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Irina Orlov: Lifepath
One day, after her questions, Grandpa told her a story about the Old Country. He said that before Olep was born the Old Country was just like she said - everybody had the same things, the same way, but it wasn't good, because everybody had things that were worse than what Irina had. All there were to eat were turnips and never ice creams, and everything you owned was what your older sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles no longer wore.

This was because of Stalin, who was a Bad Man. He turned Russia into the Soviet Union.

Then, one day, it all changed. Just before Olep was born, the Soviet Union turned back into Russia, and people could be rich again. That was the point of this new country, America - anybody could be rich.

Right now they were poor, which means they don't have much, but thanks to America someday maybe you can be rich, and have all the pretty dresses and toys and ice creams you want, not like when Grandpa was a boy.

He buys her a copy of American Tail on VHS down at the swap meet, and tells her that it's exactly like that.

Grandma doesn't seem to agree, but she doesn't say anything.

The rest of the neighborhood is much like Irina's family - many are poor Russians, some of whom have been in the country for generations, some as recently as the Orlovs. Some of them Grandma and Grandpa know from the Motherland. Some of the stores have the funny Russian letters, some of them have English, some have both... but around the neighborhood, and at home, Irina's just as likely to hear Russian being spoken as English. She grows up bilingual.

Native Russian Speaker

Olep, meanwhile, had a treasured tape of his own, a VHS collection of Superman's television appearances over the years, going back to... well... almost as long as there'd been television. Olep was a big fan of Superman, calling him "the good alien." He'd been seen less and less over the years - the last time was right before the Orlovs had moved to the US, foiling an invasion of bad alien ships that had appeared over every city in the world - but Olep was sure he'd be back eventually.

He was not there on September 11th, 2001, the day the twin towers fell. This is, perhaps, the first historical event that adult Irina can remember clearly. It was all the way over in Manhattan - Irina had recently learned about the boroughs in school - but it was a Big Deal. She could tell, even if she didn't know why.

Olep, big strong Olep, was crying. "Why didn't he come? Why didn't Superman stop them?"

"Sometimes they don't," Grandma said. "Sometimes we need to take care of ourselves. Maybe... maybe if they did not expect for the Superman to come and take care of them... maybe they would pay more attention. Who can say?"

1. How does 9/11 impact 7 year old Irina? Is she old enough for it to have any kind of real impression on her?

2. What are her childhood interests and hobbies?

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Irina Orlov: Lifepath
Irina wasn't sure what to think about the Old Country, but thankfully Granpa had things to say about it! She always liked talking to Granpa, even if he wasn't around very much. In fact, that was one of the reasons she sometimes liked to stay up late! Even after her brothers told her to go to bed! But she did it anyway and it was nice to spend time with him. He told her a bit about the old country, and that it was a bad place! She didn't even want to consider a country without ice cream! Except it was a good place before maybe? Apparently they were the Soviet Union thanks to Stalin, and now they're just Russian again? Irina didn't totally understand it. But at least they were here in America now, and that was good right? Irina hoped that maybe she could be rich someday, so she could have a prettier dress or the cool toys like the kids in school. And maybe she could get Granpa and Grandma something too? She didn't entirely get it though.

Until she watched An American Tail anyway! That movie was sooo good! And it made everything make a bit of sense! Her family were like the mice! Or maybe like the people family? And they came to America and not everything was really good even though it seemed that way. But who were the cats? She didn't want to think they were the other people in her school. But it really did explain everything! More or less anyway. Lots of people in her neighborhood liked it! Even if they didn't speak the same way people did in school...not that Irina minded of course. It was just something she'd gotten used to. At home she spoke in Russian a lot while at school she, well, really didn't. It was just kind of normal really.

Irina really did like her brother's Superman tapes too! They were so cool! It was the same kind of things that people saw in stories, except in real life! It was sad that Superman hadn't been seen for a while though. What happened to him? She'd love to meet him one day! But the time when she had hoped he would show up he didn't. Something really scary was happening apparently. She couldn't really understand what it was...something about a plane? But what really scared her wasn't the plane. It was how people were so scared about it. Even Olep and Granpa were scared! It made her think a bit about what sorts of things made people scared like that. But there were other people going in right? To help? That was...good?

1. Irina wasn't overly affected by it. She was just too young to even comprehend the true scale of the attack or destruction. It did make her curious about both ad events and those who try to stop them though. What made her more worried were other people's reactions.


Irina's options were a bit more limited than some other girls here age. Her grandparents couldn't afford much, and since the neighborhood could be a bit rough she was told not to go wandering too much. She had a couple of old dolls she got from the flea market, but she didn't play with them too much. She also loved watching shows, but she couldn't watch too many since they couldn't go to the store very often. One of the things that she liked to do a lot was read books! Every once in a while Grandma would take her to the library where she was able to get them! It was fun to read and go somewhere else every once in a while! There were also books about cool animals and space and history and stuff! The history ones had knights and princesses and stuff, while the space ones had rockets and astronauts and um, aliens? A lot of the books had hard words in them, but that was okay. She was super happy when she got to go to the library at school and could take some home herself!
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When Irina is in the fourth grade she is expected to give an oral report, for which she will have to research in the library.

Suggested topics include:
* Alien invasions through history
* The Age of Superheroes (1938 to 1950)
* The 'Gene Guard Act' and worldwide bans on genetic engineering
* Famous Serial Killers
* Really Anything Else You Want to Come Up With

It's worth a big portion of the semester grade.

ooc: This is an opportunity to dig into the setting in a potential direction you may be interested in exploring by developing Irina's interests in that direction.
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Irina continued to be a rather bright girl as she entered the fourth grade. She had a reading level higher than that too! Which was super great. It meant that even when she was in fourth grade she could do projects on harder stuff than most of the kids! She wasn't going to just give an oral report on kittens or cats or something! Although kittens were cute and she loved them. No! She had to do something big and cool and important and stuff! Otherwise her teachers were going to be disappointed in her, and she would be disappointed in herself! She was considering what sort of topic to go off of, and thankfully one of her teachers gave her suggestions!

