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2. Character Creation
Roll for Origin
Choose your Upbringing (Include chart)
Choose a Concept (Include List)
Determine your Reputation Score
Choose a Name
Choose an Appearance
Distribute your Attribute Points.
Determine Hit Points and Mind Points.
Distribute Skill Levels.
Choose a Talent.
Randomly Determine Icon & Icon Talent
Choose a Personal Problem
Choose your Relationship to the other PCs
Choose your Gear
Choose your Crew Position

  • Roll a d6 to determine your character's place of Origin.
  • Decide whether you want to be a human or a biosculpted Humanite (lower reputation, but start with an additional Talent).
  • Roll a d66 (2d6, but the first digit is the tens place and second is the one's place) to determine your Icon and Icon Talent.

1      ALGOL a planet of rebels, ruined by heavy
       industry and under draconian Consortium
2      MIRA the cradle of Firstcome culture, filled
       with temples, churches and cloister palaces.
3      KUA the center of the Horizon, home to the
       space station Coriolis.
4      DABARAN a barren desert with ravine seraglios,
       oasis gardens, and domed palaces.
5      ZALOS deeply devoted to the Icon the Martyr
       (an incarnation of the Judge), locked in constant
       civil war with the heathens.
6      Choose Above or ask GM to choose

B. Choose a Name

Character names in this setting are Middle Eastern inspired. There's no requirement that the names be authentic ones that might be used in the real world, as long as they fit the general 'feel' or soundscape, they should be fine.

If you're having a little trouble coming up with a name or need a little inspiration, feel free to use one of the following generators for either a name straight up, or some ideas of character combinations that could recreate that feel for a name in this setting:

C. Choose your Character CONCEPT & Subconcept

If you don't own a copy of the Coriolis Core book, I can explain any of the concepts and subconcepts to you, and after you choose one I will provide you the relevant details.

◆◆ ARTIST Courtesan, Musician, Poet
◆◆ DATA SPIDER Analyst, Correspondent, Data Djinn
◆◆ FUGITIVE Criminal, Mystic, Revolutionary
◆◆ NEGOTIATOR Agitator, Diplomat, Peddler
◆◆ OPERATIVE Assassin, Guardsman/-woman, Spy
◆◆ PILOT Driver, Fighter Pilot, Freighter Pilot
◆◆ TRAILBLAZER Colonist, Prospector, Scout
◆◆ PREACHER Ascetic, Missionary, Prophet
◆◆ SCIENTIST Archaeologist, Medicurg, Technician
◆◆ SHIP WORKER Deckhand, Dock Worker, Engineer
◆◆ SOLDIER Legionnaire, Mercenary, Officer

D. Choose your Upbringing

ATTRIBUTE POINTS               15            14             13
SKILL POINTS                    8            10             12
REPUTATION                      2             4              6
STARTING CAPITAL            500 birr     1000 birr      5000 birr

E. Determine your Reputation.

This is determined by your Upbringing. It is halved if you've chosen to be a biosculpted Humanite, and can get some bonuses from your Concept/Subconcept choices.

F. Distribute your Attribute Points and Skill Points.

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