons are half that number) Note: This is a change from the rules as the points are for everything and not separate. House rule: If, for some reason, you don't wish to spend either pools of points on their designated, you can use 1 weapon point for 1 technology point or 2 technology points for 1 weapon.

7: Set up your quote, health, and energon. See #4 for reroll considerations. Health is figured as follows: 10 + Endurance +/- size modifiers. Energon is 10 + Intelligence +/- size. Both stats are robot mode stats.

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Character Creation - Minicons
You may start play with a Minicon, but they follow the rules of a companion technology with the following changes.

The Bot/Con still has to spend the points to buy their partner, but it costs 2, 3, or 4 (1,2,3 point technology) points instead of 2 for specific master subgroups. The Minicon enhances either one stat, by giving it a +1 or it gives 5 health or energon, per technology point. It can also be taken or transferred to another Bot/Con and used by them. For example, a Minicon gained with the groundwave ability, a 3 point technology, will give +3 to a specified stat or +15 hp or energon. A Minicon this strong will obviously be highly sought after. Weapon minicons are basic weapons for 1 technology point.

Minicons cost 1 more energon per round when attached to the Bot/Con than they usually do irregardless of the technology point level.

Minicons can be separate from their transformer companion as per the normal companion rules. When voluntarily separated, but not in possession by another transformer, the base transformer retains the boost to its abilities without having the technology. Minicons can always use their own technology.

You can only have as many minicons attached to you at one time equal to your Bot/Con's rank. So a transformer with a Rank of 5 can have 5 1 point Minicons, 2 2 point and a 1 point, 1 3 and 1 2, or any other combination.

A Minicon can be grappled away from an opposing Bot/Con normally by force or when the main transformer is incapacitated. If the main transformer is aware that their attached Minicon is being taken away, they gain a +1 to resist the removal. If the Minicon is successfully removed, the original Bot/Con loses all benefits at the start of their next turn. The one who took it gains the technology benefit immediately, but not the boost. If you've gained a Minicon technology as a part of your character creation, you gain a +2 to the opposed grapple and the transformer who stole it does not gain the technology benefit until the end of combat.

For example, Starscream grabs Hot Shot's Minicon Jolt during combat. Hot Shot still has the +1 Firepower that Jolt gives him till the start of his next turn. Starscream could use Jolt as a weapon if he still has actions to use, but unfortunately for Scream, Jolt was part of Hot Shot's creation and has a stronger connected to Hot Shot and thus can't be used during this combat. If Starscream keeps Jolt after the combat is over, he can use the Minicon as he sees fit.

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Character Creation - Sample Character
Sample Character -

Name: Soundwave
Faction: Decepticon
Motto: Cries and screams are music to my ears. (Rerolls - 0)
Colors: Blue and Silver
Subgroups: Depolyer, Espionage
Normal Appearance: It's soundwave
Altmode: Media Player (Size 0; +1d Communications, Teamwork; Abilities: Human Aid, Inanimate)
 Human Aid - Humans will go out of their way to ignorantly aid the Alt.Mode in accomplishing
  its goal, so long as you can tie it into a successful roll. For example: A successful
  Espionage roll for your Cassette Tape Mode could result in you being picked up by a random
  worker at the Power Plant and put inside. Your Alt.Mode must somehow be convincing for
  this purpose. For example: If you are a Military Computer, only a certain kind of human -
  the kind in the Human Military - is likely to help you.
 Inanimate - Such Alt.Modes are prohibited from committing any Action of their own free will
  other than to Transform, and the Actions listed under “+1d Gain”. Inanimate objects can
  still Talk, and are always capable of Transforming out of an Inanimate Mode. Inanimate
  Modes still roll Endurance and all applicable Defense when attacked.
Size: 0/4
Technology: 8 Points to spend
 Deployer (3 pt) - See below
 Radio Jamming Broadcaster - Robot (1 pt) - +2d Communications, specifically to jam all sent
  and received radio signals vs. opposing Communications (auto-success if no opposition) at
  Map-wide Range. Once in effect it says the rest of the battle unless overcome by a
  critical success. Req: Communications
 Sensor, Circuit Reading - Robot (2 pt) - Action: The use of Surveillance at Melee Range to
  detect other Robot’s thoughts vs. opposing Courage. If the target is Stalled they get no
  opposing Courage roll. Any one question can be asked of the victim that must be answered
  truthfully. This also reads all computer data of more primitive machines in Range
  instantly. Req: Surveillance
 Sensor, Radio-wave - Both (2 pt) - +2d Communications, specifically to detect and listen in
  to all radio waves and other signals including other Communications rolls on the planet.
  An Espionage roll may be necessary for our eavesdropping to go undetected. Req:
Weapons: 4 points to spend
 Cannon, Vibro (3 pt) 1d6 vs. Assault - Sonic Damage vibrates on contact
 Missiles, Laser (1 pt) 2d6 vs. HP + Radius - Standard Cybertronian Missile

Tech Specs

Function: Scout
Health/Energon: 18/14
Strength 8
 Melee Attack - Action Attack one area’s distance by punching (1d6 / 2 vs.
  HP) or using a Melee Weapon.

Intelligence 9
 Surveillance (Free) - Visual, audio or other receptors identify or clarify
  sensory events and relevant information. Used for scouting missions and to
  overcome Espionage and Sabotage.
 Teamwork - Distract the enemy by giving up either your Move or Action and thereby provide
  an ally within Short Range +1d on their next Action.

Speed 4
 Dash - Roll to Move, with the maximum number of areas you can Move this
  Turn equal to success # rolled +3. Rough terrain cuts movement by 1/2,
  rounded down.

Endurance 6
 Sabotage - Affect a map item, computer, or other technological situation in
  play to set a trap for activation, overcoming its HP: 5. Success = # rolled
  +3. Example: Rig a communications console to explode when activated. As a
  Free Action: Free: Check for traps.

Rank 8
 Transform - Free Switch between Modes. Transform can also help you get out
  of a Grapple.

Courage 6
 Espionage - Stealth; to be undetectable by unfriendly sensors, or for
  interrogation, implementation of surveillance equipment and other spying.

Firepower 6
 Assault - Fire at a distance using any one equipped weapon, attached,
  mounted or held.

Skill 10
 Communication (Free) - Broadcast your voice and hold a short conversation
  with all the Transformers you want on the battlefield, broadcast known
  Data, or search for strange signals. As a Turn: Break jamming signal, or
  contact home base or another planet using a computer.

Bio: It is said that Soundwave can hear a fly sneeze. He uses his superb acoustical
capabilities for surveillance and offensive projection. He can read minds by mapping
electrical brain impulses and decrypting the thoughts, but prefers to act as a radio link
among the Decepticons. Making it his duty to know what everyone is doing at all times.
Completely loyal to Megatron, Soundwave deploys his mini-cassette team with a semblance of
paternal pride. He brandishes a concussion blaster in robot mode.