The first suggestion she got was Alien Invasions Throughout History. That was an interesting topic! It came up in some of the space books she read earlier. But it was also kind of scary right? But also cool. They had like flying saucers and all other sorts of crazy stuff! The age of superheroes was also really cool! Although, they didn't always help people right? So maybe she shouldn't? Or maybe that was why she really should. The information on the ban on gene editing was kind of interesting too. Wasn't that science and stuff? Science that should be helping people? Why not just keep using it? So that was super interesting! As were robots! They were in shows and movies and stuff, but they were also real too right!? Then there was the last option Serial Killers. Those were scary, but also kind of weird and interesting right? Why did people even get like that in the first place when they could be good instead? Especially with how they connected to superheroes and, well supervillains. They were all interesting! But she could only do one project...what should she do?

It was really really really hard, but eventually she landed on doing a project about the 'Gene Guard Act'. It was just so weird and interesting!

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The Gene Guard Act. That's what everyone called it, but the full name was The Ethical Negligence within Paleo-Genetic Resurrection. It was passed back in 1997 after the incident in San Francisco, where a genetically engineer Tyrannosaurus Rex escaped and ran amok.

Backtracking further, Irina learns that the dinosaurs had been cloned by a company named InGen from genetic material found on a plateau in the Amazon where dinosaurs still existed! This was way back in 1912, and the scientist leading that expedition was named - get this - Professor Challenger.

True story.

Anyway, a man named John Hammond worked with the company InGen to clone dinosaurs for a zoo called Jurassic Park in the 90s. Things didn't go well, though, and the park never really officially opened. After the dinosaur ran wild in San Francisco, the US House Committee of Science passed a ban on genetic engineering and gave the existing dinosaurs the status of normal endangered animals.

In some of her research she finds fringe theories that the real reason that genetic engineering was banned was because a group of genetically engineered humans tried to take over the world and were barely stopped after some kind of secret "Genetics Wars" but nobody seemed to take the idea very seriously.

This year, however, the Gene Guard act was revised to allow Simon Masrani - a well known venture capitalist who'd bought InGen after the disaster - to pursue genetic research for medical purposes. A side effect of this was speculated to be the continued cloning of dinosaurs, and some speculated that Masrani intended to open a new park.

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Irina's teachers were a little surprised to hear that the girl had chosen the Gene Guard Act. A lot of the other projects were more interesting right? This was a law! And while Irina knew a little bit about how laws were made thanks to a certain animated song, laws still seemed a bit complicated and boring. She only had limited computer time (computers were amazing by the way) at school, so why spend it on researching a law? But when she looked into it a little, she found out that it was a really really super duper crazy law! Or at least it was about super duper crazy interesting stuff! So first there were genes. They were like the lego blocks that built a person! And if one replaced the lego blocks in like, a dog or whatever, they could make the baby a different person! Normally a mommy and a daddy dog had their own sets of building blocks, and that was all they used. But with this editing stuff, people replace the blocks with different things! That was crazy and weird but also kind of cool?

Anyway it actually had a complicated history! People used to do it, but then they couldn't anymore. Apparently this was because...they made dinosaurs!? For a theme park!? Irina was sad that she couldn't go and see them a little. She had never been to a theme park really, although Granpa said it was like a carnival but with bigger rides! And those commercials for them made them look really fun! But anyway they made a theme park thanks to Dinosaurs taken from somewhere else by a guy named Doctor Challenger. He was an old bearded guy who went on adventures! Kind of interesting really! But he was the one who got the dinos so they could scrape the genes off of them. Kind of like stealing lego blocks off of one of her brother's things to make her own!  Although, why didnít they just go there and find the Dinoís that already existed and put them in a zoo? This must have been way easier. Or maybe just cooler!

But anyway they tried to make a dino zoo but apparently it didnít go very well! The first park never opened (Irina made sure to put a frowny face at this point) and never opened. She never fully knew why, something about a spy or maybe a dino getting loose? But apparently one of them got out in a city! That must have been really scary! Irina was really happy that she wasn't there. After that nobody was allowed to do things like that ever again! Since the government said it was bad. She thought that maybe it was a little too much, but the people in the Capitol knew what they were doing right? But there was also something else!

According to some of the websites she looked at, people were using Genetic engineering stuff on humans! And making fancier, smarter and stronger humans and stuff! But when she talked about it to her teachers they said not to go on those sorts of websites. So maybe they were wrong? But what if they were right? It was easier to clone a person than a dinosaur right? They wouldn't need stuff from Doctor Challenger, there were humans everywhere! She got a tiny look of disapproval from her teacher when she included that in the report, although she also talked about how you shouldn't trust everything you hear on the internet, which made everything better.

Anyway though, this wasn't really the end of the Genetic Engineering stuff even though there was a law! Just right now people were going to be allowed to do it again! Some famous business guy made it happen! Mostly for medicine, but some say that they might bring the dinosaurs back! So it was a happy ending! At least kind of. She figured that it could be good for medicine even if maybe dino zoos were fun but didn't work out. She wondered just where that might lead the world, there were so many possibilities with that sort of thing!
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Much to Irina's surprise, the park does open again - only two years later, in 2005. It's very exciting, but the park's admission is expensive, and it's all the way down in South America, so of course her family can't afford to go. Still, there are TV specials about it.

There's a lot the rich have access to that families like Irina's don't. That same year, 2005, the Tyrell corporation releases the Nexus-1 Replicants - humanoid robots designed as general service units.


There's another alien event in 2006, over in England - a spaceship crashes into the Thames, and there's a plot of some kind to get the UN to let the UK access its nuclear arsenal, but that turns out to be the aliens, too.

