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"There were so few of us in the early days. Barely two dozen. Myself leading the charge with the few students willing to part with our mentor. Caryll and her clique of occultists who agreed with my more...experimental methods. Finally bringing up the rear was old Gehrman, our ever vigil protector. Along with several of his tight-lipped and terrifying hunters..."
-Journal of Laurence, the First Vicar

Bloodborne: The Endless Hunt is a pet project I have been wanting to do for years. Bloodborne is my favorite game of the current generation. It is my favorite From Software game, and it is my favorite setting ever portrayed in a game. I wanted to create an RPG that was both easy to play, and allowed them to experience the setting of Yharnam from a different perspective. In the video game you play as a foreigner, someone who is new to the setting and experiencing the world for the first time. In this game I wanted players who were already familiar with Bloodborne to be able to take the roles of people who have already experienced a hunt before, and more or less know the setting.

Each of you will take the role of a Hunter in this game. Depending on what kind of Hunter you are, the people of Yharnam will treat you differently. That's right, people. I didn't want the game to take place in the video game's setting where most people are either crazy or already turned into a beast. I wanted a living world where there are still normal people around, and everyone hasn't gone completely crazy yet.

As a Hunter, your job is to exterminate the beasts that plague this city. Because there are still regular people in Yharnam, this task will be harder than simply hitting the streets with your Saw Cleaver, and cutting things apart. You will be tasked with investigating incidents around the city, questioning motives, and figuring out who is blood-crazed. Some of you will also be attempting to unravel the mystery of Yharnam, and the eldritch truth behind the Healing Church.

I have no meta-narrative planned for this game. The story will really be up to the players, and how you guys deal with situations. I am merely here describe the outcomes of those choices. I am really interested in players who understand Bloodborne's setting at least on a surface level, as well as wish to play in it's strange Victorian Lovecraftian world.

For those of you who have played games like Apocalypse World, this style will be familiar with you. The game I intend to copy from the most is Urban Shadows. If you don't wish to purchase Urban Shadows, I highly suggest you read a bare-bones version Apocalypse World's rules here: http://buriedwithoutceremony.c.../07/simple-world.pdf

My game follows this overall setup, with tweaks to give it a more Bloodborne style. The changes to the game will be explained in the next posts. I hope you are interested in playing this game, it's something I have been wanting to do for ages. Thank you for your time and good hunting.

"Look at them foreigners, just walking around like they own the place. My father broke his back building this city, and now I'm shoveling shit out it just to make ends meet. The Church says we'll all ascend one day, but the way I see it the only ones ascending are the ones with coin weighing them down..."
-Observations of a Typical Yharnamite

Our setting is the city of Yharnam, but it is quite different from the game world. The plague of beasts has not overtaken the city, and the madness of the Mensis ritual has not yet beckoned the Blood Moon. Yharnam is still a thriving, functional, albeit strange metropolis.

The time frame is the late 19th Century, and the style is Victorian with only a hint of steampunk. You will encounter many NPCs, each molded from archetypes taken from the game world. The old cranky lady, the xenophobic idiot, the refined lady of the night, the pious nun, and the little girl looking for her mum. You will encounter people like this along your journey, but unlike the game you will be able to build bonds. Make deals, and forge debts with these characters, they will make your hunts easier to get through.

Yharnam is divided into several areas that you will be wise to learn about, explore, and master. While you will learn more about them as the game goes on I did want to give a preview of some main areas so you know what you are getting into.

Central Yharnam:  The main part of the city. Filled with equal parts housing and industrial sprawl, it is home to most of Yharnam's population. One of the few areas in the city where foreigners are welcome, it has become a melting pot of Yharnamites mixing with outsiders. Those with wealth, but no ties to the Healing Church make their home near the bridge to Cathedral Ward, while the working class and the poor live in the slums around the aqueducts, and the Tomb of Oedon.

Cathedral Ward: Home of the Healing Church, and the Grand Cathedral. The members of the Healing Church live in this small town inside the city of Yharnam. The wealthest members of Yharnam, who have converted to the Healing Church also make their homes here. Only Hunters working directly under the Church are welcomed here, and place their reputation on the line to vouch for outsiders.

Old Yharnam: In actuality place known as "Old Yharnam" was not called Yharnam before the Healing Church arrived. It's prominence is in truth thanks to the rise of the City of Yharnam, where it was absorbed by the larger urban center and renamed. Old Yharnam is home to the poor and disenfranchised. Many live in dilapidated buildings, and scrape a life within the shadow of the true city. The Healing Church offers aide to these poor souls for free, and has gained a large congregation that now gathers in the Church of the Good Chalice.

Hemwick: A small village located outside of Yharnam. It is home to several farms, and it's grain mills mark the countryside. The folk here are even more superstitious and reclusive than those within Yharnam (which is saying something). Most don't ask too many questions though, seeing as they provide a lot of food and materials to the city. Rumors abound though of nightly rituals of a dark and sinister sort. It also holds the only road leading up to Castle Cainhurst.

Castle Cainhurst: Across the great lake bordering Yharnam and Hemwick, sits the great Castle Cainhurst perched upon an island. The great bridge connecting it to the shores of Hemwick were once the wonder of the region, before the rise of Yharnam. Home to the noble Cainhurst family, the castle has been steeped in rumors and myths for as long as anyone can remember. Recently members of Yharnam's upper class have begun receiving invitations to tour the ancient castle, and dine with it's venerable family. Those who have are rarely seen again.

Forbidden Woods: Surprisingly a wild and untamed stretch of land lies just outside of the urban jungle of Yharnam. These woods are steeped in as many rumors as Cainhurst, but unlike the noble castle who is host to legends of extravagant parties and hedonistic orgies, tales of the Forbidden Woods are only filled with blood and terror. Rumors abound of beasts within the forest that hunger for the flesh of man. Tales of madmen who worship snake spirits and ancient ghosts from hidden villages. Most Yharnamites think of it as nothing more than warnings for naughty children. But many would think twice before entering this mysterious place.

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"Always be prepared for the worst. The things we hunt are dumb, but they are not foolish. I know you youngsters think all you need is a sharp cleaver, and a couple of blood vials. You'll be dead before sunrise. Those of you who are lucky enough to survive will learn. You will get better. Now try not to make too much noise out there. The townsfolk are sleeping..."
-Teachings of Gehrman, the First Hunter