Chapter 3: The Sewers Beneath Gaxmoor.   Posted by The Traveler.Group: archive 0
The Traveler
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Fri 10 May 2019
at 21:56
Chapter 3: The Sewers Beneath Gaxmoor
As it turns out, the make-shift garrison now holed up in the Shapely Siren have precious few resources to spare, their limited supplies already running short. Several of the men have taken to looting what remains nearby cottages, but these expeditions have not produced much of value. The various marauders that have descended on the city have already taken pretty much anything of tangible value, and this is very much a large contributor to the defenders' low morale.

Still, the party is able to secure a single lantern and a few pints of oil from Madame Sheila's stash. The patroness' two bodyguards escort the adventurers to the basement and show them the secret tunnel leading into the sewers.

A concealed trapdoor leads to one of the larger service tunnels, the walls of which are covered in crude carvings of grotesquely fat humanoids, a fat red demon, emaciated giant rat-like creatures, and other disturbing scenes. The service tunnel leads off into the darkness. Smaller tunnels, too small for a human-sized creature to fit through, feed into the service tunnel. Water spills out of some of these tunnels, but others are choked with litter and debris.
Jaim Walker
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Fri 10 May 2019
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Chapter 3: The Sewers Beneath Gaxmoor
"Do we just follow the main tunnel?" Jaim asked before the two men leave them.  He preferred not to get lost if he could help it.
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Sat 11 May 2019
at 23:27
Chapter 3: The Sewers Beneath Gaxmoor
"A map would be nice; even a crude one," Abby hints in a meek but hopeful voice.