England seems to be having a lot of problems, as that same year sees the outbreak of what the TV calls the "Rage" virus. Not much is known about it, other than the infected are filled with unreasoning anger and rage. The entire island of Britain ends up being quarantined by the end of the year, in hopes of stopping its spread, and refugee camps are set up throughout Europe.

More close to home, Olep drops out of school and Grandpa kicks him out of the house. They had a big fight - they try to keep it from Irina but she understands. Her brother had gotten involved with Bratva, Russian mobsters. Grandpa did not want him bringing that poison into their house.


At school, Irina and her best friend come up with a secret language that only they know, so they can talk privately even in a crowd. Who is Irina's best friend? What kind of business do they get up to together? What do they do for fun?
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The years began to pass as Irina started to grow up. Now that she was getting closer to adolescence, she found herself becoming considerably more mature. From her perspective anyway. No longer a tiny 9 year old, Irina was becoming a big girl! Actually, she was old enough to not bother calling herself that anymore! She was close to a teenager now! And that came with a lot of responsibilities, but also a few more freedoms! First off, she could pretty much make it to the library or school on her own now! She was still warned against playing outside or wandering too much, but she could do at least that on her own! That opened up a wide variety of afterschool activities for her! She could go to clubs or student organizations without worrying that Granpa wouldn't be able to pick her up. He did work late after all! She was starting to pay more attention to that sort of stuff now too. Her Granpa and Grandma did a lot to give her the life she had after all. Even if it wasn't really all that much. She was increasingly aware of the differences in life circumstances between her and/ her peers. She was poor. And quite poor at that. It wasn't that bad, but it was something to think about. No matter how hard Grandma and Granpa worked, that was just how it had to be for them. That was part of why she worked really hard in school. And it was why she didn't complain about doing chores or cleaning the house, even if they were really boring.

The sadder parts of her family's poorness came up around 2005. When she heard that the Jurassic Park was re-opening, she was ecstatic. That was something she had read about when she was a kid! Well, an even younger kid. At least she could find lots of pictures about it on the internet, even blogs, and she could watch them in real life. Seeing those things moving again filled the girl with a bit of wonder. Those were real life dinosaurs. And they weren't brought back through magic or spirits or gods or anything like that! They were just brought to life through science! Through normal people! Even someone like Irina could do it! The same year real life robots came out too! She had seen them in movies and books and such sure, but seeing real life robots on camera walking around like that!? It was even more incredible! What couldn't science do? This made her work even harder in school. Maybe she could try something similar when she grew up?

Around 2006 a lot scarier thing happened. She was reminded a bit of what her grandparents told her about 9/11. It made her scared. Why could something like that happen just out of the blue? Why didn't any of the superheros stop it? Could anyone stop it? Maybe one of the really good scientists or something? At the same time though, it was really far away. Hopefully it stayed that way. She had read about quarantine in school. It was an old method of handling disease, but it worked apparently. She hoped it would work this time, and that after the disease went away they could all go home. Part of her wondered if that would really happen though.

Although she had much more to worry about, namely stuff to do with her brother Olep. She had looked up to the man quite a bit when she was younger and they used to play more, but apparently he had started to hang around a bad crowd. He was spending less time on his schoolwork than he used to, and she spied him sneaking out in the middle of the night a lot. She was worried about him, but a bit too afraid to really confront him about it. The night that he dropped out of school and got kicked out...that would become one of her greatest regrets. She didn't necessarily disagree with her Granpa. She didn't want criminals coming to the house either. But she felt bad for Olep. Why had he become bad? Was it something she had done? Something she could have prevented? Seeing her brother turn out like that, it made Irina scared. Could she end up like that too?

But even though there were bad things happening both around the world and close to home, there were good things happening in Irinaís life too! At school she had met a very special girl, someone Irina knew was her true BFF! Her Best Friend Forever! Her name was Tanya, and Irina had met her at school first! Blank lived in the same neighborhood as Irina, but their family was a lot better off. They could have lived in another neighborhood, but they were proud of their heritage, and owned several local businesses. They had a much nicer home, and they could actually afford some nicer food, clothes, and even entertainment stuff! Tanya was a bit girlier than Irina, but more athletic at the same time. She had pretty blonde hair, and was really smart! Maybe smarter than Irina! They did some studying together, but that usually didn't take much time since they were both good at it. So that meant that they could spend their study times doing other things.

Their early sessions were pretty simple things like watching TV, but eventually they started to get more creative! They would make all sorts of projects. Sometimes it was a sign or other art and craft thing, but other times it was some sort of mock science experiment! They even considered something for the school science fair! Other times they would go to the YMCA and swim, or go look up stuff on the internet at Tanya's house! She was so lucky she had a computer! Other times they would just sort of hang around and talk about stuff. It really sort of just depended on the day when it came down to it. They were close friends, and knew they could trust eachother with any secret!
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In Irina's last year of grade school a very strange thing happened: The Ghost Shift. All over the world, strange shadow figures would appear, on a regular interval, just going about their business - everybody said they were ghosts. Okay, there were a lot of theories, but the prevalent one was ghosts. There was one that would walk around the apartment, sit on the couch, occasionally get up - Grandma insisted it was her daughter Serafima, but there wasn't much that Irina could see that differentiated it from any of the other ghosts.

Of course, in the end, they weren't ghosts but... you guessed it... more aliens. Somehow they managed to "solidify" enough to enter our world as terrifying metal men.

Irina was at school when this happened, and everyone took up the standard "alien drill" posture - under your desk, bag on your head, don't look up NO MATTER WHAT. It sounded like there were explosions, then the classroom's TV turned itself on.

One of the metal men was on, introducing themselves as Cybermen.

As portrayed here from 43 seconds to 1:10

You spent most of the invasion in your classroom, but afterwards you learned that a second group of aliens - looking like flying pepper shakers - showed up and started fighting both the Cybermen and the military.

