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[345-1107] Job Offer
1000 Hours
Startown Bar

The time for recriminations was long over... it no longer mattered which of you was responsible for the trouble the group now faced. Only the facts were important now: you had come to Mirayn in search of a fortune in lost treasure, but the one who was rich now was the con man who gave you a phony story, sold you a useless map, and then managed to steal most of your money. There was no longer any thought of making a fortune on Mirayn; now, your problem was one of scraping together money enough to keep eating... and, hopefully, to get off the humid, sweltering mudball called Mirayn.

So there it was... back to the old grind of circulating around the bars and the starships, looking for a way to earn some money or a working passage off the planet. Days passed, and your meager funds dwindled, but there just didn't seem to be any openings. Not when there were plenty of other people around in the same mess. And those who weren't had no intention of splitting potential profits from successful expeditions into the Outback with a band of adventurers. Things were looking bad; desperation was setting in... until you met the girl.

Her name was Lorain Messandi, and she claimed to represent the Institute for System Studies on Alzenei, a nearby world. She had come to Mirayn with a small university grant and a handful of friends to carry out a search for ruins that might link this planet to the legendary Sky Raiders... or put the theory to rest once and for all.

Only recently appointed to the Institute, Lorain has never before led a field expedition; her specialty has always been in research work. And, though the Institute had approved the mission, the subject of the Sky Raiders was not a popular one, and she had been given little support in her task. With an enigmatic reference to her father's professional enemies, Lorain Messandi put forward her proposition. She needed a skilled band of assistants, people with experience in handling dangerous situations and strange worlds, to help her in organizing and leading her expedition into the Outback.

She couldn't offer you much money - all she could manage was a promise of whatever portion of the grant was not spent on the expedition itself. In addition, though, she could offer passage off-planet aboard an Institute lab ship that would come for her in three months. That, at least, would get you off planet, and she had heard of your need to leave from several reliable sources in town.

It wasn't hard to decide to join Lorain Messandi's expedition. It was the first offer to come your way - and it could well be the last for quite some time. As you listened to the girl's summary of what she needed... especially her mention of needing help in avoiding the pitfalls of local criminals and con artists... you gave a silent prayer that she would never hear of your own encounter with that kind of trouble, and soon found yourselves agreeing to meet her next morning for a trip to Val Preszar.

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