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Fri 15 Feb 2019
at 12:37
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Okay my firefox is version 65 so I don't see what you guys see.

If a new thread helps hopefully the GM makes a new one but without knowing what caused it it could go awry again.
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Fri 15 Feb 2019
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Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
If the GM fully deletes and restores Gremlin's and Drumfire's posts, it might improve.
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Fri 15 Feb 2019
at 14:05
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
That's really odd, because I see nothing it of the ordinary. . .

Let me try to repost and see if that clears it up.

I just need to know if the Decepticons are doing to go straight at the base or the incoming Autobots.
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Fri 15 Feb 2019
at 14:07
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Okay. I posted a new opening thread. It's it working now?

I will fill in more details as the scene opens up more.
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Fri 15 Feb 2019
at 14:27
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Seems fine to me but the old one is fine to me too, have to see if good for the others, made a post in new thread.
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Fri 15 Feb 2019
at 14:34
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
New thread is fine, old thread is still munted. Let's wait until Gremlin posts.
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Mon 18 Feb 2019
at 01:02
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Okay, the old thread has been removed to make it easier to tell which is which. I was going to post today, but I just ran out of time.

I will do my best to have one up by tomorrow.

This is your chance to get in any rolls you might think you need before we kick this into action.
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 11:59
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Well. . . This experiment is just not working. I thought that I could run this, but my life schedule just isn't letting it happen. Usually we're slow this time if year, but that isn't happening and with the new house, I just can't get it done.

Sorry for wasting y'all's time, but there's no sense in dragging this out.

I'll delete this on Saturday if anyone wants to take their character with them. Yeah made some really great characters that I hope someone with more time will be able to make use of them.

Again, sorry.
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 12:15
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
That's disappointing, but alright, I understand that. Thanks for letting us know. This was an experiment for me, and I enjoyed it. Thanks for giving me a mini-adventure for Elegance to kick ass so suavely in. :)

Can you open the private threads? I want to see the Decepticons squabble over leadership. :p Also, they'll get to see Elegance be pompous.
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 12:30
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Well thank you for letting us know. I know how busy RL can get. I was really looking forward to this, but I understand. Thanks for not disappearing or just dragging it out if you know you can't make it.

I'll save Drumfire, I think he'd do great, but another GM will probably have us reroll and no guarantee we can't get similar rolls. Good Luck all :)
The All Spark
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 12:58
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Done. Also I changed the group for my character list I was working on as well. Yeah might find it interesting
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 13:38
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Here was my character sheet :)

Name:       Drumfire
Faction:    Decepticon
Motto:      "Time for the Pain"
Colors:     Green/Black
Subgroups:  None
Normal Appearance: Drumfire was a dull green color with black at his joints.
 Upon his right forearm was mounted a black concussion cannon and over his shoulders
 was mounted a black missile launcher. He was a large leader size con. He had black
 wheels on the back of his legs and arms (2 on each).
Altmode 1:   Heavy & Work Vehicles: Armored/Military Vehicle, M1134 Anti-
             Tank Guided Missile Vehicle
             +1d Gain Crash, Defense
             Off-Road: Move across uneven, jagged, rough or partially obstructed
             terrain the number of areas equal to 1/2 your Alt.Mode’s Speed Statistic,
             rounded up. Off-Road takes the place of Move on your Turn. Examples of
             such a terrain include: mountain-side, forest, jungle, or beech. If the
             vegetation or other obstructions are especially dense then movement is
             cut by a further half. If you do not have Wheels then you can also use
             Off-Road on roads and flat surfaces.
             Primary Weapon: Retain the one weapon you like best from your Alt.Mode
             in your in Robot.Mode. Usually this is fixed to your Robot’s arm, back
             or shoulder as an Attachment. The weapon must be able to attach to the
             Alt.Mode, and so cannot be a pistol or a sword. Attacks with the weapon
             in Alt.Mode use the Robot. Mode’s Firepower Statistic if it is higher
             than the Alt.Mode Firepower Statistic.
             Missile Truck: Primary Weapon Missiles and Rockets