Then, suddenly, all the aliens were just... sucked away somewhere. Alien invasions often ended that way... everybody fights, until something happens somewhere to fix the problem.

Some people wanted to believe that it was Superman, but if it was, he stayed hidden.

A lot of people died in the attack. A lot more were hurt. Fortunately for Irina, her family survived - even Olep, who returned to check on them and was welcomed back into the family.
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Tue 4 Dec 2018
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Life was going pretty well for Irina during her last year of grade school. She had a super cool and awesome best friend, she was getting to learn about cool stuff at school, and her family life was at the very least stable. She was really sad about Olep getting kicked out, but, life tended to go on eventually. She hoped that one day they could make up, although that would probably take Olep leaving the Bravda for it to happen. She really hoped that he would. They were a very dangerous crowd after all. But soon enough something really strange happened. Like really really strange!

People were seeing ghosts! Like real life ghosts! She even saw one of them in her own apartment. There were lots of arguments about what they were at school and everything, and people said not to touch them, but Irina couldn't resist doing it a few times. She was scared at first, but they did not appear to be any danger, so she pretty much relaxed about it. After all, they actually seemed to be pretty nice ghosts! Not scary ones. That was, of course, until another fateful day at school. It reminded her a little about what people had said during 9/11
during her youth. It was scary to hear the signs, and she immediately ducked under her desk.

She did poke up to see the screens though. It seemed to be a metal man! Like a robot! Like the ones she was reading about before! But they also appeared to be...Aliens? Kind of? They weren't from earth that much was for sure. But they also looked like people? And...they wanted to turn people into metal men!? Well Cybermen. That's what they called themselves anyway. It was really scary in the classroom even while she was hiding. There were sounds outside, fighting and shooting and all kinds of stuff! She prayed a bit as she hid there though. She hoped that somebody, maybe UNIT, maybe Superman, maybe the Police or the Army, could deal with them. And...although she didn't know exactly what, someone did. Someone or something made the strange aliens go away, even the other ones who apparently fought the Cybermen. They just poofed away!

Soon enough they let people go home, and during the bus drive home Irina was shocked to see the rubble of the battles, the families scared and hiding, and all of the other chaos. It made her scared...but also made her realize that someone had to try and deal with all of this chaos. Still, she was never happier than when she went home to realize that her family was all okay. Even Olep had come back! There was at least some good that came out of the attack...
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Later in the year the company making the androids came out with the Nexus-2 Replicants. Rumored to use technology salvaged from the Cybermen, they had realistic exteriors, and from a distance could be mistaken for human.

Irina knew that wasn't true, though - in fact, she remembered some of her research for the genetics law project that InGen had done research to develop cloned human skin for grafts and medical use. It seemed very likely to her that the Replicants' skin was an outgrowth of this project.

A lot of people thought the Nexus-2 Replicants looked creepy, and no matter what else, they certainly didn't act human.


The big news in the beginning of the year was that the notorious serial killer Jason Voorhees (aka the Friday the 13th Killer) had been caught. His trial was a big deal... though Grandma didn't want her watching it. The details of his killings - at least two hundred dating back to 1979 - were splashed all over the news networks.

Of course, Irina was busy BEING A HIGHSCHOOLER. She was told, frequently, that she needed to decide what she wanted to do with her life. To figure out her plans. Did she want to go to college? Well, she'd need a scholarship. And she only had four years to decide what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.
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Wed 5 Dec 2018
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Irina was starting to grow up further. Before she even realized it, she had become a teenager! That wasn't entirely true. Irina had looked forward to becoming a teenager after all! Soon she would be able to choose more of her classes, she could have more freedom, and she could really start coming into her own. At least so she hoped! Life had seemed pretty stable to her for a while, but after the chaos last year of the Cybermen attack, and Olep turning out to have joined the mafia before that, who could really know? All she could really do was try her very best to work hard and make something of herself. At least before the next bad thing happened. Irina was becoming more and more mature by the moment. Although for a thirteen year old girl that really wasn't saying much. Still her, life was definitely starting to go places, and the world was changing ever more rapidly.

It was kind of interesting to learn about the introduction of the next model of androids into the world. She had remembered when she was younger and the first generation of them were produced. She remembered all of the weird ads on television about them, and how, well, clunky they looked! These ones were seeming to be a lot more realistic, although that wasn't really saying much. They still kind of fell into that, what was it called 'uncanny valley'? The term had become far more important to learn in school now that these new androids were being created. And apparently these were created with technology taken from the Cybermen!? That was kind of interesting. At least some good could come from the occasional alien invasion, even if that was a rather cold way of looking at it. Although, she also knew that wasn't entirely true. These replicants, they had more clearly organic skin. She wondered, when InGen had changed the law for medical purposes...were they also allowed to create things like that? And that also made her think...what other things could people be working on?

The next year there was actually some news on serial killers again! This one was named Jason Vorhees! She'd heard about him at school a few times, usually in hushed whispers or scary stories. Some people said he was a zombie or a ghost or something! She wasn't sure that she believed that part, but she was glad that he was at least behind bars. But to think...two hundred people!? That seemed insane to her. She hoped that it wasn't actually real, that it was just a big mistake or something. So she hoped.

She had bigger things to worry about though, namely high school! She was prepared to work really really hard! Her grandpa and grandma wanted her to after all! They always wanted her and the other members of her family to go to college and follow their dreams. Although jokes on the internet happily informed her that she would be saddled with tons and tons of student loans, she could live with that. She'd already been poor before right? Being a bit more poor couldn't be too difficult! She was also of an age where she was starting to realize things, and knew she had a few advantages in getting scholarships and the like! Teachers were talking a lot more about STEM at the moment, which she was interested in! And she was a girl, which they apparently wanted more of in that field for whatever reason. Her teachers said that was good, but she would also have to work really hard at school! If she'd learned anything from her life so far, it was that!
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2008 pt 2
Fate has a funny way of scuttling plans.

