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Alzenei: Star system in the Jungleblut subsector of the Far Frontiers sector. Official statisitics are:

Alzenei/Jungleblut 0304 B768895-C S Rich G

The Alzenei system is the hub and capital of the League of Suns, an Imperial­ allied state embracing some ten worlds in a loose coalition. An Imperial mission is maintained on the world, and the government, by treaty, services Imperial scout and naval units operating in this region of space. The Imperial presence has helped limit encroachment by neighboring Zhodani clients. The planet is an important center of trade and culture, housing a regional office of Frontiers Developments, Inc. as well as the famed Institute for Systems Studies.


Frontiers Developments, Inc.: Widespread mercantile and minerals develop­ment firm in the Far Frontiers Sector. FDI maintains regional offices on Alzenei and on Skela/Cabala, as well as less important centers on several other worlds. Owned by a consortium of investors with strong Imperial ties. FDI trancends local boundaries within the sector. Their research and development operations are a prime source of economic activity throughout the region.


Hoard of the Sky Raiders: (Alzenei Press, 1104). Psuedo-scientific tract written by Professor Jothan Messandi, formerly of the Institute for Systems Studies on Alzenei. The book's theories stirred considerable controversy.


Jungleblut Subsector: Subsector O of Far Frontiers has 32 worlds, of which 21 have native gas giants. The estimated population for the subsector is 42 billion sophonts (not necessarily humans).


Messandi, Jothan: Formerly Professor of History at the Institute for Systems Studies on Alzenei, and author of the popular book Hoard of the Sky Raiders. Born 298-1057; educated at Alzenei University and several advanced schools; degrees in history and comparitive folklore. Missing and presumed dead, 1105. Messandi's career was undistinguished before the publication of his book, which led to a short-lived celebrity status. His theories on the origins and fate of the so-called "Sky Raiders" created great public interest, as well as considerable controversy among scientific circles. It has been suggested that Messandi's act of publishing his material for popular consumption, without first going through accepted academic channels, was as much behind Messandi's resulting ostracism as any failure in scholarship or research in the theories themselves. At any rate, Messandi was forced to resign his position with the Institute shortly after the appearance of the book in 1104. He retired to private life; in 1105, however, Messandi disappeared, reputedly while leading a privately organized expedition to Mirayn in an attempt to vindicate his theories.

Messandi, Lorain: Archeologist on the staff of the lnsitute for Systems Studies on Alzenei. Born 164-1083; educated at Alzenei University with degrees in archeology and history; honors student. Her chief claim to fame is her connection with her father, Jothan Messandi. She is credited with much of the research that backed up her father's book; her diligence in unearthing three new references to the Sky Raiders in the traditions of Slaenarik and Rajeeln earned warm praise even from enemies of her father's theories.


Raynirjik: Native name used by various aboriginal tribes of Mirayn for the ancient civilization which flourished on that planet some 5,300 years ago. The name translates as "Lords of the Golden Walls." Archeological evidence has placed that the Raynirjik were a Tech 3 culture embracing parts of both of Mirayn's two continents. Little is known of the Raynirjik culture, as most ruins thus far discovered have contained little in the way of records, artifacts, or other useful material.

Professor Jothan Messandi, in his book Hoard of the Sky Raiders, has suggested that the Raynijik civilization should actually be identified with the so-called Sky Raiders (qv). The theory has received considerable popular support, but little in the way of scientific backing. Evidence has not supported his position to date. It is not, however, impossible that remains of a more advanced culture may yet be found on Mirayn, as a great deal of the Outback remains unexplored.


Sky Raiders, the: Name given to a semi-legendary culture which seems to have flourished some 5,300 years ago in the Far Frontiers sector. Almost all evidence of the Sky Raiders has come from oral traditions, myths, legends, and the like from a number of seperate worlds in the Jungleblut and Taemerlyk subsectors. Their origins, fate, and details of their culture remain unknown. Estimates place them at Tech Level 9-10, and stories seem to indicate them to be a race of upright bipeds, but nothing is certain.

Tradition invariably depicts the Sky Raiders as a ruthless, aggressive race, descending from the sky to spread destruction and death among the inhabitants. Plunder and pillage would seem to have been their main object in these raids. A number of theories have circulated regarding their origins; the most recent, put forward by Professor Jothan Messandi, places them on an obscure world in the Jungleblut subsector known as Mirayn. The theory has not won widespread support in scientific circles.

Systems Studies, Institute for : Research foundation located on Alzenei. Pri­marily concerned with historical, archeological, and xenothropological research, the Institute maintains a wide range of facilities for all manner of other scientific endeavors as well. Founded in 988, the Institute is closely tied with Imperial research organizations. Teams from the Institute are employed throughout the sector, from the Ancients site on Khalfe to the Imperial diplomatic enclave on Eshaar.

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