Altmode 2:   Vehicles: Aeroplane: A-10 Thunderbolt II
             +1d Gain to Dash
             Flight: Move through spaces of air the number of areas equal to the
             Alt.Mode’s Speed Statistic. Flight takes the place of Move on your
             Turn. If you do not have Hover, then you must Move at least 1 area
             per Turn while in Flight. The air is 1 to 6 areas above the surface
             of the battlefield. Heights greater than 6 enter require Escape
             Velocity (T). If you are hit while in Flight and take HP damage or
             suffer a Push effect, then you must roll against Fall or go
             tumbling out of the air at the rate of regular falling - 3 areas
             straight down when it happens, and 3 down at the end of your Turn.
             If you are still in the air when your Turn happens you can recover
             with an Acrobatics roll, or, if you have Hover, spend all your
             Move for this Turn just to stay in place. Without Acrobatics or
             Hover you continue to fall. If you hit the ground you take regular
             falling damage - 1d6 vs. HP for every 2 areas fallen, rounded up.
             Walk: Walk means the Alt.Mode is only capable of standard Movement
             on land. It is not capable of Dash, Wheels, or any other specalised
             kind of Move while on the ground.
             Fighter Plane: Primary Weapon for Guns

Size:       4
Technology: 6

 Robot Only

 Vehicle Only

     Ammo Capacitor (1): Action: Add +1d6 charges to one weapon that has reached
     0 charges
     Low Fuel Consumption (1): +1d6 Energon at the start of each battle and +1
     Energon every 3 rounds. This can raise you above maximum. When the battle
     is over this Energon bonus is retracted
     Sensor, Radar/Sonar (1): +1d Surveillance. Detect Medium Range material
     objects, test Salvage for strength, heat resistance, elasticity, detect
     Energon Levels (quantity and intensity), detect electronic, ionic, magnetic,
     sonic, or chemical anomalies, know the density and composition of objects,
     tensile strength, energy and Function of objects and Robots. Basically,
     you can detect whatever’s near you, even if it’s around a wall
     Waterproof (1): Immunity to Rust, rust-damaging weapons, and all other
     negative effects resulting from submersion.
     Triple-changer (2): Add a second, new Alt.Mode to your Transformer. Rank
     requirements still apply. Rerolls for your Quote are based on the Alt.Mode
     with the highest Rank requirement. Take this Technology again and be a
     ‘Quad-changer’ adding a 3rd Alt.Mode. Taking this Technology a third time
     and be a ‘Six-changer’, having a total of 5 Alt.Modes into which you can
     transform. You become a one-Robot army.

 Robot Only

 Vehicle Only


    Laser Missile (1): Attached (Shoulder Mounted in Robot Mode, Turret Mounted
    while in M1134 mode, and Wing Mounted in A-10 mode). 2d6 vs. HP + Radius
    Standard Cybertronian Missile, 2 charges. Long Range
    Concussion Cannon (2): Attached (Forearm Mounted in Robot Mode, Turret
    Mounted while in M1134 mode, and nose mounted in A-10 mode), 2d6 vs. HP + Push
    Common cannon of both the Autobots and the Decepticons. 2d6 charges, Medium

Tech Specs

Function: Warrior
Health/Energon: 22/10
Strength     2 (Robot Mode), 2 (A-10 Mode), 8 (M1134 Mode)
 Melee Attack - Action Attack one area’s distance by punching (1d6 / 2 vs.
  HP) or using a Melee Weapon.
 Crash - (M1134 Mode Only) Succeed on a Strength attack (plus whatever bonus Crash
  dice you have) to do Melee damage (standard 1d6/2 unless the character has a
  better crash oriented weapon, like Horns) and then push back the opponent by a
  number of areas up to the maximum of your remaining Move. You travel with the
  enemy, pushing them along, remaining 1 area behind.

Intelligence 2 (Robot Mode), 9 (A-10 Mode), 5 (M1134 Mode)
 Strategy (Free) - Change your Turn to be as many Turns later as success #
  rolled, into the Enemy Phase. The strategist must call out the enemy Turn
  they wish to interrupt before it happens, or the Strategy is wasted.
 Surveillance - All Modes (See Tech Above).

Speed        3 (Robot Mode), 10 (A-10 Mode), 1 (M1134 Mode)
 Dash - Roll to Move, with the maximum number of areas you can Move this
  Turn equal to success # rolled +3. Rough terrain cuts movement by 1/2,
  rounded down.
  +1d Gain to Dash when in A-10 Mode

Endurance   10 (Robot Mode), 2 (A-10 Mode), 10 (M1134 Mode)
 Defense - When attacked in any physical way, roll an additional dice for
  Endurance, and take the better result to block, endure, deflect, or
  otherwise not be hit or damaged. As a Turn: Dig in and deflect all damage
  issued to you in the Turn. Damage reduction per hit is = success # rolled
  +1d Gain to Defense when in M1134 Mode.