The monster attack came a few months later. Not Godzilla or any of the other known creatures, something new, smashing its way through the city. This wasn't the first time the city had been attacked by a giant monster - never in Irina's life in the city.

Again, Irina was lucky. The attack wasn't anywhere near the school - over in Manhattan. But the looting and rioting that came after...

The shipping business wasn't so lucky. Grandma and grandpa lost everything. The business. The apartment. In richer times the community might have rallied to help them, but with the recent alien invasion, everyone was hurting.

They ended up on the street. All of them. Grandma, Grandpa, Ruf, Olep, Demyan, and Irina.

Olep disappears one day, and Demyan admits to Irina and Ruf that he's gone back to the mob. He's considering moving in with him, just to get off the street, though that will mean getting involved with them himself.

Even homeless, living in shelters, Irina can continue to attend school, though the additional stresses of the lifestyle will make maintaining good grades far more difficult.
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Wed 5 Dec 2018
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2008 pt 2
Things were going well for Irina! Well, overall anyway. Sure her family was still poor, but  she was having a great time at school, and she even had plans for the future! Even if she had come from rather humble origins, she could find a way to make a name for herself! And find a way to someplace, any better place! But it seemed that the fates were not going to be kind to the woman. Why was fate so cruel to her? When things were so looking up?

Something horrible was happening in the city. Again. Just like when she was young with the hijacked plane, or a few years ago with the Cybermen. And, at first anyway, it seemed like it would go that way again. She would hide away at school, someone, whether heroes or the government, would come and deal with it, and her life would go on. And the damage was apparently far away from her home, which made things a lot better. She was sad that they had to deal with it...but at least it wasn't her right?

But she saw something far worse than any monster. She saw people raging and rioting, looting and tearing eachother apart. She saw riot police desperately fighting against the crowds, smashing them with clubs and scattering the areas with acrid smoke. Bloodied and broken bodies in the streets, some of them moving...some not. Suddenly things were no longer far away. They were right in her face now, and she only barely made it home in the chaos, more terrified than she had been in her whole life. But even then, when she thought that it was finally all over, she came back to a sight of devastation.

Her home, her grandparents' business, all of it was destroyed. Apparently the government helped insure those who fell in the monstrous attack...but not people like her and her family. They only had to deal with human problems after all. The girl was, needless to say, rather embittered by the experience. She hadn't ever had much, yes, but at least back then she had something. Now she had nothing and it was even worse than she had thought. It was teaching her that there might be something worse than monsters and aliens in the world though. Other people. She started to grow colder and more distant, only keeping a few close friends like Tanya...if they were still alive.

Olep left again, probably disappearing to join the Mafia again. She barely cared this time. She could hardly even blame him. At least with the Mafia he would have a home, and a chance of making money. They would look after him, when even Grandpa and Grandma failed to. She didn't want Demyan to leave either, but she wasn't sure how to make him stay. She couldn't go the same route, not that she wanted to. Her grandmother had warned her of what happened to pretty young girls that messed with men like that. She felt even worse for her Grandparents though. They had worked so very hard for her. And look what it got them. She had to try and stay strong...for them if not anybody else.

She tried to continue staying in school to keep her grades up. It was probably the only way out when her life was becoming such a hellhole. She made sure to do as many extracurriculars as possible. The longer she could stay at school the better. Anything was better than going 'home' after all. But how long could even she keep that up? She had to try but...would it even work out? She did her best...however much that was worth in a world where monsters and aliens could ruin everything at a moment's notice.
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Wed 5 Dec 2018
at 23:31
Time passed. Homeless now, it was harder to keep up with the world, harder to stick to her studies. She felt estranged from her friends, drifting apart simply because they lived in such different worlds, now. Tanya found other, cooler, friends. Friends who could help her in her future career.


Demyan moved in with Olep, and was killed when some of their eldest brother's foes came after him. Olep was distraught, and got himself arrested taking revenge on the dogs who had harmed his family.

A few other odd events happened in 2009, both rather major, but also sort of insignificant. First, was when the Earth moved. One day, the sun vanished, and all the stars changed. That didn't last very long... once again Someone Fixed It.

Then there was that time near the end of the year when everyone turned into The Master. That was even weirder. But everyone changed back. Still, it had been very strange for a short time, being in contact with what was an unfathomable intelligence. What was The Master? Where did he come from? It wasn't like anybody remembered the event itself, but there was plenty of video footage - too Irina, it was like she had simply stopped existing for awhile.


Grandpa got sick not long after that, pneumonia. Ruf had moved in with a rich family as a nanny, so taking care of Grandpa fell to Irina and Grandma, both of whom insisted that their granddaughter stay in school. With her grades, though, University was looking less and less likely, but still... there were plenty of perfectly good colleges, some of them quite inexepnsive. With the right grants, her guidance councilor assured her, night school would not be outside her reach.

The other biggest news was that Jupiter became a small sun. Something to do with a strange alien monolith that had been discovered - speculation was rampant. But the big news was that now, in 2010, some of Jupiter's moons would be habitable for space colonization. Or at least easily terriformed. Many people speculated that this would lead to a revolution in space travel.

There was also a huge earthquake in California, something that devestated the whole coast. It was almost nice to see something happen somewhere that wasn't New York, but so many people died.

