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The Traveler
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Sat 15 Dec 2018
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Chapter 1: The Trail to Gaxmoor
After completing their preparations in Westmark, the newly formed adventuring company sets off in search of the mysterious city. Operating off of a few promising leads in town, the adventurers find evidence of a band of humanoids that recently ransacked an outlying villa a few miles distant from Westmark. Judging by the tracks left behind, the party believes it to be the work of a rampaging gnoll war party numbering perhaps a dozen or so.

Ever since the mysterious city's appearance, there have been numerous sightings of wandering bands of humanoids flocking northwestward, drawn by the allure of fresh plunder, or perhaps some unknown evil deep within that ancient city. Perhaps this gnoll band is just the most recent of the steady stream of filth?

In any event, armed with this information, the group continues their travel northwestward, in hopes it will lead to the city.

After an uneventful day of following the spoor of the gnoll war party, the the sun begins to set. Long shadows begin to spread across the land and it will soon be dark. Just ahead, the adventurers see a colorful display of sunset off a pond in a small wooded valley. A game trail cuts through the woods in the direction of the pond.
Andriel the Hammer
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Sat 15 Dec 2018
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Chapter 1: The Trail to Gaxmoor
Andriel points. "That looks like a good place to spend the night," he barks to the others. "Let's head on down and see whether anyone else has had the same idea. I bet all sorts of trashy beasts use this as their watering hole."

With his shield slung casually over his left shoulder he begins trudging along the track, heedless of whether the rest of the group is following.
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Sat 15 Dec 2018
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Chapter 1: The Trail to Gaxmoor
Abby stares transfixed at the sunset.  "Isn't it glorious?" she murmurs to nobody in particular.