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Wed 21 Nov 2018
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The most important thing is that your character must be driven. They must be active, rather than reactive. They should be motivated to do the kind of thing that you want to do in the game. Reluctant heroes who just want to live nice quiet lives will succeed in those aims, leading to a boring game. Play a character who wants something bad enough to do whatever kinds of thing you enjoy playing out.

Character creation is a collaborative process guided by the GM taking your character from childhood to adulthood in a lifepath system.

As each player is essentially a full game unto themselves, only 1-2 players will be accepted at this time. Further, because we will build your character together, applying to play focuses on what you're after rather than who you're going to play.

1. What kind of genre elements (science fiction, fantasy, horror, espionage, superhero) or content are you interested in seeing? What kind of genre elements or other content are you uninterested in seeing?

2. Your birth circumstances can be random, or you can determine any of the following:

a. Family: Your parents' names (first and last), general economic status, where they live, ethnic/national background, parents' jobs, siblings names, ages, and gender. You can define any other qualities of your parents (interests, personalities, hobbies) or leave it up to chance.

b. You: Your gender, innate gifts, talents, or flaws. General appearance. Basically anything you're born with.

You should decide your given name and birth year (the game will begin in 2018), though if you're choosing a random gender you can wait until I tell you what that is.

3. A writing sample. This is just a typical post of yours. Either copy/paste something, or point me to something you've written (in group 0) in another game. Doesn't have to be super long, just 1-3 paragraphs.

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A note on superhuman powers and supernatural abilities:

Any character might be a mutant, with powers that manifest during adolescence. The chances are low... around 1%... but if you want to request that you definitely want to be one, or don't want to be one, mention that in your RTJ. Otherwise, fate will decide.

Other powers may or may not be acquired through other events during your lifepath, if you have indicated that you're interested in genre elements that include them. There's no guarantee either way, but you can improve your chances by taking actions that could lead to that sort of thing.

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