After that, the Replicant Nexus series was banned from Earth. A group of them had gone rogue, and it was deemed too dangerous to use them. The latest versions, the Series-3, were so humanlike that it was almost impossible to tell the difference without autopsy.

ooc: Now a homeless teenager, who is Irina at 16? What is it she tries to apply herself to? What are her interests? Does she try to earn money somehow? What does she study? What does she do when she's not at school or tending to Grandpa?
Irina Orlov
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 15:51
Irina was falling into deeper and darker places. That much was definitely true. Everything she had left was slowly slipping out of her fingers. Losing the apartment had been bad enough, but what she didn't expect was how it would only get worse and worse after that. At school she had become 'that homeless girl', which meant sympathy for a short period of time. But it drifted on and on, soon people were just wondering what was wrong with her. Increasingly the girl found herself isolated. Even Tanya had stopped hanging out with her. There was no dramatic confrontation or anything like that. It just sort of...drifted off. The world was becoming increasingly hollow for Irina. Things were just not exciting her like they used to. It was all seeming more and more hopeless.

That didn't mean she didn't try of course. She always had to try or she didn't have a right to complain, right? That was something her grandfather had said and she liked to agree with it. But none of it was making any difference! She tried to keep up her grades, but it was hard to work on homework when there was some junkie screaming all night in the bunk next to her! She tried to help her family, but what could she even do? Ruf managed to get out on her own, which Irina was happy about, but Demyan...he...she only heard about it on the news. It was horrible to even think about. Olep was apparently in jail too, which was even more depressing. She could not blame him for taking revenge...but where did that leave her family now? What was wrong with Irina and her family? They did everything right, worked hard, supported eachother, and now they were all on the street, in prison, or dead. Maybe the world was just a stupid, fucked up place and that's all there was to it.

Speaking of stupid, fucked up shit, there were all kinds of really weird stuff happening. There always was, but some of them were pretty strange. Irina didn't even notice when the Earth had moved for a while. Due to the light pollution of the city, she wasn't terribly used to seeing stars. It took into later in the night for her to even realize it was happening. But there was something strangely poetic about looking up in the night sky and seeing...nothing at all. She couldn't quite describe it. Thankfully whatever had happened, it didn't last terribly long. There was also a time when everybody became...the master? She did not really remember it too specifically. It was like she was just gone or dead for a moment. Everything turned back to normal afterwards, although there were jokes about it at school or on the internet forevermore.

The next year things got worse. They always got worse. Her grandfather, he got sick. That made it so that he couldn't even keep looking for work anymore. She felt horrible for the man. He had worked so hard to make a good life for her and her siblings...and now he was just sick in a bed most of the time. She couldn't even describe how sad that was. Her grandparents made sure that she stayed in school. She did half for their sake. Maybe things would work out, who knew at this point. Her guidance counselors said that she could at least attend night school. It was a bit humiliating given her prior ambitions, but at the same time it was something right? Maybe she could do...something with her life. At the very least it would make Grandpa and Grandma happy that their kid got to go to college like she wanted. Sort of anyway. Although she did wonder, whatever had happened to her parents in the first place? She guessed they were probably dead...but what ever landed them in this mess?

There was big news happening in the rest of the world. Jupiter had apparently become...a star? As in, there was a second star in their solar system? That was nuts. She could not even comprehend all of it. Although apparently there were going to be a lot more possibilities for space travel now, maybe even colonizing other moons and planets. A younger Irina would have been filled with excitement, awe, and wonder at those possibilities. But the teenage, increasingly depressed Irina had that muted. The idea of leaving everything behind was appealing in that regard, but she could never experience it anyway, so what was the point? Apparently the new replicant models were banned too. That was kind of sad when it came down to it. She had been so impressed by them after all! Even if she realized that she could have never owned one in a million years, just hearing what people were capable of was incredible. It was a shame that it didn't work out. Although that was just about everything right? There was another disaster too...but it was far away and she found it hard to care too much about it with everything else going on in her life.

She needed to find some way to get money, and managed to nag a part time job at a local grocery market. She might have gotten the job out of pity since she cried when she had to fill out phone and address information. She was a good worker, her parents had instilled that ethic in her, but the hours were few and the pay was pretty bad. Still, being able to give her grandparents money for medicine or an occasional hot meal was really nice. She didn't have a lot of free time between her part time job, school, and taking care of her Grandfather, but she made sure to enjoy what little she had.

First off, she made sure to take a walk or a jog in the park every day. She had to be careful about when she did it since her neighborhood wasnít the safest, but it was always a relaxing part of her day, something she really needed given how stressful and horrible the rest of her life was. She also took advantage of the public library. Other girls her age might have had cell phones or home computers, but she could not afford that. With the library she could read at the very least. She read some escapist fare of course, she needed it sometimes, but she also tried to read things that might be useful. She tended towards more scientific nonfiction than social studies, she already knew first hand how horrible the world was. Disappearing into facts and figures was a lot easier, even if she didn't understand all of it, especially for scientists like Weyland, Tyrell, or Charles Xavier. Two things she specifically avoided were drugs and alchohol. She'd seen junkies and drunks around at shelters (and often worse places) and she didn't want that for herself. Crime had already ruined her brother's lives, and she couldn't let herself go down the same road.

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 GM, 32 posts
Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 17:49
Taking a step back to define teenage Irina's traits...

She was born with:

+ Increased Intellect
+ Charisma

- Slow walking/running speed

That last is due to a short stride rather than any lack of fitness or medical condition.

Her devotion to education even in the face of more pressing practical concerns has helped shaped her mind further. People who spend time with her generally think of her as a 'smart person.' While she's no Weyland, she's definitely of above average intellect.

She's learned to be a survivor. Her neighborhood isn't the nicest, but she's lived here all her life, and a few of those years on the streets. It's not dangerous, not to her, not if you're not stupid. There are far worse neighborhoods all over the city.

