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Group Concept
Characters in Coriolis are the crew of their own (well, mostly their own) ship based around one of the following five group concepts:
  1. Free Traders
  2. Mercenaries
  3. Explorers
  4. Agents
  5. Pilgrims

Your group can consist of all kinds of individuals – the group concept only outlines your most basic reason for sticking together in the Third Horizon. The group concept will also tell you what type of ship you will begin play with, what group talent you will have, and who your patron and nemesis will be.

The information below describe what each group concept is and what you might expect from a game based around them. It doesn't limit your future decisions in character, but just helps provide an initial structure for the game.

Note that if you can come up with a concept that is a combination of these structures, that works too. We will pick one of these to be the core for talent selection, but your story can be more loosely interpreted as appropriate.


Commerce is what greases the wheels of the Third Horizon,
and the hub of trade in the region is the space station Coriolis.
The free traders are the entrepreneurs and innovators of the
Horizon, embracers of the new order – with a few exceptions.
Tariffs, tolls, and bureaucrats looking to make a quick buck
abusing the trade system are all things despised by any free
trader. As Free Traders, you will portal jump between the
different systems of the Third Horizon, hauling everything
from goats on ice or farm machinery to candied Kabra bugs
and illegal Vulcan carbines. In small freighters or enormous
bulk haulers, you travel silent routes in an ocean of cold
starlight. Slipping past corrupt toll collectors, blockade ships
and corsairs is all part of your thrilling lives.

The Free Traders group concept can also be used for:
  •   Smugglers carrying illegal cargo to the highest bidder.
  •   Bulk haulers on lonely routes with heavy loads.
  •   Couriers delivering valuable information.


Not all can enjoy the peace and prosperity of the new era. Old
wounds fester in the dark, and the absence of peace means
plenty of job opportunities for people like you: Mercenaries.
As such, you are often both feared and scorned, yet valuable
pawns in the power plays of the factions. Mercenaries can be
anything from Legionnaires to hired guns for the Consortium.
Typical jobs for you would be crushing rebels on Uharu-9, hunting
corsairs in the Border Space, or toppling Dabaran pashas.

The Mercenaries group concept can also be used for:
  • Corsairs plundering careless free traders on lonely routes.
  • Rebels fighting to free their people from oppression.
  • Tactical teams performing whatever military operations the
  • factions might require.


The Horizon is full of mysteries to uncover. You are truth seekers
who refuse to settle for the Bulletin’s oversimplified version
of reality. It’s all there, if you just scratch the surface a little.
Explorers not only delve into the past, they also push beyond the
frontiers of the Horizon – as colonists, curious anthropologists
or traveling journalists. As Explorers, you dig through the frozen
ruins on Surha, the remnants of the Portal Builders in the jungles
of Kua, or search for forgotten colonies along the Enau Arm.

The Explorers group concept can also be used for:
  • Prospectors seeking valuable minerals in dangerous asteroid belts.
  • Colonists valiantly claiming new settlements for the peoples
  • of the Horizon.
  • Correspondents reporting the news no one else dares to.


Birr and Legionnaires are not always the best tools for a
faction – sometimes, more subtle means are required. This
is where the Agent cells come in. Typical jobs for a group of
Agents might be infiltrating Dabaran courts, assassinating
dignitaries, tracking down lost relatives, or just keeping the
scum on Coriolis in check.

The Agents group concept can also be used for:
  • Judicators keeping the Coriolis station free from criminals.
  • Assassins making sure that troublemakers disappear.
  • Detectives for hire.


The Pilgrimage is an important rite for everyone in the
Horizon, and for some it is their calling. Other pilgrims
travel for different reasons than to visit the holy sites: looking
for work, searching for wisdom, or spreading joy to the
Horizon as traveling circuses. Lastly, there are the nomads
of the Horizon. They usually remain in one system or one
sector, but sometimes they also travel through the dangerous
portal fields. Regardless of why you travel, your lives will be
hard and painful. Getting to visit the Dome of the Icons on
Coriolis, the Leaning Prayer Tower on Algol, Mira’s Icon City,
or the temple city of Lotus on Dabaran is achieved only by the
truly dedicated – as is experiencing the joy of the audience as
Kassar the Nimble performs his triple salto mortale.

The Pilgrims group concept can also be used for:
  • “Hands” – traveling workers taking jobs where they are to be
  • found.
  • Traveling circuses made up of entertainers and performers.
  • Space nomads, perpetually trudging the starry void.

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