Rank         8 (Robot Mode), 8 (A-10 Mode), 8 (M1134 Mode)
 Transform - Free Switch between Modes. Transform can also help you get out
  of a Grapple.

Courage      8 (Robot Mode), 9 (A-10 Mode), 8 (M1134 Mode)
 Intercept (Free) - Gain one additional area's Move to catch up with a goal,
  head off an opponent, get away, out-race or generally out-run someone.

Firepower    9 (Robot Mode), 10 (A-10 Mode), 8 (9 for Missiles, M1134 Mode)
 Assault - Fire at a distance using any one equipped weapon, attached,
  mounted or held.

Skill        4 (Robot Mode), 4 (A-10 Mode), 3 (M1134 Mode)
 Acrobatics (Free) - Jumping, leaping, tumbling, balance, reflexes, sharp
  turns in flight, getting over an obstacle so that it does not impede your
  movement, and landing without taking damage. This does not take the place
  of Defense.

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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 13:48
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
We shall have to study this, and then prepare appropriate countermeasures...

All Spark, thanks for letting us know. It was an interesting premise.

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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 13:52
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
I don't have the time or detail knowledge of the lore to run a replacement game but if one or two of you are up for it let us know
 Autobot Recon, 27 posts
Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 13:52
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Nothing to be sorry about.  I hope life treats you well.  RL comes first
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 13:58
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
I'd be interested in a game if someone got one going :), but I don't think I have time to run one :)
 Decepticon Saboteur, 59 posts
Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 14:30
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Honestly, it really is unfortunate to see this game go.  I was having a lot of fun in the build-up and looking forward to interacting with the Autobots, but I know exactly how it can be when work schedules get in the way.  I've recently had to excuse myself from a few games as well for precisely that reason.

Why not leave the game up, albeit in stasis?  Give it some time and - later on - if you find your schedule returns to something more manageable, we can try again?  It would be easier to summon us all back via rMail that way.  If not, I understand.

I'm game for a game!  Let me know if you get anything underway.  Honestly, I'd like to set up a rMail thread for us all to keep in contact with, but we can only assign 5 recipients at a time and there's too many of us for one thread.

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The All Spark
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 14:43
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
I'll keep it up for now and just turn the lights, request new players, off.

I have time to be a player, just not GM, so if someone want to take this over, I can make them a GM and fade back into a player. That's an option as well.
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Wed 20 Feb 2019
at 06:57
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Perihelion if you want to try I'm willing to continue playing even if I have showed my sheet to all :)

Drumfire is slow, stupid, weak and not very skilled :). He's loyalty is why his rank is so high. However in ranged combat he is extremely deadly....almost as deadly as Megatron.....

I could help I like making characters, if you give me a list of Autobots and Decepticons from G1 that you want pretty sure I can make stats for them. I can start by using there G1 tech spec stats which fit nicely with the game stats.

I think Jazz is missing his speakers/dazzling lights tech in the write up for him here :).
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Wed 20 Feb 2019
at 11:18
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
I wish I could continue in some form, but I'm past my limit in terms of games. I joined a bunch over the holiday period in the expectation most would die, as is normal on RPOL. Only none of them did. Now this one has the sad honour of being the first.

I finished reading through the Decepticon HQ thread. So, the 'cons are more organised and made a plan but argued over it and couldn't decide what the actual goal was. Us Autobots debated economics and didn't even have a plan beyond kicking 'cons. No wonder this war's gone on so long.

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 Decepticon Spaceship, 22 posts
Wed 20 Feb 2019
at 11:34
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Oh we have a plan, don't worry about that.

With the game in stasis we don't need to rush a new GM.
 Decepticon Saboteur, 60 posts
Wed 20 Feb 2019
at 14:53
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
We actually have several plans, and at least one side-plan.  :3  But the Autobots have always been a reactionary force, so I'd say y'all weren't in any trouble.
The All Spark
 GM, 132 posts
Sun 24 Feb 2019
at 00:38
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
I think Jazz is missing his speakers/dazzling lights tech in the write up for him here :).

I thought about that, but wanted to give that ability to blaster instead.
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Thu 14 Nov 2019
at 15:15
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
If anyone's interested, I made a free form transformers game and am seeking players.

 link to another game
The All Spark
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Thu 26 Dec 2019
at 00:00
Re: The Cybertronian Web - OCC
Merry Christmas you filthy animals!