+ Streetwise: Fair
+ Homeless Lifestyle: Fair
+ Library Research: Fair
+ Computer Literacy: Fair

Her interest in science is admirable, but "all of scientific endeavor" is simply too broad a topic in the 21st century. It becomes increasingly clear that Irina has a choice between being a generalist who knows a little about all scientific matters, or choosing a field of interest to focus on. Especially if she starts taking nigh school courses. The only place "a smattering of everything" will get you a job is teaching grade school science classes, and even then a Teaching degree is far more useful."
Irina Orlov
 player, 13 posts
Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 18:08
All of that makes sense so far! It also makes sense that she's been a generalist for something of the most part, since, well, she's only a high schooler. Even if High School has some more choice in classes than middle/elementary school (and she probably at least attempted AP courses if possible), it's hard to get much in the way of specialized knowledge. Once she enters college/night school that will start to change and she'll have to specialize.
 GM, 33 posts
Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 18:15
At this point she's probably learning more from her independent studies than in school.
Irina Orlov
 player, 14 posts
Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 18:23
I see. I as a player went to a very college prep focused high school with high academic standards, so that seems odd to me ha ha. That would probably be the case for Irina who's going to a school with a much tighter budget. I'd say that her research would probably trend towards either Genetic Engineering or Robotics, given that she lived through both the Rise of the Tyrell Corporation and the rejuvenated Ingen among others. As for which it would end up with, given everything that's happened it's really pretty 50/50.
 GM, 34 posts
Fri 7 Dec 2018
at 04:01
Grandfather died the next year. Olep and Demyan showed up to the funeral in a fancy car, dressed to the nines, accompanied by large and ugly bodyguards. Ruf scowled at them darkly through the service, and had a screaming row with them in the parking lot.

It was a bad scene. It got worse.

Demyan showed up in the shelter a month later, terrified, begging for Grandma and Irina to come with him. Olep had made a bad deal, and some bad guys were coming for them.

They ran. Grandmother, who had been deep in mourning for her lost husband, took over with a steely resolve that Irina had never seen before. She made sure her grandchildren were safely hidden in the sewers, then went out hunting the boys coming for her Olep.

Afterwards, when the sun had risen and Olep was asleep, grandmother returned and told Irena the story of how she'd been a spy for the Soviet Union as a girl, trained to be one of the best. She'd made many enemies in her time. Done many terrible things. She retired, met your grandfather, and raised your mother in peace.

Ruf has a job. Olep and Demyan have made their choices. Grandfather is gone. And you... grandma reveals that she's been gutshot. She worries she has failed you.
Irina Orlov
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Fri 7 Dec 2018
at 05:28
Life got worse. Life always got worse. That had become something of an unofficial motto for Irina so far, and it had managed to prove itself true once more. Life sure had gotten miserable, but there were a few things that she could at least forward to. Every once in a while, when their finances were slightly less tight, she would make sure to treat her whole family (what was left of it anyway) to a few treats. A local baker was even willing to let her come in late late so she could go after work. She was exhausted by the time she managed to walk back to the shelter, but at least she had something to show for it. However, her heart dropped in her chest when she saw an ambulance outside of the door. She trembled as she walked back towards it, and even before she got to the back she could hear her grandma sobbing. She already knew what had happened. Irina's grandfather was a brave man, a strong man. A fighter. But even he could only fight for so long.

They didn't have to wait long before the funeral. The family could not afford to keep his body around for too long after all. Long ago, back when things were more stable, he'd made the arrangements. She and Grandma had laughed at him when he did it, but right now it was a lot better than anything they could have afforded. She made sure to give him a traditional funeral, and the priest had many nice words to say. Irina's feelings were muted, but this was a time she could cry. She was shocked to see Olep and Demyan arrive. They'd had a falling out so long ago, but she was glad to see her once idolized big brothers again. they were surrounded by bodyguards. Just how powerful were they? It was bad when Ruf fought them in the parking lot. The emotions were charged, and it was all Irina could do to calm them down. She didn't want their last memories of their Grandfather to be angry ones.

Although that didn't exactly prepare her for what happened next. It was a normal day. Well, as normal as their days went. She went to school like usual and soon enough went back to the shelter. She was sitting on a chair in the common room about to read her book when Demyan burst into the room. She had no idea what was happening, but he looked terrified. She gulped a bit when she was told the truth, that Olep had made a bad deal. She hoped that he was alright...but she was at least happy that Demyan actually came back for her and Grandma. Irina didn't really have to pack, but she got ready to run...somewhere.

Before she could really do it though, she was shocked to see her Grandmother doing something, unusual. Like she was prepared for something like this. They fled to the sewers. They were disgusting...but she lived in the street for so long it couldn't have really been much worse. She was confused when her Grandmother mentioned that she was going to hunt the soldiers, but with a resolve like that, she knew she couldn't stop her. She tried to stay awake all night, wondering what might happen, and she honestly expected to be killed. Or worse.

She was thrilled to realize her Grandmother had come back alive! She tearfully embraced the elderly woman, happier than anything to see her. But then, her grandmother dropped a bombshell. She had been trained!? As a spy!? By the Soviets!? She had never heard about this side of her grandmother before, and she was a little ashamed about that fact. Not that she cared, her grandmother was alive, and for the moment they were safe. It took Irina too long to realize why Grandmother had kept her a little farther away. It was a bullet wound. In her.

Fuck. Fuck. What the fuck. This...wasn't supposed to happen. It really wasn't! Not in a million years! Not until, fuck she didn't want it to ever happen! Not so soon after grandfather! She thought about all she'd learned. It...wasn't medicine. Fuck. Why hadn't she wished to be a doctor instead!? Or a fucking nurse!? Then she could...have helped. Fuck Fuck fuck! She desperately tried to save her grandmother, and then whimpered as she leaned her against the wall. " never failed me. Never in a million years!" She said, using Russian to make sure her grandmother could understand. "W-we can get you to a hospital, I-I can find a way to pay for it, just please...don't...die..." She said, whimpering and begging.

Life got worse. Life always got worse.

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 GM, 35 posts
Fri 7 Dec 2018
at 05:47
"It is better this way." That was the second to last thing her grandmother said to her, before closing her eyes for the last time. "Be strong for me." And that was it.

