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Irina Orlov: Lifepath
Irina Orlov was born in Minsk, Russia, on February 21st, 1994. Her parents were Evgeni and Serafima Orlov, though Irina has no memories of them.

When she was 2, her maternal grandparents (who called her Irinushka as a diminutive to distinguish her from her grandmother, whom she was named after) Irina and Dmitri brought her and her three older siblings (eldest sister Ruf (anglicized to Ruth), brothers Olep (anglicized to Joseph) and Demyan (Damian, though he prefers the original). They moved to the Brighton Beach neighborhood of New York City's Brooklyn, a largely Russian enclave full of low-income housing.

The family was very poor growing up, and the neighborhood wasn't exactly a safe one. The only thing of value Irina possessed were a pair of earrings given to her on the day of her christening by her paternal grandfather Rodion, who had left a similar small gift to each of her siblings as well.

Her grandparents owned a small stevedoring firm contracted with the local ports to supply dockworkers to load and unload transport ships. As a result, much of her childhood was spent raised by Olep and Ruf, only seeing her grandparents in the evening.

Irina herself was a bright girl, and quite charming, generally considered likeable by the people in her life, though her short legs made keeping up with others difficult.

+ Increased Intellect
+ Charisma
- Slow walking/running speed

What kind of child was Irina, and what kind of childhood did she have?
Irina Orlov
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Irina Orlov: Lifepath
Irina didn't really know that much about where she was born. She knew that it was a far away place, and that Grandpa and Grandma called it 'the old country'. The rest of the things she had only learned through lots and lots of random questions! She was rather smart for her age, even when she was really really little! Unfortunately for the others around her that meant that she was always asking what something was or how something worked or why things were the way they were. Joseph (except when he was Olef) and Damian (except when he was Demyan) got annoyed the most, while Ruth (except when she was Ruf) and her grandparents were a bit nicer about it. They told her that she was in America now! Which was a really big, really nice country. Nicer than the old country maybe! Although even if it was nicer Granpa and Grandma said not to go outside at night, or stick around strangers. Apparently it could be scary outside.

Irina loved their little apartment! It seemed like such a big house full of amazing things! It was sad that Granpa and Grandma weren't around enough though. At least Olep and Ruf were alright! And there were a few knick knacks here and there, which she wanted to play with but her brothers wouldn't always let her. As she grew up a little she ended up acting a bit more boyish, kind of like them. Although if they ever wanted to beat her or make a decision for her they just made sure to make it a race. She always lost those. But all in all she was really happy at home, especially when Granpa or Grandma got her books with pretty pictures from the store or the library!

The girl did notice a few things that were weird about her home whenever she went to kindergarten or preschool though. Other girl's clothes always seemed to fit them a little better than hers, and they had pretty toys that her grandpa and grandma said they couldn't get for her! She didn't really get why they had more stuff than her. Shouldn't everybody kind of get the same thing? It just didn't really make sense right? Not to mention that people looked at her funny when she said her name was Irinushka, and the nice adults always called her Irene. School wasn't all weird people saying her clothes were gross or that she didn't get enough candy though. She also had teachers! They were great! They could answer questions all day! And they always said she was nice and smart and good with people! It gave the young girl a bit of an ego! Although there was one weird thing. Why did other kids have mommies and daddies instead of Granpas and Grandmas? That was weird...

Every Sunday they went to church too. It was a quiet place where people had to be really calm and polite. Thankfully Irina was a good girl! Granpa and Grandma said it was really important to be good in church, and that she had to remember god and thank him and pray to him and stuff. She figured that made sense! He gave her Grandma and Granpa and Olef and Ruf and Demyan after all! All in all Irina was clever and inquisitive, a touch boyish and egotistical, with a smattering of religion and old country wisdom.