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Character Creation
Characters will begin at 1st level.

1. Generate Attribute Scores. Roll 3d6 six times. Assign to attributes as desired.

2. Choose A Class. All core C&C classes are available: fighter, ranger, rogue, assassin, barbarian, monk, wizard, illusionist, cleric, druid, knight, paladin, and bard.

3. Choose A Race All core C&C races are available: dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, halfling, half-orc, and human.

4. Select an Alignment. Remember: this is a group game and antisocial behaviors will not be tolerated. I am not prohibiting players from selecting evil alignments, but if you cannot play an evil aligned character without being disruptive, perhaps this is not the game for you.

5. Purchase Equipment. Each character begins the game with a certain amount of money to buy initial equipment, determined by the character’s class, as follows:

Fighters/Rangers:        3d8x10 gp
Rogue, Assassin, Bard:   3d4x10 gp
Barbarian, Monk:         2d4X10 gp
Wizard, Illusionist:     1d10x10 gp
Cleric, Druid:           2d10x10 gp
Knight, Paladin:         6d4x10 gp

6. Starting Hit Points. All 1st-level characters begin play with maximum hit points. Roll for hit points as normal for all subsequent level.

7. Advantage. All characters begin play with one advantage.

8. Finalize other details. Fill in class and race abilities, character description, background, personality, motivation and other information.

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