Irina was alone, and after Grandpa's funeral being so recent, Ruf couldn't afford to pay for another. But someone did, and there were a number of older men and women in attendance, older Russians, maybe from grandma's past, along with one older American.

The one-eyed man introduced himself to her as Nick Fury, said he was an old friend of her Grandmother's. "We go way back. She left a note for me. Asked me to help you out."

He handed her two cards. "I got two opportunities for you, kid. First one here?" He tapped it, it held the name Corey Johnson, a VP at Tyrell Corporation. "Got you an interview lined up Monday for a paid internship. Just an office job, but you can work your way over to R n' D or whatever else you want."

He tapped the other card, which was plain, white, and had a nearby address. "This is something else. Different kind of job. Working directly for me. Not as... mainstream as the internship. Might be a little dangerous. But it'll give you an eyeful behind the scenes at the way the world really works."

He handed her an envelope. "Whatever you choose, this will get you out of the shelter for the weekend. Stay in a nice hotel. Have a good meal. Clean up. Buy yourself a nice interview outfit. Mourn. Your new life starts Monday."
Irina Orlov
 player, 16 posts
Mon 10 Dec 2018
at 22:34
Irina's eyes fluttered as she heard her grandmother's last words. It wasn't better this way! She didn't want to her grandmother to die ever! Sure, she accepted the possibility, especially after that scare with Demyan and her Grandfather's passing. But she didn't want that to happen! She wanted to grow up first, maybe go to college, and then put her grandmother in a nice home where she could live out the rest of her life peacefully. She didn't want her to just get killed like this! She wept against her Grandmother's chest as the woman died. She was told to be strong....but that was hard. and she couldn't follow it. not right now anyway.

Those words did stay with her though, when the next morning came. She wondered about how they could pay for the funeral, and she considered selling her remaining (meager) possessions to try and pull it off. Or maybe she could take out a loan. Paying it would be difficult without a good job, but maybe she could pull it off somehow? After all, she'd lived her whole life with basically no money, how much more could a few more years of financial stress really hurt? Although this time she was shocked to find that someone had paid it off for her. She was more relieved at the fact that someone actually cared about her grandmother to do it than the monetary burden that she had been relieved of.

The funeral was...weird. There weren't the fights like last time. Demyan and Olep just stayed quiet this time, although she was pretty sure they were crying. There were also a great many strangers around, most of them Russians. Maybe they were former spies like grandma? Or something liek that? She didn't bother asking them about it though. She figured that it would be easier to just let them grieve in their own way. One of the men though, did not seem to fit the mold like the others. He was American for one, and he had an eyepatch. She gulped as he walked over to her, worrying he was some agent trying to investigate or interrogate her.

But instead, he seemed to provide her with two things the girl had never really had in her life. A chance and a choice. Apparently her Grandmother was more well connected than her thought, especially if she could get this man to help her with just a note. She was so overcome with emotion that she could barely respond to the man, or even ask his name. All she could do was carefully clutch the envelopes and mutter a quiet. "Thank you..." Tears still in her eyes.

That weekend she treated herself to a stay in a hotel. After years spent in shelters or even sleeping on the street a few times, staying at a hotel felt like heaven. She had a bathroom and shower all to herself, she didn't have anybody bothering her in her room, and her bed felt better than anything she'd slept on in years! Getting to rest in a room like that made her feel like a new woman, at least for a few hours. Speaking of new, she had a couple fresh pairs of clothes. They were the first new garments she had bought in a long time. They sure beat the thrift stores, and were of fashions finally not several years out of date. She'd never had the luxury to even think or care about that before, but now that might be important.

Speaking of seemed she had quite the choice in front of her. She had been offered two rather incredible opportunities. One of them was related to her youth...a job at the Tyrell Corporation. She had read a lot about the man recently, and she was rather fascinated with the ability to work there. It had been something she'd been trying to get for years...and this was her chance. The other, well, it was a lot more mysterious, but the chance to see how things really worked was tempting. But what should she really go with?

At first she was tempted to take up the offer of a job at the Tyrell Corporation. Anything that paid was appealing of course, and it was something she was always interested in. The Tyrell Corporation was in a heap of trouble right now, and there was probably a chance even for someone of more middling grades and opportunities to grow and expand. Wasn't that the plan for most people after all? Go to college, get a good job at a big company, and then move forward that way?

But there was one problem.

She had tried to stick to the system, and had done everything right in the past. She'd worked hard, stayed in school, and did her best. But something always ruined everything. Someone died, or her house got raided, or some other bullshit came in and threw a horrible wrench in her plans. What was to stop that from happening again? Maybe she just wasn't meant to be in the system...the normal one anyway.

The other option was mysterious...and dangerous. But it also might be a bigger chance. She figured that her choice just might be obvious when she thought about it...
 GM, 36 posts
Tue 11 Dec 2018
at 05:04
Irina arrived at what looked like, from the outside, looked like a standard industrial warehouse. Inside it was more like a gym, complete with boxing ring and workout equipment. None of it was very fancy, having more of a retro or DIY feeling.

"I'll be honest, I wasn't sure which choice you were going to make." Fury said. "This is one of my safehouses. Not much, but it's sheltered, private, and there's a cot, kitchenette, and bathroom."

In truth, though, Irina only stayed in the safehouse between her journeys. Fury took her all over the world, teaching her to blend in, teaching her to fight, teaching her to disguise herself, to fool people with a quick tongue and quicker hands.

+ Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Arabic
+ Surveillance
+ Disguise
+ Fast-Talk
+ Socializing
+ Wilderness Survival

He also taught her how to fight, and shoot.

+ Boxing
+ Tae Kwon Do

Choose a particular type of firearm (Pistol, Rifle, Submachine gun, or shotgun) and melee weapon to focus your training on.

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