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Wed 28 Nov 2018
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Character Creation
Power Level 6

I know it seems low but it is actually a lot more points than it seems since you have to spend few points to reach your caps any way.

6PL cap means that Equipment level weapons and armor, plus mortal level Abilities, comes pretty close to reaching caps. An Orc with 4 strength is a sword away from having a capped basic attack.
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Wed 28 Nov 2018
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4. Abilities
Generally the average character should have Abilities no higher than 4 (or 5 if their race is predisposed to that Ability)

This is only a guideline since there are a huge amount of racial/circumstantial exceptions.
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Wed 28 Nov 2018
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There are a huge amount of races available in Warcraft. Even if it isn't critical to your concept you should probably think about what you are.

I'm going very unrestricted. Canon Horde and Alliance Races are allowed of course. But so is literally everything else. If you want to play a captured Gronnling? go for it. Gilblin Deathknight? Make it happen. Mind Flayer looking dudes? You probably have to convince me, but not no.

That all will be influenced a bit by what faction ends up being run.

Like I mentioned your race will influence your Ability soft caps, it's not a huge deal until the ideas get pretty far out there.

You should generally give a nod to your races biological features mechanically. Trolls regenerate, Gnomes are small. If your 'Gnome' doesn't have a rank or two in permanent Shrink I would question if he is even a gnome at all.

Just some racial Power examples.
-Forsaken, you are undead but WoW keeps making you less so, Taking no Stamina or a set of immunities is totally valid. But not having it is also fairly justified.
-Trolls, Regeneration 1 is probably required
-Night Elves, Concealment (vision, Limit: Night or Blending), is 1 point.
-Blood Elves/Night Born, Complication Addiction (Magic) is calling your name.

Sizes By Growth/Shrink Ranks (Should be Permanent and Innate)
8 - 30ft big - Full Sized Dragons, Gronns, Magnataurs - Probably too big
4 - 15ft big - Drakes, Big Ogres, Abominations
1-3 - 8-12ft - Tauren, Big other races, Muscly Trolls
0 - 6ft-ish - Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves - Typical
1-3 - 3.5-5ft - Gnomes, Dwarves, Goblins
4 - 3ft - Pygmies