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Sat 5 Jan 2019
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Campaign Background
It is the current year with some changes in the past. The awakening of all Earth bound Transformers is a full year old before Megatron and Optimus Prime's forces awaken on the Arc after millions of years of being status locked in robotic life sustaining sleep. After Megatron failed to destroy the Autobots in their slumber, an epic battle ensues that ends with Nemesis crash landing in the ocean. The Autobots, thinking their foes were destroyed, start to focus on getting home, but the Decepticons are not destroyed that easily.

Megatron starts to look for ways to bring Cybertron to Earth and, while successful initially, the home planet is pushed away into an orbit twice the distance of the Earth to the moon. The move of Cybertron causes many old factions, who had been in an uneasy peace, to be awaken to higher activity with the reveal of vast energon reserves on Earth. Deathsaurus and his Breastforce, the megalomaniac Straxis, and Ultra Magnus's Wreckers are all vieing for control of both Cybertron and Earth, each faction with their own goals, some benevolent, most malicious.

Just as a new, more destructive war rages, Unicron appears to first destroy Cybertron, and then Earth. In the conflict, both Megatron and Optimus are killed with Megatron being remade by Unicron into Galvatron and Optimus passing his mantle of leadership to Rodimus Prime. The war ends with the destruction of Unicron and Galvatron severely weakened. Starscream, while still a treacherous schemer, wasn't destroyed by Galvatron and even helps to removed Megatron's spark from the dark influence of the Unicron warped Galvatron. Galvatron had been made insane with the destruction of Unicron and had become a danger to not only Autobots, but those who had followed him. Megatron was rebuilt and revived, giving the Decepticons back their most powerful leader once again.

Just as things begin to calm down from Unicron's destructive influence, a new source of power has been found: Minicons. Thus a new war insues with each faction, and others not yet fully realized, begin to scramble for control of these small, yet powerful Transformers.

You, whether Autobot or Decepticon, have either just been brought online, revived from stasis, or have been transferred from another front to join forces with Rodimus Prime and Optimus or the reconstituted Megatron, Deathsaurus, or Straxis in attempting to win this new war.

While humans are aware of Transformers, most humans have never seen one in person. The governments of Earth have mixed dealings with them. Some openly side with one faction or anther, some wish to exploit them for their own ends, and some just want the aliens to leave the planet. All, however, agree that the Transformers are now intertwined with the future of Earth and will not be leaving anytime soon.

DM Note: The atmosphere I'm trying to convey is a decidedly G1 cartoon feel, but with as many options open for any kind of character to be created.

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The All Spark
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Mon 7 Jan 2019
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Campaign Background - Your GM
I figured I give a little of my background in the Transformers universe to help with the creative juices out there.

I was 11 when the Transformers G1 came out and owned a couple of figures. My first one my Grandma bought me was Trailblazer and the last one I bought before I had kids was Waspinator. I have watched just about every televised show and my favorite is the Transformers: Prime and Beast Hunters with Beast Wars being a very close second.

I currently play Transformers: Earth Wars, Space Ape and Backflip's mobile app where I am the commander of the alliance LoK Defiance. It's really the only mobile app I have time for, but it's a simple little Clash of Clans like game.
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Mon 7 Jan 2019
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Campaign Background - Posting Suggestions
When posting, please color and Out Of Character chat in that thread as orange.

When making rolls, make sure to add the stat number to help in expedience of response. It makes it harder on me to have to go and look at your character sheet everytime you have to make a roll. If you wish to keep this secret, you can put it in as a private line to me or yourself to keep it from the others.

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Wed 9 Jan 2019
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Campaign Background - Combat
During combat, everyone rolls a d10 to determine their initiative making sure to put your rank in your post. In the case of ties, the one with the higher Rank stat goes first. If there is still a tie, then the Autobot goes first.

This is a change from the book, as the way initially described would take a fair amount of time comparing numbers that will just bog things down.

When attacking, most attacks will either be Assault, for ranged attacks, or Melee Attack, for melee attacks, unless your weapon states that another stat is used. Endurance is then rolled when the target's turn comes around. Once everyone in the combat has gotten a turn, damage is assigned in a turn wrap up post that I'll put together, and turn will resume with the first winner. Normally initiative would be rolled again, but I'm going to wave this for the sake of expediency.

In the hope to keep things moving, most combats will start with everyone at twice long range (30 hexes) unless otherwise noted. Each player will have a fair amount of latitude to add in map elements as they wish. If you want a cool ramp to jump off of, it's there. If you want a pile of crates or computer equipment from which to salvage from, it's there. I may require some movement to get to it, but let's try not to let things get too insane. If it does, I'll normally include a blurb about what is not allowed, otherwise have fun.

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Wed 30 Jan 2019
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Campaign Background - Combat
As a question has gone up twice, I want to address something. I'm leaving this all intentionally vague so that if you guys what to work in some elements into the story, you're not being forced out of those choices. You guys what to have Frank Funklestein who's got financial troubles that can be exploited, put him into the narrative. You want a hard as nails commander with a couple of assets that can be called upon in the area, put him in. So long as it isn't too outlandish, I'm fine with it. I'm just here to make this as balanced as I can, but you guys will be driving the narrative for the most part with me throwing monkey wrenches in from time to time. Let those imaginations flow and have fun with this.

I will drop subplots from time to time to keep things interesting, but it's up to you to follow them. If you don't no big deal I'll throw something out later or something will happen in the background and maybe lead to something else. In all senses though you are the driving force of this story make the most of it